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From Trump Tower to Dictatorial Power

I appreciate great posts for which no one gets paid. Worries worth worrying over will show up here…in the commons even.

Some would say what you are talking about is the stage of neoliberalism we’re in now…arms sales to (or smuggling’em to) out and out screwballs on captagon (meth)…to ISIL and rebels in Republic of Georgia. Nader says the word “neoliberalism” confuses folks, so I guess we could just
use corporate rule.

I’m sharing your post.

You’re right.

Everything Ralph Nader says here is true, BUT there’s no use believing impeachment will be the end of our problems, especially not the end of a particular danger more immanent than climate disruption itself. In the brinksmanship that’s going down (yes with Trump, with China AND RUSSIA) accidental nuclear war is becoming more likely. Tulsi & Sanders are the only prayer of a hope we can avoid this likelihood. Of course, Tulsi is mostly to Sanders as Aaron was to Moses. We can acknowledge that Trump paradoxically in the campaigning talked about pulling out of quagmires. The base remembers this, but can’t see he appointed others to bring to pass actually what the MIC wanted. The blame got
shifted…seems to have worked.

Nader alludes to this specter…

“If the law ever catches up to Trump, he has many toadies who are willing to engage in ‘wag the dog’ distractions. They are his war-hawk on steroids, national security advisor lawless John Bolton and the militaristic Secretary of State Michael Pompeo who travels the world threatening half of it. The new Secretary of Defense, from the Raytheon Corporation, presents no restraint in contrast to his predecessor Jim Mattis, cashiered by Trump.”

I can relate a quote that’ll put it more bluntly. The source pulls in articles from ALL over, but…full disclosure [if you or anyone is interested]…IIRC this foundation used to admit their headquarters was in Russia. Please note, I’m aware Warren has recently (thankfully) had some serious words in regard to the Palestinian situation. We can hope she’d “change in office,” but we still should ask ourselves why she doesn’t say more of the things Gabbard is saying right now.

“This explains the gushings for Warren, at such neocon rags as The Atlantic, The New Republic, New Yorker, and Mother Jones. It’s being done in order to set up the final round, so as for its outcome to be acceptable to the billionaires who fund the Democratic Party. Her record in the U.S. Senate is consistently in support of U.S. invasions, coups, and sanctions against countries that have never invaded nor even threatened to invade the U.S., such as Venezuela, Palestine, Syria, and Iran; she’s 100% a neocon (just like G.W. Bush, Obama and Trump were/are); and, to billionaires, that is even more important than her policy-record regarding Wall Street is, because the Military Industrial Complex, which she represents, is even more important to enforcing and spreading the U.S. megacorporate empire than the investment-firms are.” Zuesse https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2019/08/31/americas-billionaires-congealing-around-warren-and-buttigieg/

“The Atlantic” is NOT always “neocon.”