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From the Mixed-Up Files of Mr. Donald J. Trump


From the Mixed-Up Files of Mr. Donald J. Trump

Michael Winship

Assume for a moment, as many have suggested, that the whole Trump/Putin/Russia calamity is a deliberate distraction, a deflection to shift our gaze from the destruction of government and democratic principles that Trump, Bannon and their cohort — aided and abetted by a compliant Congress — seem intent on implementing.


When it comes to the serious stuff of government Trump is clearly over his head. But in terms of leading a white nationalist movement he seems be have the qualifications. We no longer have the usual economic, environmental, and foreign policy goals. Rather the goal is to make white Christians the dominant group in society. Foremost it means ending immigration of all non-whites. And it means deporting as many Hispanics as possible, stirring up fear and hate, and moving toward a more authoritarian form of government. Unfortunately, Trump seems to be pretty well suited for pursuing this new goal of a white nationalist country.


And you just hit the nail on the head why I'm going to work to get a new member of Congress elected in my district, even if he's not 100% my way on everything. I can't in good conscious give these people anymore power.


Uh sorry, but this entire concept -- 'intelligence' ... 'Breitfart news' ... is a serious oxymoron as everyone knows Breitfart has no intelligence -- they're all a bunch of retards!


The president of the United States is the commander in chief of the US military. We citizens don't have a commander in chief, because no one is entitled to command us.

Given the recent tendency for presidents to take too much power, we should avoid encouraging that tendency by calling the president "our" commander in chief.