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From TPP to TTIP: Clues to New Food Trade Rules


From TPP to TTIP: Clues to New Food Trade Rules

Karen Hansen-Kuhn

While civil society groups around the world raise a variety of concerns about the substance of free trade agreements, for the most part their criticisms begin with the lack of transparency. Instead of a robust public debate on the merits of the issues under negotiation, civil society groups are forced to rely on bits of leaked text or the evidence of past trade agreements to guess at what might be under negotiation.


While elites use militaries and weapons' suppliers to spread fury, terror, and destabilization under the guise of fighting a war on terror, it's not a surprise that they'd push genetically adulterated foods down citizens' throats through disingenuous trade agreements whose secretive clauses are set to become legally binding.

There are such dark powers and dark ironies at work.

Under the banner of fighting to PRESERVE freedoms, they take those away by granting primacy to the militarized police state... it's got its eye on me and you.

Under the banner of Free Consumer Choice, they refuse to tell consumers what's in the food they will be obliged to eat.

The same powers that are spreading misery and ruin through war are also undermining public health.

As various articles have attested, many cities have lead (and worse) in their public water tables.

Epidemics of Cancer, Autism, Diabetes, Depression, and Obesity spread and together they undermine the quality of life for millions.

There are some studies that show a relationship between the Mercury and other heavy metals in vaccines and a link to Autism, and some studies that show that Monsanto's gen-tech products cause Cancer in rats; and a likelihood that lousy financial conditions breed Depression.

But the engineers of the calamities populations are being conditioned to live with still hold positions of power, and through them continue to tell us what we can eat, what quality of air we will breathe, and what quality of life will befall all those designated as Necessary Targets living inside Necessary Sacrifice Zones.

The world is being led by mad men (and a few mad women)... in a rush to Hell.


Ultimately that "freedom" they claim to support is the freedom for the 1 percent to make profits off the 99 percent and off the natural world in any way that they wish.

It the freedom to steal, to poison, to enslave , to abuse . to exert violence upon to destroy and nothing more.


This week US Trade Minister Froman and his bodyguards joined a Democratic Party Congressional delegation in pitching TPP to Silicon Valley moguls to soften them up, with a side trip to the Monterey Aquarium to try to convince environmentalists.


Part of the response to this has to be to just stop buying things that come from a long way away or from people whom you cannot check up on. It is not possible to do altogether immediately, of course. But there seems to be a broad and mostly unspoken set of assumptions in Western societies that products and services can be trusted if paid for because we offer money for them or because businesses an be regulated and government will at least often not respond if offered a bribe. Neither is true.

What is left, then, is to direct one's efforts to people whom one can know, principally, and to make it a point that someone local knows people in other places. But it appears that there is going to be a heady balkanization come out of all this fraud and snake oil. I hope we may arrange to not fall into further xenophobia when many economic liasons must be dropped.