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From 'Twelve More Years!' to 'Lock Her Up!' Trump Whips Proto-Fascist Michigan Crowd Into Frenzy

If Biden, were he to become president, start to emulate his former boss Barack Obama by dropping 500 lb. bombs and drone missiles upon countless numbers of innocent people in the Middle East and Africa, would you then finally concede that there would be a “meaningful difference” between Trump and Biden? Just so there is no confusion, that statement does not mean that I somewhat support Trump but is presented to show that a Biden presidency can certainly be destructive [if not more so] than that of Trump. But unfortunately to so many Americans foreign policy is something which they have little or no interest in and in the lives of those who are killed and maimed and cripple by America’s lethal bombs and drone missiles.


These folks you describe are the crux of our problem. Encouraged to live these lives by Fox, they do not see a reason to examine their lives. Trump is the merely the visible result of the deep pathology. How to engender empathy and awe at the mysteries of creation? This is the key to transformation. I wish I knew the answer.


Trump will only go down if the people in this alleged democracy are allowed to cast their votes without being intimidated and harassed by Trump’s goons. And even if Biden managed to win Trump will be ready to claim that the election was somehow rigged. Vigilance is the key word and especially from the corporate media, from now to election day and on to January 20, 2021.


Nailed it! You are dead on target about the culture of rural Michigan. I’ve seen and lived in urban slums where I never felt in danger except from the rare white working class folks looking for trouble. But I really experienced rural slums and their culture the year I lived in Clio, between Flint and Saginaw. I already had PTSD from critical medical issues, and was lured by the lies of someone who I thought I could trust, who was a friend. Lord have mercy, but it was hell on earth. I had mistakenly signed a year’s lease(well, she did using a POA)and was stuck there. I learned how to be a spirit warrior more in that year than I did while in ICU. The very day the lease was up, I moved back home. Not that my area is heaven, but we’re a border town with Canada which has softened some of the nastiness.
Yeah, they had all the toys-the pickup trucks, ATV’s, snomobiles, hot rods, motorcycles.Anything that could eat gasoline, they had. Husband was using meth, and probably making it. He sure bought chemicals on a regular basis, for his invisible “pool”.
To up the ante, our anti-maskers have now invaded Canada, holding large rallies both in Toronto and Vancouver last night. The provincial and federal governments are not pleased, to say the least.
This pandemic is rapidly turning into an ELE for humans, and very good news for other species.


Sorry I couldn’t think of her name gill sounded right bub

This call to violence and the encouraging of people to commit violence and usurp an existing Government by a Political leader would be deemed treason in most nation states,


We the people should rebel and take to the streets in front of the white house and every city across the nation. We need to come down on Biden/Harris hard whatever that means. We need leadership for that, we need the status quo media for that so we know we won’t get it so the progressive media to stand up and organize. What you say Bernie Sanders, can you lead us to put our foot on the knees of Biden and Harris?

From my observations her in bellwether Pennsylvania, it is increasingly looking like our main problem is not going to be Trump (he is going to flee the US to evade prosecution on January 19th). The problem is going to be what to do with his extremist followers left behind - who include the police forces in many parts of the country.

Tyring to be nice and conciliatory to them like Obama did does not work.


Photo shows Trump working as the President: a simple con. Yet, it seems to work. How simple do you have to be? All he can do, except scrawl his name on empty sheets of paper for the cameras. Easy job, the Presidency!


“Corporatist Republitards and Democraps”

You may be interested to learn that ‘corporatism’ was/is a specific economic and political ideology which to varying degrees was adopted by the Italian Fascists (“we bury economic liberalism") and German National Socialists in the 2nd quarter of the 20th century.
Have a read of this: ‘Corporatism and the Ghost of the Third Way’

Remember too that ‘Fascism’ is not a ‘catch-all’ term for authoritarianism and that ‘corporatism’ is certainly not ‘neoliberalism’ (which Republicans and Democrats currently adhere to).

Also recommended reading: ‘The New Despotism’

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Excellent point as that is indeed what would happen in other advanced countries. But not in the good 'ol USA where for some reason so many people, apparently including the Democrats, think that a president is somehow above the law.

The fundamental problem is that those fanatical followers of Donald Trump consider themselves as “we the people”. In fact they do not recognize a good many of those that do not support Trump as “we the people” as while not outright coming out and saying it , they do not think that Blacks Latinos or what they deem “libtards” have a right to vote.

In their minds when Blacks are protesting it is a “riot” to be subdued by the state using brutal force but when their people protest , it an exercise in freedom and a use of their “constitutional rights”. If one tries to reason with this mindset to demonstrate the logical flaws they simply tune it out. There are not capable of reason, only of slavish devotion to their “cause”. (This also manifests itself in the dogmatic beliefs of the religious right)

This is very dangerous.


It is unclear why you would think that Saint Bernard would be the one who would curtail the actions of Biden since Sanders has described Biden as being his good friend. Sanders’ integrity evaporated when he ran for president as a member of the corporate and militant Democratic Party.


I hate to say it, but we are not going to be able to surround the White House - except as a second ring way out at Constitution avenue to the south and or K Street to the north.

The right wing extremists are going to be already surrounding it well ahead of us getting organized, to violently oppose his programs. We may consider them to be insufficient and inadequate, but the Trumpist extremists, with generous money support from wealthy dark money, consider them to be outright Lenninist.


The “corporatism” of Mussolini is a poor translation. It had nothing to do with the English word referring to a limited liability business organization.

Trump is the best thing that has happened for the media in many years. They will be sad to see him go.


Do you really believe he will be prosecuted? Trump has given a few trillion dollars to the oligarchs. His crimes will be forgiven for his generosity in taking care of them. Trump will live in wealth and comfort. There is no justice for the wealthy and well connected. How’s the prosecution of the participants in the Jeffrey Epstein child abuse and prostitution ring, you know, the hundreds and perhaps thousands of powerful people involved, how’s that going? How many have been brought to justice? What’s that? Zero? Thought so.


There’s an old adage: “A divided against itself cannot stand”. In the context of the democrats it is simple: Since the corporatists and the citizenry are fundamentally opposite in terms of their needs and agenda, the democrats committed suicide in the 1970’s when they decided to take money from corporations rather than unions. With the unions representing workers, and the corporations committed to busting unions and the workers, democrats effectively divided their house against itself. Now with the workers and the unions completely disenfranchised, the only people who love democrats are billionaires. At least the republicans have religious fanatics to depend on, a group Carl Rove famously called the new unions when easily manipulated them into voting fascist by giving lip service to anti abortion and pretending to be religious. What does it mean: democrats cannot enact any agenda to reverse right wing gains without undermining themselves financially, and therefore have nothing to offer the voting public. Republicans just have to be anti-abortion, and can do absolutely anything else they want, including overt murder and war, particularly war against other religions, while being assured of a strong voter base from their Christian zealot base.


Not entirely. The expectations of the US working class has been reduced to medieval serf levels. So if their bosses them that they only have have a job at all thanks to Trump (and don’t even think of asking for a raise - and if someone even whispers “union” - turn him in right away), and that they will be fired if the “socialists” get back in power with their regulations**, they will get behind Trump all the way.

At least that is the attitude behind the majority for Trump in West Virginia/ W. Maryland and Western Pennsylvania.

(**This “regulations kill jobs” is such unbelievable bullshit - the tow have nothing to do with each other - regulations create jobs and whole beneficial industries)


Its time to put ‘fascist’ in the ‘dustbin of history’ where it belongs.

If by using it you mean ‘authoritarian’ or ‘despotic’ then say so because ‘Fascism’ although authoritarian (with totalitarian ambitions) was a specific ideology that embraced ‘Corporatism’ which certainly doesn’t fit in with the current neoliberalism of the Republican (and Democrat) parties.
See: ‘Corporatism and the Ghost of the Third Way’ +ttp://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=
And: Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems

Also Americans in general don’t (or believe they don’t) like being told what to do (especially by ‘big government’) and may respond more to general terms such as being ‘bossed around by authoritarians’ as a criticism of particular politicians rather than a political label such as ‘Fascist’ which they unlikely have any specific knowledge of.

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