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From 'Unbelievable' to 'Infuriating': Uproar Over Judge Who Cited 'Good Family' of Accused Rapist as Reason for Leniency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/03/unbelievable-infuriating-uproar-over-judge-who-cited-good-family-accused-rapist

Disbarment is not enough for this human disguised as a judge.


Unbelievable that any girl,boy or adult should be physically debased and then spend years before the court being forced to relive the experience while fighting for justice.
Unbelievable that any judge have such immature ideas of bias and bogus judgement. Did the “good” families pay for these results or are the judges seriously that stupid?


What is the profile of parents before a judge with a son who has not been raised to respect other human beings? A minor raping another minor remains largely a ‘custody’ case, does it not? The parents will of course be coached to present themselves as stellar. One is reminded of the rape case in which the teenager was claimed to suffer from his class status. The term is so offensive that cannot even remember it. But the system does and these decisions cited as precedents in the judicial pattern of stare decisis.
Even Wikipedia has a page on child-on-child sexual abuse

# Young people who sexually abuse: Key issues - a 2006 paper published in Australia


Wouldn’t it be more logical to give leniency to someone who had a bad family influence, not a good one?

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that boy is lucky he didn’t get busted for smoking pot. The judge might as well have blamed the victim for being raped. Look who’s being soft on crime here…

I’m told his name is Gianmarco Castronovo.