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From the Kitchen Table to the Voting Booth


From the Kitchen Table to the Voting Booth

Ai-jen Poo

The last time I saw Gloria Steinem, she said something that stayed with me. She said, “the voting booth is the one place in America where everyone is equal.” No matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like, once you vote, your vote counts. And no one vote counts more than another. That simple truth got me out of bed this morning at 3:45am, and onto a 6:00am flight to Reno, Nevada where I begin a five-state trip leading up to election day. My goal is to get every single person I meet in those states to show up to the polls on election day.


Ai-Jen Poo is an example of the huge "ground game" that the Clinton campaign has deployed, a strategy Trump has not embraced,thereby assuring that Clinton will win on November 8.

Trump made no effort to expand his base after he was nominated, and has had no ground game, proving that he is more about launching his TV network than being elected POTUS.