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Fueled by Diverse Working Class Voters, Sanders' New Hampshire Win Celebrated as 'Major Victory for Progressive Movement'

Hi Seeker:

Yes, some women like Hillary do savor war… who could forget Madelyn Albright smiling as she said that the death of the children was worth it. Wow, heartless!
If you look at that big headline picture of GW.'s Iraq War----Where it said “Shock and Awe,” as America bombed Iraq. How many civilians were killed in that one, do you think?

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Mostly civilians. I have my own personal guilt involved here. Back in the 80’s when we weren’t at war… and it was theory that seemed fun to explore, I worked on two of the missile guidance systems used. And they named what missiles struck where in the glee of reporting death. One was a school full of children. The system worked. The choice of target was intentional I think.

Goes back to US stealing a country from the indigenous. Lure the men out to fight, sneak in behind and kill the women and children. It kills the spirit of your foe.

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Reality check folks - Bernie can win elections, have the most delegates and still lose the nomination. This is class war pure and simple. Getting the actual nomination will require massive radical demonstrations and show of pure force otherwise it will be another Clinton-like nomination of Bloomberg or Pete or anyone other than Bernie. Look at how the DNC is cheating, how MSM is painting his victories and how Bloomie is trying his best to buy the nomination. It is a corrupted process designed to stop any progressive from upsetting the gravy train of endless wars, exploitative capitalism and ever increasing digital surveillance all designed to benefit the managerial and ruling class at our expense.

And there areplenty of us in our 70’s and above whose minds are clear enough to recognize common sense when we see and hear it!

Yes, television is our enemy. However, a few well written vignettes to enact the consequences of thepresent system may hit home. We din’t need to see Bernie telling us. We need to use stories to fo it. That is using the power of television to work for us rather than against us. Hire a few writers and actors to illustrate what Bernie is telling us!

It is one of many methods used to stifle dissent. We lived through the 60’s and saw what was demanded to end that horrific war. My point is that it will take that same level of intensity if we have any hope of changing this corrupt system. Bernie knows that.

I think “reporting” like this is nothing but PROPAGANDA. After all, in a NORMAL world, Bernie being AT THE TOP of the winning list would result in a bit of glad-hand PRAISE OF BERNIE, rather than a long list of “reasons why” those victories “don’t really count, and look at the glorious second-tier candidates!”

This election is supplying us with the disdainful attitude we need, to be able to throw over the DNC entirely.