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Fueled by Diverse Working Class Voters, Sanders' New Hampshire Win Celebrated as 'Major Victory for Progressive Movement'

Imagine what happens if “The Fix” is in and successful and we don’t have his back!

Good comment. The only point I contend with is the last one. The idea that there is some central authority—DNC, “establishment,” whatever—that has control over campaigns is a bit fraught. A candidate like Bloomberg can do what he wants—he’s got the cash. He’s going to run until he decides not to because he’s simply not getting voter support and is wasting money. I also suspect he’s not worried about disaffected leftists either, and will target appeal to the small but well-placed demographic of center right to moderate Republican voters that don’t like Trump.

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  1. Is simple. Bernie just needs to say that we waste billions on wasteful regime change wars to no benefit of the American people. Bed Pans, not Bombs!!!
  2. I agree. Bernie needs to keep it simple. Highlight the benefits with "real’ examples easily understood by the public.

Agreed - the only cozying up point I have is the debate rule change which I don’t think would have happened had Bloomberg not joined the race. I’m a complete supporter of pubicly funded campaigns (perhaps with variations in money per candidate coming from voter input like each registered voter gets $25 from the government which they can choose where it goes and if they don’t choose, it gets split evenly). So as you can guess, I’m pretty opposed to Bloomberg on that reason alone let alone a million other things. Still, I’d vote for him in the general if I still lived in CO.

My guess is that won’t work. Is Bloomberg that much more appealing to these voters over Weld? (who isn’t doing great - though I agree Bloomberg doesn’t need to get a majority of them, unlike Weld needs to in a now 1 on 1 primary against Trump). I don’t know any Republicans at work who are excited about Bloomberg, though it is early and if he were to win the nomination, many more Republicans would start to think about the option. But I think I’d rather have Pete or Amy over this billionaire (I might go for the other billionaire, Steyer, over Pete and Amy if I had no other choices).


Excited about Bernie’s wins in Iowa and New Hampshire but there is something menacing about the results. While neither state reflects the diversity in thought and people in the country at large they may be a window into the thinking of the white electorate. Yes, Bernie won but the other candidate who stood very closely with Bernie on national health care and putting Wall Street in check – Elizabeth Warren – sort of tanked. If her numbers combined with Bernie’s led those of the centrist element represented by Klobuchar and Buttigieg, I think we could be more excited about Bernie’s win and his possibilities in the general election. That did not happen and the centrist votes appear to have gone well beyond the progressive votes. What will this mean down the road for Bernie should he get the nomination? Will they support him because their main concern is getting rid of Trump and that is their calling card – “Anyone who can beat Trump” or will they stay home because they still are unable to relate to the poor and minority in this country and around the world and cannot bear the real reform that Sanders talks about?

Does history repeat itself? Have many people in the U.S. finally realized they are emancipated from the two party system? And then only to find that the two-party system firmly controls the nation just as southern democrats did after the civil war and up until the reform of the 1950s and 1960s. We’ve just had our Andrew Johnson like president impeached but not convicted. He is no friend to us getting the rights we need like national health care and environmental protection. The republican party is divided between those who want radical reform to give us our rights and help us to flourish and those who are just interested in advancing corporate business interests. The corporate business interests are winning and succeed in getting elected U.S. Grant who subverts the national efforts for reform and protection of our new found freedoms. He is also entwined with Wall Street. Is Buttigieg, touting his military experience and being supported by Wall Street interests, our new U.S. Grant? Will the republican party hold onto power for another 100 years just like the racist democratic party did for the 100 years of the Jim Crow era? Most progressives want change now but how do we take the power we need to get change and reform? Will it take 100 years and what did our ancestors in the black community have to do to get change?

Does the United States have a progressive history or even an intellectual element to guide it? I think it has a history of hatred towards the poor and minority and a worship of money and power. There is a fake kind of Christianity which apparently serves personal interests. It has been mired in war and international intrigue throughout most of its history. I thought things were progressing. Tennessee has been touted as a new progressive southern state but more recently they seem to have taken the confederate battle flags out of the closet, polished up the statues of Nathan Bedford Forrest and re-connected their beloved electric chair. The United States sorely needs progress but there are entrenched forces in the psyche and structure of this nation that are daunting.


Frankly, I don’t know about how much appealing to that Republican or lean-right demographic will work, but they do exist.

As to Bloomberg at the debates, I am absolutely opposed to the idea he shouldn’t be in them. As I said in another comment on this topic:

I’d rather he get challenged on stage in front of voters than not. He should be challenged in front of voters. Why protect him from other candidates? He’s in a Democratic primary, he ought to participate like they do and demonstrate he can hack it. I’d be upset if progressives helped him skirt a test all candidates go through out of conspiratorial ire at the DNC.


Although I support Sanders I like Warren and was disappointed that more people do not support her. She is not perfect but she seems to have good ideas to challenge the control that wealth has over everything and she seemed the closest to Sanders with national health care. Is Klobuchar really better than Warren. Not by a mile. What are these people thinking?


Many in the left in the US thought that Stalin was great. Elizabeth Warren is not pure enough for many on the left and I think that is a mistake. of course, Bernie is the one we want but we live in a very, very conservative country. It took almost 100 years from emancipation to get anything going for real rights for African-Americans. We had Jim Crow. We’ve been mired in wars and international intrigue and dominated by a military-industrial complex. We now have a very centrist democratic group in Congress and the republicans are arch-right. We so badly need progress but does it take a depression or severe environmental crisis to wake people up?

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I’m afraid your scope of this is right on. Other than a bill or two that went into Moscow Mitch’s dead letter file, not enough is happening to stem the tide of election rigging.

Sorry, my intent was not to single you out, but rather, to bring to attention the need for the Sanders campaign to counter the current, and ever increasing, onslaught that is coming at him.

I should have phrased it better.

Hi all. I am sorry but I’m not buying buttibutts numbers or Klobuchar either. Something isn’t right. A win is a win but i am not stupid. Where were the rally’s and who went ? It’s all questionable to me


Oh yeah. Bernie 2020!!!

I don’t believe anyone but Bernie has anything to keep going after Super Tuesday other than billionaire Bloomberg. I think we can beat him with the youth vote. And barring what kind of shit the dnc comes up with. I know some will disagree and scold me. But I am Bernie or Bust. I cannot go with the dnc any other way.


Adding to the other responses, the Democratic Party pulls all kinds of sh*t in their primaries.

Well yes. I envision a series of presentations and tv buys that render both topics beyond criticism. In other words, anyone who asks “how to do we pay?” or “how does this approach improve upon the old capitalist model?” can simply be directed to the proof which is widespread, publicly shared. If he doesn’t do these things, he will be sniped at constantly and go down in flames. Sure, people will still bitch and ask snarky questions–the idiot Cuomo type of questions–but the fact is, he has not done this. You and I could also do it ourselves. But it has to be more than a two line sound bite at a debate. He has to teach, teach, teach.


O-K, only one “like” so far  —  I guess too many of you are afraid of going broke if you sent in $1 every time a CNN or MSNBC talking head dissed Bernie in one way or another, so how about sending in just 10¢ – one thin dime – for every sin of omission or commission?  Not even Bloomie can afford to match that sort of fundraising effort!!

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BTW, I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon when Ari Melber actually aired a segment questioning Bloomie’s “Stop and Frisk” policy when he was mayor of NYC.  Could Bloomie be “A 'Garch Too Far” even for MSNBC’s Korporate Stooges??

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The turn out of the young was unimpressive and his share of independents was lackluster. Instead of propagandizing we should figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

Hi BigB:

No I did not vote for the Hillary person. I voted for Jill Stein and the Green party.
I will not be voting for anyone in the DEM party for president unless it’s Bernie for President. Are there any honest elections—anywhere on the planet?


Hi CriticalThinker:
, You say, “My own canvassing in AZ reveals too many low- income voters are bummed out or tuned out to even register to vote”–well as we know that President Bone Spurs evaded the draft----I’m sure that he will target the low income to be sacrificial bodies in his war quest fro bombing Iran, Syria, Yemen. Then of course, he might move the military serfs to South America to truly steal all their natural resources. Men without brains always seem to savor wars. : (

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Even worse, men (and some women like Hillary) that are supposed to be smart savor the profit from war.