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From This Place Hope Emerges: Women (Still) Wage Peace


From This Place Hope Emerges: Women (Still) Wage Peace

Thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women - yes, they are still there - just marched together through the West Bank, the last leg of a two-week "Journey to Peace" ending in a massive Jerusalem rally. The women, many of whom have lost loved ones in the decades-long conflict, sent an adamant message to their respective leaders: "Sit already! We want peace. Listen to our cry - it comes from our hearts."


Bless you, ladies! At last, peace being brought forth as a solution to the world’s troubles rather than the drums and bombs of war.
*If the Women of the World would just realize their power and unite to insist on peace, on talking, on compromise, on love and empathy, they could accomplish a miracle that men only seem to feel it’s possible to achieve by raising cruelty and destruction to new lows.
Please! Keep up the good work and do not be discouraged, for many are with you, of all sexes.


Just when I was about to “Abandon All Hope” these beautiful women show the way: Love and Peace. Shalom.


Thank you for reporting on this march. Eventually the pathological policies of Israel, and their choke-hold on America’s news media and Congress, will become visible to the American public. Congress members will be asked about these crimes at their town hall meetings. The truth will escape from its prison. Perhaps Ken Burns will do a documentary series on it. A succinct account of the buried history:
“War Profiteers and the Roots of the War on Terror”


Thanks for that link. It will take weeks to read it and all the accompanying links, but there is a lot in there that my own studies have found.
*Money talks, with a megaphone!


“Money doesn’t talk, it swears…”
–Bob Dylan, “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”


And Salaam


This piece is so refreshing in many ways.

  • It talks about organizing in a really tough and complicated arena.
  • It shows the leadership of women (who together with girls) are a majority of the human species.
  • Unlike every other article on CD so far today, it does not mention Trump.

Thanks to Abby Zimet for this.


Smiles and Tears of Peace

God give them Strength and Protection


I take it that Tzipi Livni wasn’t at the rally?

“There is no such thing as a Palestinian”

Golda Meir