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Fueled by Ambitious Policies and High Favorability, Progressives Celebrate an Elizabeth Warren Campaign 'On the Rise'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/30/fueled-ambitious-policies-and-high-favorability-progressives-celebrate-elizabeth

What about space on CD for all of the registered candidates? Trump has certainly had his share.
Last election, CD strongly played to Hillary. And how did that work out?


This is strange, the most popular politician in the country is now falling in the polls, what a croc.


More pro-Warren propaganda from Common Dreams… sigh. Tulsi who? (Common Dreams’ writers apparently never heard of the one genuine progressive outside of Bernie Sanders in this race – and while they black out Rep. Gabbard entirely, it’s also fair to say that they don’t promote Sen. Sanders nearly as often or as zealously as they do Sen. Warren.)

But the Senator’s record is clear:

Sen. Warren aided Wall Street favorite, Hillary Clinton, in 2016, withholding her endorsement and letting the DNC cheat Bernie – and the left – in a transparently rigged primary. Later, she admitted it was rigged, but then shut up about that forever (because she consistently bows to the Democratic leadership).

Sen. Warren said she was for Medicare-for-All and immediately backtracked, signalling surrender before the negotiations even began. Tweaking the ACA is the most she will fight for, keeping AHIP and PhRMA happy.

Warren spent her student and professional life as a cultural appropriator on par with Rachel Dolezal, while refusing to meet with Native Americans or share their issues (it was their scholarship money she was after, not their company): https://thinkprogress.org/elizabeth-warren-is-not-cherokee-c1ec6c91b696/

She spent the majority of her voting life, including the Reagan-Bush years and half of the 1990’s, as a Republican – and outside of a bunch of self-aggrandizing bluster and finger-wagging, she has done nothing to oppose Wall Street predation.

She gave Donald Trump a standing ovation when he condemned democratic socialism.

She failed to support the legitimate government of Venezuela when John Bolton, Elliott Abrams, and the neocon gang attempted to replace a democratically elected president (Maduro) with a CIA-funded, historically violent faction, led by a nobody (Guiado).

She supports the anti-Assange propaganda and said nothing about his persecution – the war against journalism – for years and years.

By any standard, Elizabeth Warren is a 1980s-90’s Republican – even if she is cribbing her policy promises from Bernie’s progressive platform.

The only one who should be excited about her candidacy and the liberal establishment’s support for her is DONALD TRUMP… who, quite simply, will mop the floor with this mealy-mouthed, quisling, warmongering charlatan.


Warren has a number of good policies, is intelligent and is a far better candidate than Joe Biden. I would place her above many other candidates. I also don’t think she would be a good general election match up with Trump, and I find her positions on foreign policy and single payer to be highly problematic. Her foreign policy stances are actually really bad in many ways, and I am perplexed that she has waffled on single payer. It does make me suspicious that she does that, as the great ideas she has might form a vision of the future, and maybe she can chart a path from here to there, but single payer has mass movements and popular opinion behind it now. So, when it comes time to push now for structural changes, she is weak on the issue. She seems to have a tendency in that regard.

Like I said, I think she is better than many Democrats running, I would certainly prefer her to Trump, but I also prefer other candidates to her. Bernie is more consistent on the issues and I think better on issues that matter a lot to me (single payer, for example) and I think he would be a better general election match to Trump.


From Jacobin:
When she initially ran for Senate in 2012, Warren did not support single-payer health care. That position was taken by Marisa DeFranco, an immigration lawyer who ran to Warren’s left on both health care and foreign policy but who was muscled out of the Democratic primary during the convention process.

With DeFranco eliminated from the primary ballot, Warren felt no pressure to shift left. During an interview with the local press, she was asked about once praising single-payer health care in a book she co-authored with Deborah Thorne. She responded: “I think right now what we have to do — I’m serious about this — I think you’ve got to stay with what’s possible. And I think what we’re doing — and look at the dust-up around this — we really need to consolidate our gains around what we’ve got around the table,”

The host followed up by asking if Warren personally supports single-payer. “No,” she replied.

Five years later — after decades of advocacy by Sanders had helped popularize Medicare for All — Warren decided to endorse the policy. But unlike consumer protections or financial regulation, establishing a single-payer health care system doesn’t seem to be a top priority for Warren. She probably isn’t opposed to doing so, but if she’s going to spend her finite political capital moving things through Congress, it’s a good bet she would likely focus on the core priorities she has championed throughout her adult life. It’s hardly a surprise that Warren didn’t raise single-payer during her first two campaign events in Iowa and when asked about it by a Washington Post reporter, suggested she didn’t bring it up because no one else at the events raised it.


Good list. A few more things-
She has said she will be taking big donor money in the general (if she gets there).
She backtracked on forgiving student debt- https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-10/new-plan-would-let-borrows-cancel-student-loans-bankruptcy
She supports right-wing Israeli policy- https://theintercept.com/2014/08/28/elizabeth-warren-speaks-israelgaza-sounds-like-netanyahu/


Very good additions to my list (thank you!), two of which I’d neglected to mention, one of which came as news to me: backtracking on forgiving student debt. Thanks for the 411.

Anyone who doesn’t see Warren as Obama 2.0 – moving the far-right’s agenda further, while making soothing, liberal noises – must have blinders on… like the editors of Common Dreams, blacking out Tulsi Gabbard and Mike Gravel, the Green Party, Nick Brana…

“Vice President” Warren will only give us a prematurely deceased “President” Sanders (but the DNC will never allow voters to nominate Bernie in the first place, so we probably won’t have to read about that 2021 car/plane “accident,” as it will never happen).

However it might come to pass, “President” Warren will give us another colossally disappointing faux-liberal president, who will deliver bigtime for the warmongering 1% while discrediting real liberalism for generations. She’ll make sure that the next “Donald Trump” will be a thousand times more vicious and smart, with even more of the population behind him.

A true fascist.


That’s not true at all. During the 2016 primary campaign, CD covered Bernie’s campaign with nearly double the number of articles as the Clinton campaign. Further, nearly all of the Sanders articles were complimentary while nearly all fo the Clinton articles were negative. This data is easily seen by entering their names in the CD search engine and looking at the appropriate period of time.

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It’s still fair to say that CD played strongly to Hillary. They talked about her as if she weren’t running to Trump’s right – like she was a reasonable choice for left-leaning voters, rather than a warmongering, serially racist, mass-incarcerating, pro-“trade,” Wall Street toady.

CD also failed to cover the rigged primary: not the Stanford study; nor the New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Chicago, or Arizona shenanigans; nor the stolen caucus in Iowa (with Microsoft counting the votes in an opaque process; even the Des Moines Register, a conservative, pro-Clinton paper, cried foul); nor the money-laundering DNC, starving down-ballot Democrats of funds (as detailed in Donna Brazile’s book); nor the David Brock choreographed ratfucking lies about Bernie Sanders, repeated by everyone from Brian Williams to Judy Woodruff to Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher; nor the corporate press’s unmistakable pro-Clinton bias (the puppeteered press); nor the “data stealing” frame-up of Bernie Sanders’ campaign engineered by Clinton partisans at NGP Van; nor the “Pied Piper” plan of the Clinton camp, helping Trump win the GOP’s nomination; nor Hillary Clinton’s long history of racist demagoguery on a par with Trump’s, dating back to her “super-predator” hunting days as First Lady (only exceeded by her deplorable conduct in the 2008 Democratic primary); nor the unprecedented inclusion of super-delegates in race projections on the corporate news, making Clinton seem inevitable; nor AP’s calling the primary over before a single vote had been cast in California; nor California’s failure to count over a million votes (the systematic voter disqualification regime that propelled Sec. Clinton to “victory” over Bernie Sanders in CA and beyond, wherever electronic voting machines and manipulated voter rolls exist, as documented by the great BBC reporter and election expert, Greg Palast).

In short, you had to be there, in 2016, actually paying attention to events as they unfolded. It was the most brazenly stolen election in recent memory, corrupting the process in one state after another… exceeding even Bush’s theft of Florida in 2000… and his theft of Ohio in 2004.

And yet, somehow, Common Dreams avoided discussing all of that. And how the worst of the worst neocons and right-wingers were all rallying around Hillary Clinton – clearly the establishment’s choice! Common Dreams left the heavy lifting to The Young Turks, Richard Charnin, and Jimmy Dore, who actually covered the stolen primary and corruption of the Democratic Party by far-right corporatists and neocons.

CD’s pro-establishment bias has never been more visible than it is today, that I’ll grant. But it’s been there for some time.


Wow–the anti-Warren-commenter-league made a bunch of money on this article. The DNC is grateful and will send you your coins soon. And also, thank you for never mentioning, the turdle, child killing Rubio, Cruz, or any of the other grotesqueries that sit beside her in the Senate smelling to high heaven. We want only a PERFECT contender to run, like Hillary was, or Joe Schmo, or Chucky the Schekel. So thank you for your pointless vitriol against one of the best qualified candidates we’ve got into the race.

While I certainly agree that CD is not truly the leftist site you might desire - it is “progressive” in the same sense that Bernie Sanders is and does carry the work of a few left commentators like Chris Hedges. Anyways - it is not true that CD didn’t cover any of your long list regarding the 2016 primaries - for example here’s a few articles for you:


I don’t know what you mean - this article was highly favorable to Senator Warren. It was almost entirely about her rising in the polls in the last month or so after a number of domestic policy proposals that are generally supported by progressive people. It did not mention her conservative foreign policy stance, her explicit support for capitalism over Democratic Socialism, or her loyalty to the Democratic Party … all issues on which progressive people would be less supportive of her campaign.


As I said in a previous post, she knows law. Let her be attorney general.


I stand corrected. While I’ve found myself disagreeing with you, from time to time, in the past, I can’t recall ever doing so with any great vehemence. In any case, I appreciate your patience and the examples you placed before me. I may have been recalling a general, editorial slant on the part of CD, but I certainly was wrong with regard to some of the specifics. Thanks kindly.


Herr Reichsminister Karl “The Troof” Rove sez:
“Puh-leeze. That brush-cuttin’, West Texas dry-drunk couldn’t steal an air-freshener tree from an unlocked car. I’m getting tired of him continuing to get the credit for all of my best work.”