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Fueling Calls for Ban, Even a Security Industry Group Thinks Police Partnerships With Amazon Ring Are Dangerous

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/09/fueling-calls-ban-even-security-industry-group-thinks-police-partnerships-amazon

From the article:

“But mayors and city officials have the power to stop police from entering into these partnerships…”

And nobody is being forced to buy anything Amazon—yet.

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Why are fools buying these devices? I am truly baffled by this.

I have an idea, how about a law that places these devices in every room of police departments, with content streamed online for all to hear. Think the police would jump on that?

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“If you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.”
–Ed Meese, or some other fascist

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As if watching Fox News wasn’t a big enough contribution to artificial intelligence now there is Amazon Ring. “Hello Dispatch, I have a squirrel that is looking at me fur a bit too long I thinks. And its sort of on the dark side, if you know what I mean.”

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Nor would they like to have their guns taken away, or be trained in restraint, or abuse their jobs in oh so many other ways.

Who would abuse such a tool? (sarcasm) Trump for one.

Amazon, we hardly Knew Ye.

And, now, we don’t Want to know you.

" Fueling Calls for Ban, Even a Security Industry Group Thinks Police Partnerships With Amazon Ring Are Dangerous"

There’s also the minor detail that they are being cut out as the middleman. You see, you can actually self monitor that system.

That being said, people connect those things to their home networks with zero knowledge of how they work and what they do, so the Police having access to the footage thru AMZN should be the least of their problems…

Because of where I live, I got the Ring door and interior sensors a few months ago - should have investigated the creepy relationship with Amazon. Their monitor service is $10 / month, the cheapest out there. Now I’m thinking twice about expanding to their video cams. Without the monitor service, the videos go nowhere except your smartphone. That is one option. Anyway, I checked w/ Ring to get their policy on all of this (not that they are obligated to follow their own policy). For what it is worth: