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'From Utopia to Dystopia' and Back Again: Internet Pioneer Tim Berners-Lee Calls for 'New Web' That Reclaims Original Democratic Principles


'From Utopia to Dystopia' and Back Again: Internet Pioneer Tim Berners-Lee Calls for 'New Web' That Reclaims Original Democratic Principles

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As open internet advocates pressure governments and major tech companies to respect the free flow of information online and users' privacy, World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee spoke Wednesday about how his creation has gone "from utopia to dystopia in 29 short years," and how it can be reimagined "to empower the hop


Now that “they” have control, “we” will never see what this man is advocating.
For example: Try prying a dollar bill out of a dying oligarch’s hand. See the problem?


Okay. Let’s imagine humanity with 14 billion year-old roots in accelerating evolution.
Each brain an infinity minus one possible interconnections, at once, nuanced with personality.

Entanglement by fad or by brainwashing is not the only rodeo in town. Cosmos expands at an accelerating rate. Evolution entangled with cosmos accelerates equally. Who can refute what our eyes can see?

I believe the bionet comes next. Sure. One may dismiss it as gossip. Be that as it may, Tim Berners is about to help us learn how to focus distributed intelligence using pure unowned autonomous democracy.


Or even a dead oligarch’s hand…


That’s two article today on CD that mention the problem of echo chambers. Annie Game wrote the other one. Basically people in the right wing echo chamber should also check out the mainstream media and people in the left wing echo chamber should do the same. As Berners put it “We read things from narrower and narrower circles, and meet more people just like us. These people support the views we express, which validates us.and makes us feel more and more sure of our opinions…,” Exposure to views one doesn’t agree with is critical to reverse this trend.


Ha-Ha! Tooooo funny, RMV. Great minds, etc. I had actually typed “dead” but then I thought of the “dead man’s grip” and changed it. Either way: B-I-N-G-O-!!!


I like Wikipedia. I only like National Public Radio up to a point.

As a democratic imperative I want open comment forums to be reclaimed by the great majority of people that use them. I want every last comment to be voted on, probably using a 1 to 5 system with five possible buttons. Is the comment approaching general approval, is it a reasonable comment, is it kind of a mess or is it basically in troll territory? The great comments rise to the top. Most of the remora comments, especially the troll comments, don’t rise with them. Exception, a great response deserves to stay with the original comment. The so-so comments are further down and most important, the corporate troll comments are actually invisible unless you’re of high standing on the comment board. Soon enough, the corporate troll farms will just give up and go away because they can’t do anything!

Moreover, if your previous comments are generally of high standing, your next comment is automatically promoted toward the top of the board until and unless the people knock you backwards. This is an incentive to write well!

You get a little bit more cred for your comments if you have in general voted a lot, not merely lurked.

This system works pretty well for completely anonymous avatars. Unfortunately, newbies start out with low-rated messages because a troll might simply toss her old avatar and become a newbie.

Also, trolls and low-rated newbies don’t have anywhere near the same voting power as established participants. If a hacker creates 10,000 newbie voters, all of those robovotes together might only count as 5% of any message’s total vote.


As a democratic imperative I want a public organization to create an open source Facebook.

I want a public organization to vett both people and corporations. Who is hanging around and posting on truly bullying sites? Who is buying ads on those sites? We need to know (and not trust) the nuts.


I was actually thinking of the inheritance tax…but, hey, all to the same effect. LOL


Get rid of bandwidth fees.


I couldn’t agree more with Berners-Lee, but surely he knows it’s going to be an uphill fight all the way, with fascists and racists on one flank, and hucksters on the other (the catchy nickname “information superhighway” couldn’t have been more than a minute old when somebody observed that “the information superhighway leads to the mall.”)



But …

Is there not value in the internet population coming to understand that citizens
of the US are liberals …

Or for that population to understand that we all support National Health Care for All …

Social Security with its original intentions …

Same for Medicare …

And for Medicaid …

Imo, these things are important to know – including that we all support
reproductive freedom … including CHOICE for any reason by more than simple majority …

It is by these means that we come to understand ourselves –
who our friends are and who our enemies might be.

This is also the information which has long been kept from citizens —

and not only are we against these existing wars by 84% but we are also anti-MIC …

We are also internationally in agreement on these issues with other citizens of the world.

We also have to depend on individual curiosity to open our worlds to one another.

I think it’s also helpful when every website/forum attracts citizens from other nations who
contribute giving us another perspective on life on this planet and our own views of

Is Common Dreams an “echo chamber” … ?


Some of this sounds a little creepy to me, Democracy is messy, somewhere between complete chaos and directed thought.


Nice dream. Hell will have to freeze over first however.


In your dreams. They are just getting started.


Great idea, good he’s talking about it. Big question is how to do it.

Almost no one has more than a smidgen of an idea how extensive surveillance has become or what specific technologies we confront trying to retain our privacy.

Any or all devices with computerized controls–including cars, phones, and many household devices–can be loaded with remote control or monitoring devices. Backdoors can be put into hardware as well as software. This is often done when computers are intercepted en route while being shipped.

Governments are progressively criminalizing encryption under arms laws.

Many sorts of encryption, including RSA, have become less effective against intrusion with the general increase in computing power.


Thanks! Yes! That is what we see from Rainbow Serpent as well.

We see the internet as a set of training wheels. Enabling humans to recognize that we both desire, and are capable of, communicating without regard to the apparent barriers imposed by linear time/space.

At the same time, we see the old internet as hopelessly polluted, a Superfund site of modern consciousness. Because it was spawned within the military industrial complex, from within the old mental supremacist paradigm of “man’s dominion over nature.” And those ways of moving, perceiving, feeling and acting are embodied within the technology at every level: from the mining of cobalt by child slaves in Congo to the disposal of the components necessary to its functions in landfills in Africa, and everything in between…

The technology therefore is destined to be thoroughly replaced and reworked. Its progenitors can only imagine a slightly more benign approximation.

More benign for whom? Why, the privileged denizens of “modern civilizations”, of course!

Not for African children. Not for those—human and otherwise—who rely upon the weather downstream from the e-waste landfills. Not for the mostly brown immigrant women washing computer components in silicon sweatshops in California.

Not good enough. The bionet (never heard that term before, like it!), or as we call it, the inner net, is utterly achievable. In fact, it is the logical next step in our evolutionary process.

Viva the biosphere, and the bionet! Viva the divine genius within humanity!


Yeah. Let those whose dreams are so petty, so unworthy of the grandeur within the human, and within Life, experience the natural consequences of their limited and limiting imaginations!

The rest of us need not live in hell because some are hell-bent on utter destruction!

The ones profiting from trying to hold back the Force of evolution would like us to believe we are powerless. Especially, powerless to do anything except continue to join them in their ongoing game of master and slave. Powerless to do anything except consent to their wet dreams of endless war.

We’re not. They’re wrong. We can Dream better, and thus, do better, than that! And Life and Love say we must. Therefore, as we want to, we will.

It really IS that simple!

But habituated social predators—those who refuse to learn to dream wet dreams that don’t involve sadistic torture and domination of all our relations—never want anything to be simple! They feed on misery, despair, and chaos.

They’re not the bosses of Life. They’re not the bosses of us. Just because they think they are doesn’t make it so.

Good riddance to that old rubbish! Moving on now…


Great enthusing! Bio net - inner net is organic human. Cannot be taken away. ¡viva la evolución!