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Fukushima Report Dangerously Downplays Ongoing Health Risks: Greenpeace



It sounds like people are being encouraged to take the risks. Also that the fact that some people are willing to return to their homes is being considered as a kind of proof of returning normalcy. How very sad that is.


Criminal acts compounded by falsification of causes, actions to secure the site, hiding the truth of consequences, manipulated radiation readings, water pouring into the Pacific and collusion by nuclear proponants equating this multiple catastrophe with normal background radiation or bananas.......Godzilla has wreaked havock on japan and the wider world.



Except for the mutant plants and birds everything is normal! And safe!


How very sad that is.

Indeed, it's incredibly sad.

I'm reminded of murderess Christine Todd Whitman's claim that the air around the WTC was "safe to breathe" right after the 9/11 attacks.

These oligarchical psychopaths are all the same, aren't they?


Really good point. Her and Giuliani (the creep) they are directly responsible for the early deaths of many first responders and others. Moreover just as you imply, we cannot trust authority to be ethical or even simply responsible. The long denials about Bophal in India. Even in Japan Miinimata and mercury. I'm thinking about your choice of wording > oligarchical ... yeah when it comes to power and money - the little people best beware in the future. Didn't you know that all those fish die offs and dolphin deaths in the Gulf had nothing to do with the oil dispersants and chemicals dumped into the gulf after the blow out. Must have been just a coincidence?

I don't trust them whenever they say everything is safe but scientists are saying otherwise. I guess that's just me though. I don't know why I am so unreasonable that way.


New resorts with LOW prices and family packages to open soon at Chernobyl, Ukraine Russia and Fukushima, Japan. Pets are welcome! Trust us, all is healthy and safe. You can also purchase timeshares at the luxury condominium towers that will also open soon! Hurry, they'll go fast.

Fishing in the lakes and rivers around Chernobyl is fantastic...come reel in your very own trophy monster catfish.

The powers that be will do whatever is the most facile and lucrative regardless of how dangerous these places are. PR will mask that danger...caveat emptor. If it is too good to be true, it is NOT!

Such practices are inhumane at best and categorically evil at worst. Not unlike all the SAFE drugs that the FDA approves to put on the market (with the research conducted by the drug manufacturers presented to the FDA as proof of their safety)...to be recalled later after the unsuspecting consumers suffer death or severe life altering side effects.

Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of basic chemistry knows that nuclear contamination lasts through millennia...or, at least I would hope so.


I guess it is all in your point of view. I look at it as, there are 6.5 billion of us, and just a few hundred that own most of the world. We should be able to take them out. BDS, overwhelming pressure, at last resort just smother them.
* The Oilagarchy looks at it as, "There are so many serfs out there that nobody will miss a billion or three. So go ahead with profit and power making. There'll be plenty left to exploit when we're done."
* Fukushima is an obscenity, but so is TepCo and the Abe government.
* To the Japanese People I say, "Don't give up! Keep pushing them, Vote them OUT. You don't need nuclear plants, you've proven that, and you don't need a new Tojo to lead you to war!"


There is a site that has been posting all the news of this since 3-11, 4 1/2 years worth of reading and video's...I have tried to post the link before but was considered new, I'll try again...goto...www.enenews.com...from Alaska to Baja we are screwed, period.


I think that violence gives fascists the excuse they are looking for. It has always been that way. Nonviolence may not be as immediately satisfying but one cannot take anybody out... who would do this btw and specifically to whom. I know what you must be feeling but you know violence was the cause of your health problems and violence is an illusion of efficacy...a delusion of strength. No meaningful positive change has come from violence in the modern era. The truth always is on the side of non violence. It is the normal state of things. A society doesn't exist in a normal state if it is violent. Violence is short term, temporary. Normal civilization is peaceful in the main. Daily operations are ordinary, people go about their business without fear or needing to be armed. Violent societies collapse into chaos because they are unsustainable.

The oligarchs are not afraid of violence (until it is surrounding their compounds maybe) but they are afraid of their sources of wealth being interrupted. Interfering with that attacks their strength. Everything else attacks the little people. Like a riot. Temporary chaos eventually it goes back to normal and what happened? Only the local neighborhood suffered. Not the rich gated community on the hill but the ghetto or the low income neighborhood, local small businesses and stores... utterly useless venting. It serves to reinforce the attitude of oligarchy's supporters who want stability even if it means suppression and oppression.

Fight smart use the brain not the fist. The fist is chaos and the fist is overwhelmed by the gun and nobody is going to start some silly notion of an armed revolution with 7.3 billion people that need to be fed and sheltered etc.

This revolution will be televised. It will be online. It will be unlike any other that came before it... this will be a revolution of the truth because the truth is on our side and only greed is on theirs.

Sorry to disagree with you my friend but I understand your feelings. Look around you...it is not like it once was. Look at people around the world are becoming connected... the divide and conquer days fade. The people united days are growing more and more firm.

This time the revolution will be televised (online). The long battle is being waged as we speak by the young. They are aware and awake... violence would only weaken them. The days when the authorities could get away with such crap are passing. Everybody knows... that is our strength... everybody knows... the truth.


This paper puts the final nail in IAEA’s coffin as an International organization based on science. They have with their own words disabled their mission and credibility. Hans Blix head of the IAEA stated to the public that no one had died from Chernobyl. A boy fell off his bike and skinned his knee.

3700 who walked through the dust of 9/11 have cancer. Our government admits this. The causation even though it is almost impossible to find the cause for cancer is walking through clouds of silica and asbestos. It is only common sense. Yet in Japan they wait three days to evacuate while radiation falls heavily and no one is effected. Makes no sense.


Anything the IAEA puts out henceforth is not science but the politics of greed.


Pesticides and herbicides kill birds, but you don't see dead birds. That's because when birds are sick they find hiding places where they hopefully can recover. Then they die in hiding. Then micropredators consume the birds.

People are living in Fukushima prefecture. People are also living near the borders of Chernobyl's exclusion zone. You can talk to them and they'll tell you that they haven't gotten sick. However, if you were a close part of their community, not some foreign reporter grabbing a quick story, you'd know that other people had gotten sick and died. So, the presence of some humans in Fukushima doesn't prove that living in Fukushima is safe, any more than one old man smoking a cigarette proves that cigarettes are safe.


Reread my comment. I said, or tried to say, that 6.5 billion should be able to overcome a few hundred. Global BDS would do it in no time. When these guys are looking at flat wallets, they're done.
* The Japanese people are apparently getting fed up with the railroad they are riding. Vote 'em out! Look for real representatives and elect them! Same thing in this country. Elect a genuine representative government and turn this country back from the Fourth Reich into a Constitutional Republic. Push diplomacy over war and intimidation. Cultivate empathy! Caring!
* If we work together, we can do it!


My bad. I misunderstood where you wrote that "we should be able to take them out". I guess you meant something else than how it sounded. Smother them?


The big hoax here, being pulled over on the public, is that nuclear power is somehow regulated in Japan. It is not. IAEA is not a watchdog. IAEA's charter says it is to "promote nuclear power". Their track record has been one of nothing but cover-up on every disaster. The NRC has no power over Tepco. The Nuke Agencies and Government offices in Japan are staffed by Yes-Men picked by TEPCO, arguably the most powerful entity in Japan. It is said that the government works for TEPCO. TEPCO hires the mob to hire disposable "cleanup" workers who have been caught dumping nuke waste in Tokyo Bay. Nobody monitors the health or longevity of these single men with no families after they max out on radiation. They just disappear.

This is a very sinister way to boil water. Mikhail Gorbachev said in his memoirs that the Nuke Explosion and fallout at Chernobyl is what destroyed the U.S.S.R. It may yet cut Japan in half according to Nuke experts who point to maps of the known fallout. It takes about 10-15 years for most of the cancers to show up. I am already aware of great sickness reported throughout Japan.

But don't worry! In 240,000 years it will all be back to normal!



Ironically, the absence of people in Chernobyl has allowed (radioactive) wildlife to flourish.


Perhaps the term you are looking for is multiply but certainly not flourish.


I suspect this to be a mistake or a purposeful lie. The math doesn't work. 150 are in court claiming extreme exposure to radiation while serving on the USS Raygun. Three have now died of cancer. IAEA hides behind dose. No one really knows, of course, what dose a person gets unless they get it from medical machines. We know a small amount of radiation causes cancer. A few cells multiplying at a set rate and it can be assumed that that amount will result in cancer in X number of years. Setting aside the overwhelmed immune system. So accumulating radiation or larger dose increases the numbers of cancerous cells created that start to multiply. This increase would indicate the sooner arrival of cancers that we diagnosis. Therefore a large dose like those on the USS Raygun could start out with a massive number of cells gone wrong and the time to diagnosis is shortened.

Does not matter if the cell damage is from a medical machine, nuclear material in the environment or exposure at work the host of those cells has cancer. The point at which one understands that their health is declining an get the diagnosis is the point that the cancer has overwhelmed the host and its host is dying and the average produces false data.

IAEA says its all safe while none of it is.


Thanks Diveshop,

I should have said: "It takes about 10-15 years for most of the statistical cancer DEATHS to start stacking up" (after a nuke meltdown.)

My bad.

Certainly, since the causes of most forms of Leukemia, just to take one example, are not known, so what you say is certainly true. Deaths from fallout can come in just a few years. I have to imagine, that those sailors have been riding around on top of a nuke-powered warship which probably leaks like hell, and any additional exposure can tip them over into a coffin. We all apparently have little cancers our whole life, so any damage to a sailor's immune system, like Fukushima, leaves them wide-open to pervious cancers their body was dealing with (is my theory on what might have been going on.)

But the Chernobyl experience is that one million down-winders will pre-maturely die from fallout in 20 years. Fukushima is worse, since it has released more radiation than Chernobyl did, and it's in the water table, which Chernobyl avoided (the Russian meltdown was cocooned into a sarcophagus, while the Japanese triple-meldown was not.)

Also, ionizing radiation is hell on the cardiovascular system and causes heart attacks. Those nuclear-caused heart and vascular failure are never attributed to fallout though. No one even tests for the presence of reactor nuclides in autopsies, unless it's a secret one conducted by IAEA.

Your point on dosage is particularly relevant. TEPCO now admits they lied about the total radiation released during the crisis by a factor of thousands. So any dose calculation based on assumptions using their numbers is bogus. And that's all exposure calculations (just as you said) are anyway: Just Guesses. Since all the radiation detectors melted, TEPCO claimed that meant there was NO radiation that needed to be calculated in those areas, so everyone's calculations are wrong by many orders of Magnitude.

But soil samples don't lie. (Not to be confused with TEPCO's Air Samples, which do lie, since they have to catch the fallout right when it falls.) Soil samples collected in downtown Tokyo by Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen from children's playgrounds, shoelaces and car air filters were red-hot and had to be buried as nuke waste after testing in the USA.

So we know the claim by the Japanese government that Fukushima fallout only went out to sea is wrong. We also know the prime minister trashed 167 SPEEDI simulations showing fallout on Tokyo. He only accepted the few showing the fallout went out to sea.

The Japanese government has never faced the truth of the Nuclear Godzilla in their city of Tokyo. And my guess is they never will, since they are an occupied people Lorded over by the Nuke Mob.

A number of health professionals claimed Tokyo had to be evacuated. They were ignored, and instead the government just told pregnant women not to drink the city's water!

The risk we are forced to endure with Nuke Power Plants is unspeakable. We've never had this much material released into the environment. Fukushima is over 100 times the total release of ionizing radiation from Chernobyl. That's why all the sea life is croaking in the Pacific, imho.


I imagine that some have nowhere else to go except perhaps the streets, which are may well be safer than home.