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From Standing Rock to Palestine to Ireland: We Are Water


From Standing Rock to Palestine to Ireland: We Are Water

With construction temporarily halted on the Dakota Access Pipeline, Standing Rock Sioux members and newly-united tribes continue to protest in the name of their right to water, sacred land and basic humanity. As the protests swell, it's instructive to see connections being made between peoples who share a common history of invasion and colonization - from other Native tribes to Palestinians to, this weekend, Irish fighting their own water war.


What is happening at Standing Rock is NOT a protest.
It is a historic PRAYER that includes all native Nations and defenders from all places.
Chanupas and bundles, lodges, songs and sacred fires. These are Prayers.
Languaging, in this instance actually effing matters.
To be called a protester allows the dominant culture and the lame stream media to paint a picture and frame a narrative that is inherently false.


Corruption in politics is a global problem and requires a global solution, one that only the people working together can provide. So talk about the problems, refuse to serve corrupt elements of the machine in the interim and then find real solutions.


YES!!! IMHO I think Jill Stein would be much more helpful protesting this terrible injustice to Native People then winning the US presidential election. I do like many of her policies but to use really poor grammar it ain't gonna happen. The two party system is too entrenched. I do like the fact she's fighting this horrible injustice to Native Americans. One of too numerous to count.


10 Photos That Show the Magnificent Light Shining on Standing Rock

"Despite all the news of pipeline regulation, court appeals, activist arrests, Native photographer Josue Rivas reminds us that it is actually a peaceful place."


That was the description in the magazine -- I corrected my post and put the statement in quotes.