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From the Streets to the Ballot Box: New York's Political Revolution

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/27/streets-ballot-box-new-yorks-political-revolution

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Stand with Jamaal Bowman, don’t lie down with “Complacency.”

If AOC is not the future of the Democratic Party, there will be no Democratic Party in the future.

Interesting read. A few questions from the forgotten fly over land.

  1. Where were the progressives running here for state and federal offices in 2020 primaries? None!
  2. If the wealthy leave NYC and work from their new homes along the eastern seaboard, how can NYC tax them? Other than the traders who sell and buy using NYC wall street by taxing share trades.
  3. C-19 has 30 months to go, with unemployment, rent is due, groceries, health care, schools.
  4. Progressives have no friends in DC, from either party.
  5. Incoming president facing maximum citizen unrest, their pain and hopelessness may spill over onto streets.