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From Yellow Vests to the Green New Deal


From Yellow Vests to the Green New Deal

Joseph Stiglitz

It’s old news that large segments of society have become deeply unhappy with what they see as “the establishment,” especially the political class. The “Yellow Vest” protests in France, triggered by President Emmanuel Macron’s move to hike fuel taxes in the name of combating climate change, are but the latest example of the scale of this alienation.


Actually, there is no broad-based movement in support of a Green New Deal. To compare the carefully orchestrated PR actions of the Sunrise Movement to the Yellow Vests is uninformed and/or disingenuous. If the Sunrise Movement actually goes out and organizes locals, develops grassroots leadership and distances itself from the Dims, it will be going in the right direction. Certainly that hasn’t happened yet.

Some of the greatest mistakes in organizing are claiming false victories or power and organizations that don’t exist. Even though Stiglitz expertise is capitalist economics, he should know that much.


How do we take back the government the oligarchy stole?

We revolted against the British Monarchy, the French had a revolution, both became representative governments and now we’re all back to square one.

How can the people prevent oligarchy from stealing the government again if we don’t change the corruptible system the rich and powerful devised to stay in control?



“Angry wave of populism” Stigletz and others need to call it what it really is: faux populism.

We have already seen faux populist Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” rapidly morph into providing more and better swamp habitat for the 1% who inhabit the metaphorical swamp than the world has ever seen, all at the expense of those who joined in his “drain the swamp” chanting, and at great expense to the rest of us.


You don’t read well. Stiglitz cited a ray of hope. How did you come up with a “broad-based movement”? Stiglitz is a good guy. Pay attention.


Don’t forget too, that somewhere, someone with a wonderful brain is figuring out how to make all those gas guzzler cars into electrical Gazillion Points of Light and Life… : ).


The reason for the yellow vests is in part because they are protesting the leftist climate change policies.


Actually, as an evil right winger, I am impressed that after 100 years Tesla is the first viable electric car… but it is still fueled by fossil fuels… in Southern California it is mostly hydro, nuclear, and CH4. Washington is mostly hydro and nuclear. Back east is most troublesome… mostly coal and with the cold climate combining with the byproducts of coal combustion… a larger variety of pollutants.
Our country has done more to combat pollution and the climate hoax than any other… the reason: prosperity. If the greens want to cripple the economy with ‘green’ taxes they will defeat themselves… destroy prosperity and the environment will be the last priority on the peoples’ list… and greenies will be the first on the menu!


HI OzzWorx : Well if -Edison, GE and others hadn’t dissed the inventor Tesla , then we would have had a much cleaner world long ago. What is CH4? I think the Greens want to tax the corporate polluters and those in the income exosphere---------that would fix a lot of things-----but without clean air , water and food, and sensible policies-------Earth will doom us-----the magnetic North is apparently running all over , leaving the North Pole and sloshing its liquid iron near Siberia at the moment. What’s a planet to do? : )


You don’t know what methane is?


Hi OzzWorx, I know what methane is, but I didn’t know that CH4 was methane----but I do now. Thank you : )


Okie. I just didn’t know how to make a subscript.
A lot of chemistry and thermal dynamics is involved in the whole climate change debate but a lot of climate activists don’t understand basic chemistry… they use a lot of emotion and no scientific method. When analyzing the methods of peer review, climate activist use a lot of corruption and bias to steer the data to their preferred conclusion and away from honest results. That is why they refuse to debate and just label honest scientists ‘climate deniers’ and that is supposed to discredit them… generally if someone is labeled as such it probably means they are trying to publish honest results.


Development takes time for a smallish country with a century of slowly integrated immigration. This appears to be an attempt like has been done to many countries to destroy the French identity by destabilizing the government. The disingenuous French contemporary president(s) like Nicolas Sarkozy would love to see oligarchs profit, not the county. The working-class folks should be careful that they are being infiltrated by these types, and co-opted, in order to keep France submissive and undetermined.

Fairness and equality should be the goal, but not at the expense of integrity, culture and history, and international peace. Some domestic inequity will always need Democracy to be worked out, but foreign wars like those of Sarkozy will economically enslave and destroy the French culture. Sarkozy also attempted to co-opt the anti-muslim fear for the French North African unresolved, historical inequities. Those affected should not be exploited either. They should work on peaceful protest. Not character assassination.

One is specific countries of the ME and Suni fanatics who are largely trained mercenaries (by our so called allies and our own corporate mercenary forces) and they are well know to governments, and the other region is the Maghreb of N. Africa and has former colonial-era history. Why not make them one issue? Huh? Thank you to American propaganda (now many t.v. stations in France). That really makes things simple, doesn’t it? A couple decades, a bit insanity, actually.