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Fueled by Broken Social Contract, Study Finds Inequality and Despair Driving US Life Expectancy Down


Fueled by Broken Social Contract, Study Finds Inequality and Despair Driving US Life Expectancy Down

Julia Conley, staff writer

A new report finds that a lack of social services including universal healthcare, public health crises, and declining social mobility have all contributed to growing despair and failing health in the United States, resulting in a decrease in life expectancy for the second year in a row.


Well on our way to third world status - as intended by the powers that be. We Plebes are a waste of resources, a waste of space, and the shorter our lives, the better.


None more so than small family farm suicides!


I’m only a third of the way through Johann Hari’s new book “Lost Connections” and I’m already starting to look at all social problems through the lens of its insights.


On our way? In my mind we’re looking at 3rd world status in the rear view mirror.


I do not remember who quoted it, but I remember reading that America was the worst country in the world to be poor in because of the inequality and disparity between rich and poor.


It’s interesting how the corporate media does not cover inequality and such facts like life expectancy not being so great anymore. Shame on them.


This Common Dreams article says:

In 1960, the U.S. had the highest life expectancy on Earth, 2.4 times higher than the rest of the OECD.

The study Common Dreams references says:

In 1960, Americans had the highest life expectancy, 2.4 years higher than the average for countries in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Can anyone spot the difference?


That guy is fantastic. I’ve heard interviews on that book (https://www.democracynow.org/2018/2/1/johann_hari_on_how_the_junk) and his book on drug policy in Portugal and other places. It’s sad that some people critique him without understanding what he is saying at all. I’m happy he was able to change his life and hope he can have a big impact on others.


At the risk of preaching to the choir, the suicide rate for white , working class American men has gone up 49% since George Bush entered the White House. My brother in law at 55 , mounting health problems, out of work, shot himself just a few years ago, another friend a few years before that at 49 drank himself to death. Nothing focuses one’s mind like changing a grown man’s sh-t filled diapers the last two weeks of his life because he has no family to turn to.
These articles only touch upon the horror, rage and despair the poor and specifically the newly impoverished white America is experiencing, and the corporate MSM barely acknowledge them at all. That is one reason a fascist is in the White House.


I have to admit, I read right past that the first time not realizing with the OECD was. This is a group of 35 countries which are mostly in Western Europe (also US, Canada, and Turkey).

Does anyone from CD read the comments and can correct this error?


Corporate media always beat the drum to tell us how bad things are in Cuba. There you are not permitted to be rich—which is held to be a bad thing—but you are also not permitted to be poor; that’s the part of the story they leave out.


Why would they bite the hand that feeds them?


What is it? 50% of our population is poor? Something like that and in a country where being poor is a crime, where there are few support services for too many people, people are going to look for some way to ease their pain. I saw a report and I don’t remember where but the suicide rate has increased 10% since Robin Williams took his life.

For those that are thinking of this, think of this. You cannot take your life, it isn’t anything you own, it is not a possession. Life owns you. Life possesses you.


Ratings possibly, I don’t know.


Very true! My nephew visited Cuba and told me the same thing. According to him, Cuba has one of the best health care systems in the world. Unlike the US, their people are not allowed to be sick because they cannot afford a doctor.


Wow, we used to live to be 250 years old?? Amazing! :slight_smile:


What is left out of this chimera of US standard of living is that the majority of the people in third world countries have no credit and if you eliminated all the Americans with credit we would look the same.


I thought that read like a capitalist autocorrect. :slight_smile:


it was determined that USA went to flawed democracy from democracy