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Fueled by Diverse Working Class Voters, Sanders' New Hampshire Win Celebrated as 'Major Victory for Progressive Movement'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/12/fueled-diverse-working-class-voters-sanders-new-hampshire-win-celebrated-major


And this is with the propaganda manufacturing system ramped up against him.

Imagine what fair reporting would do for his campaign progress.

Imagine what his progress would look like without the DNC’s finger on the scale.

Imagine what we could do if the RNC and DNC Oligarchy were summarily defeated.


This is a more hopeful analysis. I believe that Bernie can succeed against Trump because he will have the opportunity to open eyes, help people understand why progressivism benefits them… Yet I am worried that he will be unable to wrest the nomination from the super delegates unless he wins very big from this point forward.


As others have said: If boomer Dem’s top priority is defeating Trump, then they had better vote for Bernie. BECAUSE his followers will not vote for a moderate–which means they will lose again. The power of the threat is real: Bernie’s campaign needs to diplomatically suggest that this threat is out there.


The Wall Street DNC is proceeding as planned. Prevent Bernie from getting a majority of delegates. Usurp Bernie on second convention ballot by joining Butt and Klobachar. Then if all else fails, bring in the big guns … super delegates.

It is critical to assist Bernie in getting a clear majority before the convention. I’m sending a few extra dollars this month


Sending all my good wishes to Sanders and all those who support his election. May it become so and he be the next President.


Actually , Bernie’s supporters in 2016 did what progressives have done for decades now. They held their noses, walked into the booth, and voted for another corporate democrat in Hillary. You know who didn’t vote for Hillary, and what cost her the electoral college? 200 thousand African Americans in Wisconsin who were purged from the rolls or just didn’t vote. Or the 150 thousand in Michigan that did the same. Or the 100 thousand in PA, or the nearly 1.5 million that were unable or unwilling to vote in Florida.
Until the Democratic Party has an epiphany and finally realizes they lost the electoral college, and will continue to do so until they address that for the last ten years republicans have passed voter suppression laws in all the swing states, they will continue to lose.
Where is the announcement by the DNC of a massive and unprecedented voter registration drive? It’s like they learned nothing from 2016. Well, if they didn’t, it’s entirely possible that the eventual democratic candidate will win the popular vote by 5 million this time. Maybe as much as 7 million, and still lose the electoral college.
The DNC just doesn’t seem to get it. If they don’t get as many blacks and Hispanics registered and to the polls as possible, they will lose again to the worst man than has ever sat in the Oval Office.
If I may steal a line from Spaceballs, “good will never overcome evil, because good is stupid.” Let’s stop being stupid.


Bernie needs more than good wishes. He needs a good strategy. They are going to come at him hard now (ala Jeremy Corbyn).

Is his camp ready? What are they going to do differently this time around? How are they going to combat vote rigging, the DNC working against him? Will he fight back (unlike Corbyn)?


I enjoy watching the corporate dems and talking heads freak out. Onward to victory, Bernie or Bust!


Methinks of the main reasons people are voting for Sanders is the negative publicity hurled against him by the MSM. Enough people are finally woke since ordinary Americans are decent people.


Always nice to start the day with some good news, but I think it’s too early to start celebrating. Note that between Buttigieg and Klobuchar, corporate Democrats got significantly more votes than Sanders did. This not something to take, lightly, and I’m sure Sanders and his people know it. Sanders is winning on the strength of his grass roots movement, but the battle is just beginning.


“Sanders won more votes in New Hampshire from people under the age of 30 than any other Democratic candidate combined.”

Any other Democratic candidate combined? What ever happened to proof readers, and to the English language?


Don’t get it? Or have another agenda? What if the Democratic Party is not really an opposition party, but more like part of a good cop/bad cop ruling class team?


One big problem is that young people 18-34 did not vote in numbers even remotely approaching their percentage of the voting population. Another problem is that Sanders is not making enough headway with union households, according to the Wash Post exit poll analysis (Biden led in this category). I’m concerned that Sanders has not yet been able to start the same “brushfire” that he did in 2016. My own canvassing in AZ reveals too many low-income voters too bummed out or tuned out to even register to vote.


Voter Fraud (ballot theft) and Purges are equally beneficial to both RNC and DNC.
And for the same reasons.
The good cop / bad cop is a very true analogy
Neither side could withstand a FAIR Election.


Point well taken, never can take our eyes off these demonic fascist beasts.


Washington, DC, and by extension the US people — and by further extension the world — is controlled by a coalition of GOP operatives, DNC operatives, and executives of transnational monopoly corporations. And yes, they work together to maintain their grip on political and economic power.


It remains to be seen whether the power of the people, united - racially, regionally, gender-ly, middle and working class - can overcome the power of the Oligarchy. This is our last chance, folks.


Thanks we need warnings, alarms and alerts such as this, they can help patch the voids and make it an airtight movement.

I have always been so pissed that Obama did nothing when the Voting Rights Act was gutted. Of course to be fair Obama did nothing when most rights were destroyed. I live in New Hampshire and the republican legislators did stop college kids from voting here. We have three Bernie signs in our front yard. There were very few Bernie signs seen for long. I noticed that wherever I saw a Bernie sign the next day I would see two Pete signs and no Bernie sign. That Ken doll is going to be very ugly .