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From Single Payer to Pipelines, Sen. Joe Manchin Is Just Plain Brilliant

From Single Payer to Pipelines, Sen. Joe Manchin Is Just Plain Brilliant

Russell Mokhiber

How the democratic senator finesses diversion from knowingly screwing over his own constituents.


i love Mokhiber. i love this kind of concrete analysis of public duplicity and “perception management” by “our representatives” on behalf of rampant capital. Manchin is a slick sell-out who is selling out all of us to serve his true constituency: the “owners” of the world.

If every citizen and resident in W Virginia would / could read and grasp this analysis, we would move closer to understanding the depth of the corruption that rules the USA, and closer to getting ready to really confront it.


The number one concern of Americans is corruption in government.

The D-Party is neck deep in pay-to-play, backroom deals, and Joe Manchin-style bullshitting.

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Looking at the survey you cite, my depression meter just spiked…

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Three years in a row, government corruption comes up number one.

The D-Party response?

Pre-coronate someone perceived (rightfully, in my view) as totally dishonest.

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…obviously a money whore…

“terrorism” and “gun control” being 3 of the top 5 explains a lot

Thanks for the introduction to Paula Jean Swearengin. People like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan wear their vileness like their American flag lapel pins. Manchin is slick enough to hide how truly vile he is to his constituents. How I would love to see a progressive candidate speaking truth to corrupt power take him down.

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When the survey came out I laughed that the fear of reptiles ranked higher than both climate change and nuclear war… until it sunk in that we are in deep shit.

The corporatists also attempted to have ratepayers buy them a pipeline in Massachusetts.

The state regulators gave them permission to rob the people and the politicians were mute.

I stood and asked a simple question at several different hearings;

“What kind of economic system is it when the state saddles the population with the investment and gives the profit to the corporatists?”

Corporatists and lackey regulators stoop lower than communists when forcing the people to invest for industrial benefit.

THIS is the Democratic Party… has been for a long time. How many more people need to die from opioid overdoses, lack of medical care, effects from global warming, environmental poisoning, and illegal wars of aggression?

Joe Manchin is the new Joe Lieberman of the Democratic party. Useless POS as is his daughter who is the CEO of the drug company that manufactures Epi-pen. We DO NOT need people like him, Diane Feinstein, and other so called Democrats representing us.

AND his daughter also.