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Fueling Surge in Demand for Stricter US Gun Laws, Poll Shows Six in 10 Fear They Could Be Next Victim of Mass Shooting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/09/fueling-surge-demand-stricter-us-gun-laws-poll-shows-six-10-fear-they-could-be-next

Perhaps when that figure becomes 9 out of 10, they’ll implement some form of stricter background checks.

This do-nothing Duopoly, wants us to be scared. Too scared to stray to a third party.

WTFU America.

If it gets to be 9 out of ten, those that must venture out will have some kind of protection. Body guards,mean dogs, or maybe a derringer up their sleeve. As long as they are legal.
At the 9 of 10 rate of fear, most people just won’t venture out.

Can’t wait till the cops and other thieves and killers are the only ones with guns, other than the Reserves, Guardsmen, and military.
That would be begging for a police state in America.

Concentration camps on your Southern Border where children torn away from their parents and incarcerated.

Old ladies in wheelchairs strip searched when taking a flight within the USA.

Mass surveillance of citizens with persons being stopped on highways and told to ID themselves.

2 million plus in the prison system with 90 percent never having had a trial.

People killed for selling Cigarettes on street corners.

You already have a police state and those 300 million guns did nothing to stop it.

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Thoughtful point SuspiraDeProfundis. It is an unsure country in an unsure world. We need to protect ourselves the best we can.