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From 'Twelve More Years!' to 'Lock Her Up!' Trump Whips Proto-Fascist Michigan Crowd Into Frenzy

You have to face the fact that the left could not break the corporate wall-----The Republican party stands for NOTHING----except violence and hate. The Republican party should die on Nov.3


Let’s see…human-focused male dominated JC bossman,hmmm… No this is something much more. You will have to decide for yourself.

The left support policies that most American’s agree with yet so few on the left get elected----even a Q is headed to Congress-----and not one green in all these years???

Look at Swerengen running for Senate----a coal miners daughter running against a rich ahole----why is she not winning??? And then Savage in Maine.

2many-…this has been sent so that Humanity can respond to the great planetary changes that humanity faces, because humanity faces emergence into a Greater Community of life in the universe, to reveal the nature of a deep spirituality within each person. Humanity faces a great threshold in the world and is not prepared nor aware, this Message has called to humanity because of these dangers. A New Message has been sent into the world and has been received by a New Messenger for all of humanity.

“I don’t expect much at polling locations in firm blue or red states, but those of you in swing states, and there’s some new ones now, must be diligent.”

i.e., the greatest danger citizens must be prepared to combat is voter suppression during the election, not pre- or post-electoral declarations to his electoral rump about staying in office when - as is far likelier now than 2016 - he’s lost the electoral vote and courts have repeatedly rejected his attempts to curtail mail-in vote counting.

Whether liberal invocations of fascism, and unlimited power by Trump, are due to 2016 trauma, or a way of scaring voters to vote Biden vs. third-party doesn’t matter - a clear-eyed view suggests he’ll lose and his fascistic rants to an aggressive but increasingly isolated base will not overthrow an electoral win.

Vote progressive third-party - in non-swing states, it will deprive an elected Biden of claiming a “mandate” for his right liberal policies; in swing states, pre-election polling will force Democrats to publicly confront the possibility of losing due to refusing to negotiate with its large left-of-liberal flank.

Whereas if the D’s’ lesser-of-two-evil flank simply capitulates to the party’s right liberal candidate, D’s will feel no pressure to move left to elect Biden - who Wall Street + much of the financial class wants elected.


Most of those folks you say have been sitting things out because the unDems have been ignoring their needs don’t vote because they’re too damned lazy, intellectually. They wouldn’t bother, regardless of what’s offered. For many, it’s just too much “work” to even think about.

Sanders offered a dramatically different and clearly progressive agenda, and was essentially ignored by all those folks you say have been sitting things out because they’re ignored by the unDems. Where were they? I’ll tell you’ they were parked in front of their television, far too busy to even think about registering to vote, let alone actually going down and spending time at the polling place.

As for the so called left, they’ve had the opportunity to support a progressive party, the Greens, for decades, yet they haven’t. If they and all those opting not to vote because the unDems have offered them nothing, how come they haven’t supported the Greens?

No, it’s a lot more complicated than laying all the blame for Trump in the White House on just the unDems.


4:38 seconds clip was a little over the top heh? Come 'on, he isn’t gonna change anyone’s views of him on this platform. Jeez

Yea, our founder fathers had it all figured out(for the oligarchy class). They knew full and well that they had to constrain the people against having to much say in how their government works. Just look at the brilliant idea of the Electoral college. It basically takes away our vote if it doesn’t swing the slave-owners ways. I think it’s well past time to redesign this totalitarian government that has us floating in a kind of quantum illusion that we actually have a democracy.


Actually, i think Joe is kinda of a colorful guy to like Trump. He had a good 1st debate and stood his ground (also said some nasty things at Trump). So, i think he should make for some good ratings too(he learns from what he see’s).

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Let us contrast Donald trump with Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has never been on the left. He was always a big friend of the Corporations.
Donald Trump did not have a history of being Religious prior to his Presidency.

Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee both ran against Trump. Both had strong support from the religious right. When Trump beat them in the primaries he recognized how strong the Religious right was inside the Republican Party and appointed Mike Pence as his running mate.

80+ percent of Democratic party supporters want medicare for all. There a much larger percentage of Democratic party supporters that want something like M4A then there are Republican party supporters deemed of the Religious right.

Biden came out indicating he was not a Socialist and he had defeated the Socialist and that he would never introduce Socialist policies. He in essence threw Sanders under the bus so as to burnish his Corporate friendly credentials. He selected as a running mate Kamala Harris who is another friend of Wall Street.

Imagine Trump claiming “I defeated the candidates representing the religious right. The Religious right will have no influence on me” as Biden said of the left. Imagine Trump claiming he would veto any legislation that moved to limit abortions.

Imagine him doing that and then suggesting that that same Religious Right MUST vote for him.How do you think the Religious right would react?

This is what Biden is doing. This is what the DNC is doing. Yes it IS on them.

The DNC has as its most important mission ensuring that members of the left never win an election. That is more important to them then defeating Trump. A DNC member in fact stated that openly on Television before he caught himself when he stated “I would rather see trump become President then Sanders”. It is why the DNC gave as much and more time at their Conventions to ex republicans to speak on the floor as they did people like AOC.


Your post strikes me as rather bizarre as you appear to think that because I view Biden as a warmonger then I somehow believe that Trump is not. You seem to missing the whole point and that is that both Trump and Biden are hawks and that both of them deserve to be condemned. Do try to refrain from making assumptions as I have never said or even thought that Trump was anything less, like so many presidents before him, a mass murderer which is why I have no intention of voting for either of those two corporate and militant presidential candidates. So no, despite your erroneous claim, I certainly have never discounted the harm which Trump has done to so many people overseas though it may be a stretch to claim that Trump has caused more destruction than Obama given the fact that Obama dropped countless numbers of bombs and drone missiles on an amazing seven countries when he was president which turned out to be more bombs which the U.S. dropped during World War II.

Be that as it may, almost every U.S. president since the end of World War II should have been tried for war crimes and that certainly would include Trump.


And if Sanders had an ounce of integrity he would have run for president as an independent which is what he claimed to be before becoming a de facto Democrat. But like so many politicians Sanders decided to place party over whatever principles he may have had.


The Pilgrims were a split off conservative sect from a very conservative sect that was dissatisfied with their sect not being conservative enough, if I remember my history correctly. If anyone would like to amplify or correct that, I would appreciate it. If true, given that start, it’s no wonder we are at root a right wing country.

The left cannot do anything as an infinitesimally small minority - nothing at all. The people could easily break the corporate wall in larger numbers, but they wont because for the most part they are incredibly stupid, and are easily hoodwinked by the the corporate sponsored US elections game show that is put on every two years by the very corporations who seek to maintain the status quo. Its not the corporations fault though; only the stupidest of imbeciles could possibly be so easily directed by their incessant television programming; anyone with the smallest amount of intelligence would have seen right through all of it.

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Yea, i agree. I hate to say it, but i almost think Bernie was just in it for the money. He seemed to basically roll-over after all the fraud primary voting came in favor of Biden. STRANGE. You would of thought he would of put up more of a fight after all of his constant live appearances and videos he constantly puts out(and still does). I’m beginning to wonder if he was ever in it to actually win?


Doesn’t “proto” mean first or earliest form? After 6 years of these Trump gatherings, is “proto-fascist” the correct terminology?

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The Puritans were much like the Taliban. Very fundamentalist. And also destroyed many religion icons in England because that wasn’t pure enough.

We are taught that they came to American for religious freedom, but that isn’t true. They were fine with government being controlled by religion, they just wanted their sect to be the one in charge. And the other sects cursed as dissidents.

In their early plantations (their term), people had to be approved by their church to be one of the owners of the corporation (town), or to vote.


I prefer crypto-nazi’s. Yea, that’s what the Trump crowd is(unless they go full-blown).


Terry49 perfectly makes the point that those people bombed, made homeless, and slaughtered at the hands of the Obama/Biden administration would debate your assertion of a profoundly better choice. I submit that there are thousands of black and brown men behind bars whose lives and the lives of their loved ones have been shattered and destroyed by the prison industry that feasts upon Biden’s Crime Bill’s victims and that those victims would debate your assertion of a profoundly better choice. So would people destroyed by the war on drugs. So too, the 20 million Americans thrown into bankruptcy and thrown out of their homes during the Obama/Biden administration, while they took care of the wealthy and corporations. And don’t forget, more people were deported under Obama/Biden than under Trump. Just as Terry49 said, I don’t mention these points to lobby in favor of Trump. I am only saying that those of us who see the difference in evil between Trump and Biden as a much closer measurement than you do not live in a fantasy. And by the way, have you seen the names Biden has floated as his administration’s cabal; obscene. If you think we will be pushing Biden left, it is you who lives in a fantasy.


There are many people worried about armed right wing “poll watchers” when they vote in person on election day, that was the focus of my post. Whether it is real or not, there has been reporting of upwards of 50,000 people trained by the right to be these poll watchers, add that to the rightwing violence this summer, and I can understand how some are nervous.

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