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From Trump Tower to Dictatorial Power

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/30/trump-tower-dictatorial-power


If Trump wins America loses. If Biden wins America loses. If Harris wins America loses. The only win scenario I can see is if Sanders wins.

That is unless America translates to “The one percent” . It a win for them with Trump , Biden or Harris.


Trump hasn’t neutralized the checks and balances, the democratic party has done it for him.


Not only Trump…


Perhaps Donald Trump is just too easy a target for Ralph Nader. Perhaps Nader has grown frustrated with the long-time refusal of the American public to heed his many rational arguments. But here he alternates between deriding the Trumpster’s stupidity and awarding him nearly superhuman powers.

You want to say, “Ralph, the guy’s a doof. Trump did not invent media manipulation. He did not mastermind the crippling of the unions”–and on to the end.

Trump can manipulate media because he is a performer and because the social infrastructure for a sitting president to do that has been extensively constructed in advance, and the infrastructure for the media to criticize presidents usefully has been disabled. He didn’t invent it; he just recognizes that he can score points even while looking like an ass.

Similarly, he can laugh at unions because they have been either disabled or usurped, to the point that young people do not remember union action within the United States in favor of a proletariat. Outside of the nurses and teachers, who feel to most people like exceptions, it barely exists.

Questioning Biden’s mental competence has to be one of the most reasonable public actions that the Donald has done since entering office–perhaps before, given how little competition it has. After all, whatever his guilt or innocence might be, Joseph Biden will go down in history as the man who made Pizzagate and party connections to Jeffrey Epstein believable to Democrats.

Maybe that’s the one thing that Joe Biden’s innocent of, or maybe he’s being blackmailed to run, but the impression has not been good.

Look, the problem is not that Donald Trump has wandered into some reasonable system and accomplished mayhem. The problem is that the system has become so deranged from decades of abuse that the likes of Donald Trump can dance around doing pro-wrestling takes in the middle of it without it becoming clear what part of the production is farce.

No one is a straight man in Washington in 2019. No one is believable. No one is the reasonable or identifiable person caught in the madness, or at least no one in office.

It’s good to see Ralph Nader in there swinging, but I think we’re going to need another tack.


Tom Englehardt asked… “then what is the disease?”

If there’s a disease, it would have to be on both sides. And it is. Zuboff kind of hinted at it. And the Cambridge Analytica flap gave us clues.

No, he didn’t invent media manipulation, but Ralph is right re one area of emphasis. He’s a “peak” in terms of selling the super-irrational, just like Joseph McCarthy. But it really doesn’t matter Dems have no “big cheese” tantamount. They have little ones like Maddow. They’re all over the place. Look, I just happened to glance over at Chris Hayes tonight. He was talking to one right when I glanced!

Sorry to say, but this is like something straight out of 1984. Think of the most ludicrous propaganda…and they can sell it.

It’s that old thing Jacques Ellul went over. The means become the end, the phones. The “transformative economic mission,” as it were…forever and a day hyped too much as the means. Too much hype, and it becomes the END. If we look back at all the transformative economic missions we know anything about, we can see they were leading to the present predicament. Such missions were the vehicles of a hype. So, time for a major shift. Like the Joads heading west, we now must seek the practical. These missions are sputtering out everywhere, and what do people do? Blame one another. Take opioids. Shoot one another. You can tell…a BIG shift must come. This myth has run its course.

0:48 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOJ6b-VUjtM

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True that, but only if The People have His Back. He can’t do it alone. No one can. He is a genuine leader but needs genuine followers who will stand with him through thick and thin. THIS IS WAR! APATHY! AVARICE! OK, cap locks off for now. He needs US. The US needs him. Symbiosis now. Rally cap time as the baseball fans would be wont to say this time of year. Bernie 2020!

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I am scared for Bernie. There are those who will stop at nothing to prevent changes in the status quo.


Bard & everyone else,

If yall are wonder’n why I’m harping on-and-on on this, it’s because lightening hit my cable [net only for me], and the slim pickens that remained ended up a real shock. Guess it shouldn’t have, but it did.

“Trump did not invent media manipulation.” bardamu

It’s a little more subtle than in Orwell’s 1984. Right now we have the “overtalk.” An incessant drone. On NPR everything’s opioids and gene therapy. Why not more geopolitics? Why? I’ll tell you why.
EJ Dionne can’t venture over into the matter of Syia, [in any depth], because then he’d be stepping on the sacred ground where one can see Trump policy (in the region) has become as insane as that of the interveners [and moreso with Pompeo’s meddling]…who wanted to use Al Qaeda cousins to remove Assad. No, you can’t GO out on that sacred ground. Cause then you’d have a REAL critique of Trump.

Why are these reviews of Nader’s not of more interest to people? These summaries of his? Here’s another reason: Because they can’t handle’em? Think of NPR is one holon. Think of MSM as another holon. Now think of some imaginary appropriate and adequate open forum on geopolitics [in which you’d get at least stabs at explainations why Russia is selling Turkey S-400 systems and yet bombing Turkish proxies at the same time]…as another holon. Have you done that? OK, now remind yourself of THE GREAT QUANDRY msm gives us on the environment. Does MSM deign to give us DiEM25’s take on the thing? No, MSM stays light years away from that. According to MSM and NPR it’s like the responses of European governments to the problem together constitute one holon, and demonstrators against polluters (here in the US, say) is another distinct holon. Far be it from MSM to contemplate for an instant there is a vast group both sides of the pond with mutual concerns. No, they’ve isolated groups either side “objectively” like a worst case of scientism. You can’t GO out on alternative ground, cause if news makers were to begin thinking at all (themselves) about how you tease out something rational between DiEM25 and Gail Tverberg…they’d panic! They don’t have experience with anything like that! And probably, from their ignorant, toady, escapist, PC, and lala-land viewpoint, WE COULDN’T HANDLE IT either.

No, I’m not gonna throw any real rocks. My whole thesis is input from THE PEOPLE (like happens here) works better.

8/19 https://www.moonofalabama.org/2019/08/syria-army-cuts-off-khan-shaykhun-russia-bombs-turkish-reinforcement.html

THIS is terrifying. Everyone should read this article linked in Blumenthal’s tweet. Link here: https://thehill.com/opinion/criminal-justice/458764-what-in-the-world-is-adam-schiff-thinking-domestic-terrorism

Bernie, in my opinion, has already been stopped by the status quo of the corrupt DNC and a Biden/ Harris ticket. Just like in 2016, when the DNC, Bernie and Warren backed the Wall Street Walker they will back a Biden/Harris ticket in 2020…


I agree with your post and it says to me that Amerika has already lost in 2020. And of course Bernie will back the Biden/Harris ticket with these infamous words: " We cannot allow Trump a second term"!


A Biden/Harris ticket will GUARANTEE a Trump 2nd term. Voters will find their couches (or the Green Party), not the voting booth. Just like they did in 2016. It’s like a never ending Groundhog Day with the totally corrupt DNC


damn! i was just getting ready to post the same. ;~)

Yeah, nothing could make Trump happier!

"The outcome is up to you in November 2020. "

Ralph, I’d argue that its up to the Democratis Party and who they select as their nominee.


And if the Dems do “appoint” a Biden or other neoliberal candidate, then we will know that the Democratic party prefers Trumpist fascism to a government less hell-bent on enriching the already too rich.


Biden won’t take enough anti-quagmire folks away from Trump’s base. Have mercy, when will they figure this out?!?!

My biggest worry, IF (a big if) we ever get Trump out is the normalization of open criminality in office and just this culture of impunity with which he and his cronies, with the complicity of Democrats, have been reigning these past few years.

Trump is colluding, breaking the law and right out engaging in criminal activity, often openly and in plain sight, each day. If these people (on both sides of the spectrum) did not have their heads so far up his ass, the tally of impeachable and right out criminal offenses coming from Trump these past 3 years alone is large enough to sink the Titanic.

But our so called "leaders’ have decided to just let it go and not go after him (other than issuing subpoenas that go ignored) and my deepest worry is that whoever comes next can potentially commit all the same crimes Trump has and then no one can go after him or her for it because we failed to do so with Trump. Legally speaking, I mean if you let Trump get away with, say, abuse of pardon power and violation of the emoluments clause and emergency declaration to divert funds he couldnt get from Congress, you sort of almost set a legal precedent. So what legal basis would we have 2, 3, 10 years from now to hold an abuse, dictatorial POTUS accountable when we failed to do so with Trump?

Whether Democrats like it or not, by being accomplices to Trump’s crimes via their refusal to impeach him, they just helped set the bar for the next person. And that bar says a president is above the law and can do whatever he wants (save actually help people) without fear of consequences. Democrats are not a defense against despotism they are its guarantor.

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