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From 'Twelve More Years!' to 'Lock Her Up!' Trump Whips Proto-Fascist Michigan Crowd Into Frenzy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/18/twelve-more-years-lock-her-trump-whips-proto-fascist-michigan-crowd-frenzy


Lots of campaign promises to the People for someone who has not done one single thing for them in the past four years. Yet, the slugs beg for more salt.


The article informs the reader that:

" ‘We’ll be here for four years, and then if we decide to go for an extra four, or eight, or something,’ Trump said."

And yet the mainstream media seem to be remarkably unconcerned about how Trump has little desire to relinquish the reins of power if he were to lose the presidential election in a little over two weeks from now while the Democrats are doing their best in ignoring Trump’s attempted coup. And while Biden has a very good chance of defeating Trump that possibility is not going to occur if Trump is allowed free reign to subvert and disrupt the election through voter suppression and calling upon his white supremacist groups to intimidate, beat up voters, and cause chaos in the streets [with the unofficial blessing of the police] if they indicate that they are not going to vote for Trump. Underestimating Trump would be an extremely foolish thing to do while it is going to be interesting to see in the final runup to the election if the Democrats will succeed in blowing this election in the same way that they did in 2016.


Somewhere there’s a Republican who has brought the covid-19 home with him, and now his grandfather is going to get it too, and he’s going to have to go to the hospital and try to comfort grandma.

Somewhere there’s a Republican who has been caught saying “Lock her up” at work, and that’s not going well at all, not in this economy.


It all makes perfect sense, expressed in dollars and cents.



Trump has a way of projecting just about everything he says. So when he says, “lock her up,” he really means, ‘lock me up.’ It’s not her that is guilty, it is me.

Trump is going down. He knows it. His supporters, if they every come down from their frenzy, know it.

Come Jan 21, the police will be waiting for him outside the White House to take him into custody or extradite him to NY. Good thing his orange hair matches his orange jumpsuit, already fitted for him.


Trump and his ghoulish minions are a death cult. Having lived in rural Michigan, I know exactly who and what his followers are. Their lives revolve around killing innocent animals and other blood sports, booze and meth, gun fetishism, junk food, Duck Dynasty beards and camo, drunken parties, survivalist clubs, motorcycles, ATVs and other pollution machine toys, strip clubs and similar debaucheries, right-wing faux Christianity, Q-Anon conspiracies, and nursing their white grievance culture.
There’s a huge amount of incest, marital and stranger rape, child molestation, addictions, abuse, lawbreaking, and hatred embedded in their culture.
They are ripe for the kind of fascist Mussolini act Trump is doing, and have long been organized into militias and other terrorist groups.
If Trump wins a second term, he’ll continue to build these armed, vicious, weaponized militias nationwide.
He’s angling for a fascist takeover, and then his bloodthirsty hordes may attempt do to progressives and officials such as Whitmer what Stalin did to millions of Russians.
He must be cast out on voting day, and then imprisoned or forced into exile.
What to do about his rabid band of Confederate terrorists, that’s a real puzzle.


Like Hitler and Mussolini before him, it seems that things can end up poorly for out of control fascist dictators.


GAGA…Trump, I mean Sire…only 12 more years?..

The Fate of Nations:
…"Here politics and religion itself will be used as weapons of war, as a leverage to separate people and to pit them against one another in a great conflict, not over ideology, but over the resources of the world.

Here the debate and the conflict will be masked. It will be clothed in the disguise of politics and religion, but in essence it is a competition for resources. It is a conflict over access and the distribution of resources.

It is a great danger that humanity now faces as it begins to encounter a world in decline—a world whose environments have been degraded, a world whose climate has been affected, a world whose life-sustaining resources are being depleted and ruined by human ignorance and human greed. It is for this reason that a New Message from God has been sent into the world."… from the Teaching: “The Fate of Nations”… from The New Message for humanity.


as of a few hours ago, I am still concerned that Detroit, Wayne county, will not turn out and vote - again.

This is not 2008,

And I do not trust any poll associated with NBC.


Trump’s words, behaviors and actions prove that any President’s authority, especially this fake one, must have limits. In other words when a President, like this fake one, uses authority to incite riots and put others who disagree with him in danger for their lives, then that President must be stripped immediately of power and, yes, locked up. We are falling down the rabbit hole of the insane in our country.


I don’t get these fascist leanings in the upper Midwest. Wisconsin used to be known as the strongest state for unions in the country. What the hell happened?


If you search back through local records and meeting minutes you would be amazed, or horrified, at the number of KKK chapters in the areas. When I stumbled upon them it was an eye opener for me.


Unfortunately, your words ring too true for both parties in general.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m still working and will continue to do so through Nov3 (and after if it is necessary to root our the election corruption.

Keep working in Detroit. Am hoping you are getting the same kind of GOTV support we are getting in NC.


Corporatist Republitards and Democraps killed the unions at the bidding of their corporate owners.


Evidently USA’s polity must undergo extreme suffering before we come to understand the yoke we’ve imposed on ourselves with “our holy 18th century charter” as Paul Street says. Authoritarian opportunism has already reduced any pretense of democracy here, under the slaveholders’ Constitution, to shreds. Anyone can tell, from reading it, from seeing the corner it has painted us into (dragging the whole world with us): It’s well past time to give up on that ossified “genius of the founders” self-delusion. The genius of the founders produced Orangeman (not to mention bloodthirsty Andrew Jackson, right there on your freaking $20, for God’s sake!)

After this electoral exercise, with all the wheels furiously spinning, this is how it will have to go, imho:

By all means vote (it takes five minutes once every 1,460 days), but do not be fooled into thinking that the electoral process and the Constitution will save us from the Trump nightmare. We the people will have to make it clear in the streets, workplaces, and public squares that the nation will become permanently ungovernable (and unprofitable) unless and until the government, including its military, agrees to remove “the most dangerous criminal in human history” from the world’s most powerful office. Then we must mobilize and stay in the streets and public squares to undertake what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., called “the real issue to be faced” – “the radical reconstruction of society itself.” And in the United States, it is too rarely noted, that project includes drafting and passing a new national charter, one that honors and implements the principle of popular sovereignty, something that the nation’s slave-owning and merchant capitalists Founders saw as their ultimate nightmare — with no small reason.

This would be a revolution, the first one in American History, long overdue.



Nailed it

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Not to mention that Wisconsin has always had a significant fascist minority. Recall that along with Ohio Senator Robert Taft and the Dulles brothers it was US Senator from Wisconsin Joseph McCarthy who in 1950 launched the GOP’s longest single leap toward fascism with McCarthy forever identified as the leader of the commie witch hunts.

70 years later the most common label for fascist-orchestrated witch hunts continues to be “McCarthyism”.


Imagine if Uncle and Kamalacop (she was a prosecutor, after all) campaigned on locking up President Dearthcount and VP Abused Choirboy.

They’d never do that, of course. Why would a Party which rubber-stamped handing Trump the biggest military budgets in world history year after year now want to lock him up?

Wonder how many weeks/days/hours after his inauguration Uncle will parrot his old boss, and talk about the need to “look forward, not back”?