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Fueling Concerns of Approaching Catastrophic 'Tipping Point,' Deforestation of Brazilian Amazon Hit Highest Level in Decade

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/18/fueling-concerns-approaching-catastrophic-tipping-point-deforestation-brazilian

More reports on The Great Dying, the mass suicide we have under taken killing our support systems. All systems are in a rolling state of collapse, globally. I am finished here, good luck.


The Great Unraveling is only going to further accelerate. So tragic…

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Five years is a short time, but in that time living in Ecuador I have not seen the drought that I am seeing in the highlands. Previously a normal day in Quito would begin with scattered sunshine and then the clouds would rise up over the Andes to the East. Many times there would be rain. This year those clouds from the Amazon are much much less whole days with no clouds. That means it is hotter in the day and colder at night. Many beekeepers had no honey this season. Though less dramatic, I am sure that the fires in the Amazon are affecting weather all over the Southern Hemisphere.
There is little that US citizens can do about Brazilian environmental policy but they can do much about US policy.
Before the invasion of the plow and Monsanto the Great Plains held more carbon in its top soil than all the trees in the Amazon. That carbon can be returned to the soil with different farming led by different government policies. Physically simple but politically difficult. Fortunately there are farmers organized to promote this change. The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition is trying to change the Farm Bill and so is the Organic Consumers Association. If you want to do something help one or both of them. Our children and grandchildren deserve it.


Thank you for sharing information about those two organizations. I will see if I can lend one of them some support, however meager it might be…


“There is little that US citizens can do about Brazilian environmental policy but they can do much about US policy.”

I have to respectfully disagree with you on that.

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The tipping point is when you first pour out the gasoline and light the match. After that it’s all about how large the forest fire has grown and how many thousand firefighters we need to contain the thing.

It’s November of 2019 and the Arctic Ocean isn’t freezing as it should. That tipping point is way past gone. The Arctic Ocean is bubbling out great quantities of methane this month because the deep ocean absorbs heat and keeps it for an extremely long time.

Either call the fire department or don’t.


I like that old poem:

“I think that I shall never see
a poem as lovely as a tree.”

And I can’t imagine a livable world without those trees. : (


I almost wish that we would suffer the consequences of conservative rule just so the cons would.

“Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman–a rope over an abyss…”

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America is caught in its own dream.

Not even any point in wishing each other good luck anymore. Our “luck” has run out. Let’s wish each other a quick death, when our time comes, instead. (“But wait, we can get a new underwater, 13 megapixel camera for only $120! and we just took Bolivia, so there’ll be plenty of lithium and … and … )


The tipping point for the entire biosphere was reached when human population went past one billion, concurrent with human population growth reliant on technologies and systems that didn’t exist 200 years ago.
Now with 7.5 billion all needing to have food, water, clothing, energy, and other supplies, the planet is being plundered at an accelerating rate, and all its major life-support systems are being destroyed.
Within the next 10-20 years we’ll see a dystopic science-fiction scenario unfold, as the oceans die, the atmosphere becomes toxic, insects (especially pollinators) disappear, drinking water is toxic, heat and other climate events become intolerable, industrial agriculture fails, forests burn and otherwise die, birds go extinct, etc.
This is anthropogenic mass extinction, driven by population growth and our economic systems, and nothing will stop it.
So when you see a bee, songbird, dolphin, healthy coral reef, blue skies, peace and quiet, old growth forests, and other relics of the pre-human earth, stop and marvel. Say goodbye. Mourn. It will all be gone soon, thanks to us.

Thanks to Brazil’s “Trump”, Bolsonaro.

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Mmmmmm… I will ruminate upon this…


Perfectly stated…except… wish for not just a quick death…but…wish TO NOT watch your loved ones…die …of starvation…violence by others…ir…

It is tragic, criminal and telling, that the world, or its “great powers”, will go to war to secure fossil-fuel reserves and so-called “security”, but in the face of a pathological destroyer (Brazil’s right-wing bolsonaro) of the planets arguably most critical and fragile natural resource in the Amazon Basin - Amazonia - to clear-cut and destroy by fire. The indigenous tribes of Amazonia - the rightful heirs and inhabitants are being exterminated, while yet unknown wild animal and insect species and plants that could lead to many medicines and understanding of the Natural World - including the pre-history (pre-columbian) of humankind - destroyed by ignorance, extremist stupidity and arrogance, and greed are crimes against humanity and the Natural World; the entire planet, our Mother Earth, Gaia.

Isn’t evolution grand?

Evolution definitely equipped our species to become the apex predator biosphere-destroyer we’ve become.
However, we also have at least partial free will, the ability to restrain ourselves to avoid doing harm.
The ecocide our species is creating isn’t due to evolution, it’s due to moral failure.