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From the Front Lines of California's Fires, Yolo County Joins 1,750+ Communities in Declaring Climate Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/30/front-lines-californias-fires-yolo-county-joins-1750-communities-declaring-climate


Two states north, we’re back into Moderate air quality again as the smoke rolls inland.


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Wow, YOLO County—you are amazing. In seeing the present as the future you are truly working for the People. How unusual— but how welcome your actions are and what a good roll model for CA. and the world : )

The Bear Fire took my brother’s home in Berry Creek, CA on 9/9. That fire lingered for three weeks after our lightning siege, like a simmering fuse, then exploded in the face of diablo (offshore) winds.

The Glass Fire forced my sister’s evacuation from Oakmont a couple days ago (they still don’t know what the ignition, south of Calistoga, came from). Oakmont is a much more suburban place than Berry Creek (which is somewhat off-the-grid mountain rural). It’s largely a retirement community, on the east side of Santa Rosa. Our firefighters have a lot to keep them busy, but they’re really taking this Glass Fire seriously, trying to save Santa Rosa again (albeit and again and again). Because things could get dicey this morning, with another diablo wind assault.


The hell this is a testament to social movement power. It’s a testament to rank stupidity: let’s wait until we’re almost incinerated to state the obvious, that we’re in a climate emergency. The only good thing to be said for Yolo is they’re not quite as stupid as communities that still won’t admit it.