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Fukushima Baby Milk Formula Declared Unfit by China


Fukushima Baby Milk Formula Declared Unfit by China

John LaForge

Chinese authorities seized more than 881 pounds of baby milk formula that had been imported from Japan because it had been produced in areas known to be heavily contaminated with radioactive material emitted by three damaged nuclear reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi complex.


One wonders if precisely these kinds of recalls will be banned, abandoned, or precluded once treaties like the TPP set corporate profit-making as the supreme law of the land and do away with pesky human and environmental safety concerns.

Rather than correct the means of disseminating toxic substances, the corporate masters instead wish to block citizens from using lawful channels to protect their own well-being (and related interests).

News black-outs are their first line of defense.

Deceptive industry spokespersons are #2.

Treaties that protect the trespassers = #3.

And so on.


Because the Chinese, from their princes of commerce and industry to their duplicitous leaders, don’t seem to give a shit about the contaminated, toxic, and defective products they continue to ship all over the world, one must assume this is just another salvo in the political squabbles going on between the Japanese and the Chinese. Since the Chinese themselves were guilty of the widespread distribution of tainted baby formula (not to mention numerous other contaminated, toxic, or otherwise defective products,) this newest incident is quite ironic.

Western capitalism was just a warm-up for the devastation that will be visited on this planet by the Chinese.


Indeed. The Chinese shipped defective contaminated products all over the world and “the world” is so irresponsible as to accept such products. Presumably the alar contaminated apples were from China, and the tainted milk from New Zealand too. So sad that the bad Chinese not only jailed or fined heavily their own culprits, they even shut down their own industry. To be fair, New Zealand milk returned to the Chinese market after they solved their problem. During the Reagan administration medicines that were deemed unsafe for domestic consumption were shipped to the Third World. And so were other poisonous products from countries ranging from the UK to Germany. Anyone remember - during the 1950s - the thousands of deformed babies caused by a product from a German firm?

Yes, capitalism, that profit motive at all costs ideology, has caused much suffering to the world. This includes widespread disasters like Bhopal, Agent Orange in Vietnam, etc. The Indian state of Kerala banned Coca Cola factories for poisoning their environment not too long ago. And we know where Mad Cow disease came from.


Nothing that can’t be fixed with a little free trade. /snark


I suppose this means China’s infants will have to go back to puréed contaminated drywall smoothies, fortified with “gutter oil,” and a dash of melamine for added protein. Yummy.


The acceptable limits on ccontamination have been reset higher by the FDA, since the Fukushima calamity.


No. Drywall smoothies are not imported from the west where asbestos has been used for over half a century before that country used it. Most older buildings in the U.S. still use asbestos… And milk today comes from New Zealand. The danger today for many countries is not even food but too expensive food. Even as we speak thousands of poor Indian peasants are committing or planning to commit suicides.Unnecessary deaths by the poor is one reason why average life expectancy there is around 65 years.


What is the point of this article? No contamination of the baby formula was found and it is obviously about a Chinese-Japanese diplomatic and economic spat - not Fukushima. All the other cases he cited of elevated levels of Cs137 in products from the area were 4 years old. And like it or not, we all have trace amounts of Cs137 - not from nuclear power but by past atmospheric nuclear bomb tests. If it was having any kind of significant health effect, then it would have been detected.


Actually China has been importing contaminated fish from Japan, against the wishes of many overseas Chinese who feared that their loved ones might be poisoned. The authorities are not as efficient as they like to pretend. About trade/economic relations Japan, Korea, and China are now negotiating a trilateral FTA. Still, you could be right but I"m not too sure.


Not to worry, they can just ship it to the U.S. We’re not as stringent as the Chinese when it comes to radioactive contaminants in food.

Baby food? Fukushima fish? Bring it on!


The Chinese government complaining about imported contaminated food? I just love the Chinese government’s sense of humour!


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We can buy it, right?

Mix 1 part of the contaminated baby formula in with 9 parts uncontaminated baby formula and the contamination factor goes down by a factor of 10! Just figure out the FDA’s limits, add a fudge factor (just like going 34 miles per hour in a 25 zone) and voila, the contaminated milk can be shipped to the U.S.