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From Stopping Endless Wars to Providing Real Covid-19 Relief, People's Agenda Details Crucial 'Way Forward'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/22/stopping-endless-wars-providing-real-covid-19-relief-peoples-agenda-details-crucial

Congress has shown time and again that the People’s wishes are not theirs.

We are expendable.

They are “crucial.”

And in order to advance this agenda the very first item of business will be to confirm Pelosi as speaker of the House with absolutely no questions whatsoever “because lives depend on it” even though that will guarantee that nothing of that will see the light of day.


"What’s more, following the blueprint’s demand to reduce Pentagon spending and stop endless wars "

The only way the war profiteers will be forced to stop Amerikan endless wars, is to take away their supply; and that is: ENDLESS BOGUS ENEMIES!


We need a better definition of “people.” The Senate sat on two relief bills for months. The “people” just put a bunch of those Senators who did so back in their seats. The “people” just put some Q-nut Republicans in the House. A whole lot of “people” think Biden organized a multi-state conspiracy with the cooperation of Republican office holders, after spending months saying he was senile and weak, to hack voting machines and toss ballots via not matching ballot signatures. Lots of “people” support a patriotic coup to “enforce” the constitution. Seems like “people” have a say in our country and it’s not always what we want to hear.

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If Biden or Pelosi were in a room with the well meaning authors of these pleas (they are not demands) they would be as dismissive and condescending to them as Biden was to Black NGO leaders recently.

That’s because the “people” we used to know, used to be, are now and have been increasingly, the “sheeple” of the Duopoly.

It is sickening to see how families and friends treat each other anymore because of the division nurtured by fucking politicians.

It is more discouraging every day that goes by to want to try and mend those fences.

You are right KC. We must redefine what we refer to as, the “people.”

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I guess I disagree that it has anything to do with a duopoly. If you look at Hungary, their opposition parties have now formed a coalition to try to unseat the increasingly undemocratic Orban. They are forming a duopoly to attempt to stall their slide into something ugly, given the numbers on the other side.

I think it has much more to do with the massive rightwing disinformation complex that’s been built in this country, the general tilt of rural states towards Republicans in the Senate, and redistricting that gives Republicans distinct advantages in legislative and congressional districts.

There is an old saying - if wishes were horses, every beggar would ride,

In an accompanying article on this website we see that Biden is already back-tracking on his election promises in regards to immigration.

This menu of demands requires political power behind it to have any achieved. It requires action to force them through. Instead it is merely a pious petition by supplicants to their new ruler.

Having just dog-whistled voters to accept the lesser evil, are they now willing to reject their choice of president?

Talking the talk and walking the walk are two very different things.


A couple of maybe silly ideas.

  1. Switch leadership every four years. Nobody runs roughshod over everyone else. And we eliminate most of the campaign money wasted every election.
    Neither left nor right get a dynasty. Knowing what is likely to come in the next four years after your four years should dampen the trump shit we went through.
  2. Dice up every state into equal sections. No gerrymandering anymore, except for political movers from state to state, or section to section that would have to be regulated.
    Could end up with 12 voters in one section, and 100,012 in the one next door.
    No more need for an electoral college.
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