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Fueling Sanders' Turnout Hope, California Reports Unprecedented Surge of New Voters


Fueling Sanders' Turnout Hope, California Reports Unprecedented Surge of New Voters

Jon Queally, staff writer

With national anticipation growing ahead of five upcoming Democratic primaries on Tuesday and with so much hinging on the outcome in California, the Bernie Sanders campaign received encouraging news late Friday as the California secretary of state's office reported soaring registrations of new voters, especially for Democrats.

"If there’s a large voter turnout, we will win. If there is a very large voter turnout, we will win with a big margin." —Sen. Bernie Sanders


If there's no mickey-mousing of the vote count apparatus, then WHEN Sanders wins California, the DLC will have to rethink its strategy. Pushing Clinton onto the world as the presumptive winner is like driving a car with no air in its tires. How far can you get? Unless a lot of slaves are whipped into pushing said vehicle.

Things are getting exciting. The elites are receiving lots of blow-back...

There are all sorts of major turnouts of principled persons opposing their oil drilling operations.

All over the world, kids (and others) are protesting the bankrupt policies of aging leaders.

It's clear that the current global finance system is a fraud that ONLY favors the very, very, very rich.


And Sanders knows all this and speaks about it with truth, clarity, and integrity.

Will the ship of justice at last sail in?


Clinton is getting lots of free publicity on the mainstream media while Bernie is getting little. If Bernie wins, one of his first priorities should be to break up the mainstream media and restore the Fairness Doctrine.

Bernie, you could also be the first to propose a Basic National Income, like Switzerland, Finland and other progressive countries are doing.


From Gregg Palast.
Placebo Ballots:
Stealing California from Bernie
Using an old GOP vote-snatching trick




At 5PM PST - A LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Concert / Rally in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, CA - Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1eMbenv478

This will be YUGE! Senator Sanders' and Jane Sanders' kids & grandkids! A WHOPPER FOR SURE!

COULD BE 50,000+ attending!


News Flash: What is called, " class warfare" is really about " survival warfare " for many Americans. Healthcare and $15 is not a hand out. It's a starting point. Sen. Sanders emphasis on these things, and more, are important guideposts. They are really about dignity, hope and inclusiveness in a fragile and gnarly world. The MSM and even liberals don't understand this basic idea. Progressive thinkers do. Hillary & Co. have sold out Americans to become Big World VIPs. Not Sanders & Co. We need to remember that, " when we all sweep in front of our own doors ( big and small ) the whole street is clean. "


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Our corporate controlled government orchestrated the brutal and violent destruction of the Occupy Wall Street movement. They taught that they snuffed us out. Surprise, we are all still here, and you are going to have to deal with us. Bernie or Bust !


I agree with everything in the article, but think it's missing something crucial: the voter suppression and election fraud. I have no doubt of Sanders' momentum with the public, but there's serious incentive for people who steal elections to do so here, and all the signs that they are.

  • Exit polls have been suspended in California. This seems very much at odds with having a verified, honest election and this election's crucially important. While not exact, these are reliable enough indicators that large mismatches signify fraud or voting machine malfunction.

  • California's voting machines are problematic. You'd think a citizen's vote would deserve at least the same security for them to withdraw a hundred bucks at an ATM, but instead, these machines are leaving the door to vote theft wide open.

  • As has been the case across the country, voter's registrations have been altered without their knowledge, and people who've been registered Democrats for decades have been tampered with to list them as Republican or Independent, which in states like California either denies them voting or makes it uncertain their vote will be counted. The enemies of democracy are not asleep at the switch here.


I am deeply concerned that not enough is being done to challenge these flaws in the system, and this system has been flawed for decades. We've getting pro-corporate candidates almost entirely from both of the two parties, not representation of the people. California is decisive to this election, there's lots of evidence of bad faith in this process, and there couldn't be more incentive for bad actors to steal the primary in California and use it to create a false sense of legitimacy around the most sold-out and corrupt crony-capitalist warhawk candidate in the running.

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything", said Joseph Stalin, and we're not effective if we ignore that.

It's important to get out the vote, and to scrutinize how those votes are counted, and go the distance if there's any failing of democracy. This is isn't just about Bernie Sanders, but also the honest enfranchisement of every citizen. We're dealing with corrupt, deceitful oligarchs here, and as Frederick Douglass observed, power never concedes willingly.


Thanks for sharing this link. I was waiting to see what kind of sleazy vote rigging they would do for Hillary, knowing how much Hillary wants to win California. But, this has been happening all across the country and no surprises here.
They just don't realize how angry they are making this country. This won't just go away.


California beware! Don't accept provisional ballots. Demand a regular ballot.


Informative link Ron, thanks! Now that info must be gotten out to CA voters wholesale via every possible media, internet, radio, TV source available! I suppose - "supposing" has bit me on the ass numerous times - the Bernie Team in CA has been apprised of this scheme/scam, and put out what they can to all the Sandernistas. Hope those with contacts will make sure........

Bernie or Bust It All Up! Occupy California and Philly! No Justice, NO Peace!


Sanders vote percentage have generally outperformed the polls by 5 to 6 points, especially when the primary is not closed.


Join Me on July 29th for National #DumpDemsDay


BREAKING! "The San Diego Union-Tribune"
Sunday - San Diego
Bernie Sanders & Friends
Qualcomm Stadium - Here: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2016/jun/04/9-names-to-watch-bernie-sanders-event/


I like how you phrase that. A 'Starting point'. We (the Left) would do well to hammer that home all across the country every chance we get.


It seems to me what is at stake in California is being exaggerated but losing California would cause some problems for Hillary Clinton who is trying to unite the party for the general election. It seems certain that Clinton will be the nominee win or lose in California. Clinton's big problem in California will getting her supporters to turn out when they are sure she is going to be the nominee anyway. Bernie's supporters are much more motivating to vote believing perhaps that he can still win the nomination. With so little drama about about who the nominee is going to be this one is really hard to predict.


The United Progressive Party is forming now. Also get behind Brand New Congress.

This switch should have no conditions of what happens at the Demo convention. This country needs third parties to represent all the people. Bernie is a one term president because of his age. Progressives need to have a party going strong at local, state and national levels for the 2018 and 2020 elections. The establishment will remain in control of the D party whether Bernie is elected or not. My question is will Bernie even remain a 'Democrat' after elected? He would have no need to. If we have a strong party coalescing around his platform, then it will make it easier for him to break from the status quo.

So...yes...dump the Dems...but do it regardless....because it's the best thing for a functioning Democracy.


This is for Lrx.

blah blah blah.... Hillary... yada yada... Clinton... blah blah... nomination... phhhhttt.... unite etc.... ad nauseum


And there's this one today in LA at 5PT.