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Fuck Civility


Fuck Civility

Michelangelo Signorile
This week, in a 5-4 ruling of the conservative majority, the Supreme Court dealt a stinging, bigoted blow to justice and equality, ruling for President Donald Trump’s travel ban ― a ban that lower courts ruled unconstitutional by virtue of Trump’s


Well said.


bravo! totally agree. when they go low, we go “fuck you!”


Oh,…and fuck David Axelrod and his pathetic weakness and timidity too!

“When it comes to matters of civility in political discourse, the Trump administration and its advocates are in no position to preach: any plausible claim they may have staked for the moral high ground was torched very early on.” - from the Gary Younge essay above.


Yeah, saying “Please don’t devour me” to a pack of hyenas will only make them giggle louder.


I would apply this action to all repug’s, not just Trump and company. It’s been more than 40 yrs. since they’ve been civil.


I’ll always be on the side of non-violent action to affect change. But sometimes that action has to be applied with a force equal to that which one is trying to change. A schoolyard bully understands best a taste of his own medicine.


Well said. It is time to take the gloves off and not giving any republican, democrat or Koch Brother a pass. These people can be censured in non-violent yet creative ways.


“Let it not be said that we stayed silent and “let the Trump team eat in peace” while it rather rapidly turned America into a fascist state.”



Pathetic and Cowardly? I’ll tell you what is pathetic and cowardly; everyone who actually believes the big lie of 911 and “liberals” such as Matthews/Maddow/Maher who ridicule anyone who challenges the government absurd conclusion that 3 buildings disintegrated into dust because they collapsed - pancake fashion despite overwhelming architectural/engineering evidence. So as long as you Americans live under and tolerate that Lie, your country/empire or whatever, isn’t worth saving.


“The Democrats have denounced the protests against Trump’s accomplices
because they are instinctively hostile to any form of spontaneous
popular anger that cannot be channeled along reactionary lines that are
harmless to capitalism.”


Please, please, please! Listen to this writer. Every time you make asses of yourselves, we win. I remember a day long ago when I was in college, there was a symposium about small business government and defense contracts. At that time the unemployment rate in that county was over 21%. A group of liberal activists broke into the room banging on drums and demanded to read a statement. Their statement was a diatribe against the military-industrial complex and that we didn’t want or need defense contracts. All the local (non student) population heard this as “we don’t care if you have a job or not”. No wonder rural Ohio went strong for President Trump.


R U any relation to Lester Maddox? You see, he ran a restaurant/diner and threw people out of or denied them access to his eatery in protest, too.
I’m just asking because you’re from rural Ohio which shares a lot of peculiarities with Georgia, home of Lester.
He was a super-patriotic American, too, sounding the alarms about America’s value systems and traditions collapsing from pressure linked to the " other " and Commies, of course.
So, do you mind if I just call you Almost Governor Maddox. You sound up to the job, defending the same bunch Lester did.
Whoops, my bad. Lester did make Governor and that means you could be King/Wizard of rural Ohio. Go for it, guy.


No, Lester Maddox isn’t my kin. And I’m not from rural Ohio. I live in the middle of downtown in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the state. While I have roots in rural Mississippi, I’ve been a city boy most of my life. Where I have had the privilege to associate with people (some of them good friends) with whom I disagree yet with whom I can carry on a reasoned discussion without resorting to crude and obscene language. They are persuasive. The writer here is not persuasive and, in fact, stands to drive away those who might be persuaded. You do your cause great harm by presenting it in such a nasty and offensive way.


Sorry, Governor. Your political and moral compass should have nothing to do with living in the suburbs, downtown or uptown. The author is not a fictional character, and faced severe consequences for his political activities. He has life experiences will are of value; they confirm and guide those new to this ugly frey.
You mentioned " we win " as if life is a sporting contest, a series of events disconnected from what life actually represents. Your win is a disgusting regression into an old, dark place.
Nothing more, really.
See ya, Lester.


Look, Lester Maddox was a Democrat. I’m a Republican. We’re the ones that shoved the Voting Rights Act down the Democrats’ throats. You come closer to the legacy of Lester Maddox than I do.


Fuck Pelosi and Schumer also. And every media blabbing insulated “journalist,” consultant, strategist, fundriaser, pundit, pollster, broadcaster, and every other prostiute who are not legitimate prostiutes who earn their money as sex workers, but rather earn their money through mind fucks of the public while they watch the nation go up in flames from their gated quaurters in Alexandria.


He was a DixieCrat. I’m not going to litigate Georgia history with a guy who shares a last name and policy positions with Gov. Lester Maddox. Certainly not on a Sunday, for sure.


You’re obviously too stupid to carry on an intelligent conversation. I have no more time to waste on you.