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From Syria to Russia, Right Livelihood Honors 'Immense' Risk-Takers


From Syria to Russia, Right Livelihood Honors 'Immense' Risk-Takers

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The recipients of the 2016 Right Livelihood Awards—more commonly known as "alternative Nobel Prizes"—include a Turkish newspaper, an Egyptian feminist, a Russian activist, and the renowned Syria Civil Defense team, the Right Livelihood Award Foundation announced on Thursday.


What no award for an American?
That's an outrage, the US being the most exceptional country and all.
I guess that nonsense isn't taken very seriously by the rest of the world?


There are many instances of wrong livelihood in global capitalism. Too many jobs producing poisons and weapons and lies, producing pollution, poverty and global ruination.
Yet we are all born under the yoke of "work within this system or suffer even more."
Until we are unchained from this intentional, coercive compulsion, the wheels of history will roll along leaving the muddy tracks of the lowest price is the law, except if you're an elite, where the highest price is the law on gold embroidered jets.
May we all strive to find right livelihoods that benefit ourselves, our families and neighbours, and our childrens childrens children. The larger system must change to make right livelihoods available for everyone.