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'Full-Blown Homelessness Crisis' Coming as Evictions Protections Disappear

Covid out of control, loss of jobs, full blown homelessness crisis, biosphere collapsing yet market up almost 500 points and this today: “Pending Home Sales Rose 44% in May, the Biggest Leap on Record”

We’ve been looking for a house to buy for over 2 years and the areas I am looking (modest homes) homes sell within minutes of hitting the MLS with multiple offers and in many cases for more than the asking price. These are not businesses buying these homes, they are basic family homes sold to average individuals.

Does anyone understand this?

And yes, the “market” is rigged and an illusion created for the elite.

But these are middle class homes . . . I do not understand all the forces at play here.

Common sense tells me that if home buying numbers are high, people are feeling comfortable, secure . . . confident in their ability to keep paying mortgages.

But all the signs (other than the f—ing “djia”) indicate people should be feeling anything but confident. There is talk of banks collapsing:

Yet another example (i.e. dire situation for homeless people while market soars, home sales soar) of the crazy making mixed messages and layers of economic/societal pathology that have hidden the truth.


The Government is doing all it can in the USA to ensure the Corporations like WALmart remain profitable even as they claim they have no resources to address the homelessness crisis.

Firms like WALMART are issuing Corporate Bonds which the US FED is buying up. This is to prevent a cash crunch and ensure large firms have easy and ready access to money. When they buy up these bonds, the Corporation in question has less reason to borrow money from Banks for their daily operations thus increasing profitability.

The Waltons will get richer and more people will be sleeping under bridges.


The US is something different to the overseas rich than it is to us. They see us as the most stable country. A country oriented totally for the rich. It props up banks, and makes it so they can do no wrong.

Look at how China had a huge influx of FDI after the 1989 crackdown. That was because they cracked down on the democracy demonstrators. Its the opposite of what we would do but rich people are not like the rest of us.

In some areas prices are being bought up by foreign investors who buy houses and then just keep them vacant as an investment- sort of escape hatch if the shit hits the fan where they are living now. In the Bay Area they call them “ghost houses”. There are a lot of really rich people overseas and the price of a house here in the US doesn’t seem high to them compared to the knowlege that their property will be protected here. They dont rent them out because its not worth the trouble to them.

We urgently need to figure out a way to restore democracy. We dont realize it but we’re losing rights right and left to subtle behind the scenes changes, both parties are waging a quiet war on the very idea of a middle class and jobs with decent pay. They feel that labor is worth less so they should pay a lot less.


Less than half a century after the Powell Memo charted the GOP’s course to stack the courts and turn the US into a third world nation it appears that both of those goals will be achieved before the end of 2020.

What did the Democrats accomplish during the past half century other than helping dismantle most of FDR’s New Deal ?


No, for example, it will be at least next year before the WTO case thats pending against us is decided.

Initial waves of the eviction tsunami are already in sight, just offshore. Around mid-July, we’ll see the real Independence fireworks begin as domestic forces protect what they serve by throwing families out in the street a block at a time. Another massive spectacle on hand while negotiating Saharan dust monsters, killer hornets, mega-metropolitan mutations from SARS2, and maybe some unexpected events, as well. Life is full of surprises.

Convulsions of so-called “markets” at the death-bed of late capitalism are imponderable, even meaningless: like anoxic death-throes of the body a soul just departed.

If people cant take in people maygbe they can help them by giving them a place to keep their stuff they can afford in their garage or basement. So they dont lose it. Or taking temporary care of a pet.

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With a trillion dollar backlog in US bridge maintenence (another metric confirming that the US has reached third world status) there are likely to be fewer bridges for homeless to live under.


We’ll lose the Democratic majority in many areas as renters once evicted wont have a place to vote… maintaining an address in cities will be impossible for people who lose a right to continue renting a long held apartment at a rent stabilized rent… Its a Republicans wet dream, breaking up the majorities in cities. A lot of people will lose pensions too if they can no longer stay at jobs in cities because they no longer have a place to live there. Of course our leadership will cry their crocodile tears. I can see them now. Buildings now vacant of a third of their renters will be cleared of the rest by eminent comain or buyouts. Then they will be torn down, replaced by Gothic Ugly condo constructions.

If I were a young person I would move to some other country. Now, before the rush.

Those aren’t bridges, those are condos in Trumpville.

It is so hard for me to express how odious this callous system is–we will have to stay in the streets and throw a monkey wrench in the system itself. Cruel beyond endurance is capitalism.


“cruel beyond endurance”

Its an education for the country.

This is rather disturbing that care of children is considered a trade agreement service (subject to exclusion) deemed public or non-profit. Does this mean children are now a commodity??

In GATS? I have no idea, but the scope is very wide. It only matters if government money is involved. If the government pays then maybe GATS rules apply. Generally it tries to make sure that everything is done via its partcular set of lenses. Yes, its entirely possible that foreign countries might be involved if they are cheaper.
“services“ includes any service in any sector except services supplied in the exercise of
governmental authority;
a service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority“ means any service
which is supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more
service suppliers”

They (foreign firms) might actually be very well suited to certain kinds of work.

The problem as I see it is:

1.) Its depressing to wage scales, and likely to make entire industries pay much less than today, basically denying lots of people jobs that they might otherwise be able to do. Some of those jobs are really had and deserve decent pay.
2.) once ut begins it becomes an entitlement and cant be turned off, unless with withdraw from GATS which at that point might cost hundreds of trillions of dollars, money the ciounty wont have, because we’ll be reeling from the loss of jobs and tax money
3.) Also it will kill Social Security to have a great many perhaps more than half- the better jobs its entirely possible - skilled workers, teachers, nurses, doctors, IT specialists, engineers, etc. replaced by other ones who make much less (around minimum wage will probably be the norm) and leave after a few years wanting to take their money out.

In the link (it is for Canada but no doubt still applies) all services are covered unless excluded, childcare was one of them and can be determined by governments if decided. It reeks of commodification, and even Bernie Sanders endorses it as a normal function of society and worthy of subsides in his plan.

Yes, of course, negative list is indeed that, also it contains an implicit"standstill" which freezes further regulation, showing why we have such bad government they are paid actors, paid to just say no no no to everything because they already plan to make it so we cant DO anything.

The ultimate plan is to basically have guest workers doing more and more of the work. They dont care what our people do. They are on their own.

They want to give the rich firms in poorest countries the jobs so they can pay off the Third World Debt. Thats a lot of jobs.

I’m not kidding.

Just to clarify, GATS is hybrid or positive list approach. But TISA is the new one they are working on now. Its Negative List so it will just cover everything no confusion as to what is covered and what isnt, everything will be covered. Very good for people with family money like the Clintons and Trump dynasty because they will be able to buy up all the foreclosed houses.

It will be a time when being rich is being really rich and being poor is being really poor.

I know…Thanks

Sounds like a monarchy disguised as a pretend democracy.

Sounds like conditions that should lead to a general strike if not outright revolution but we will see if such a thing occurs. This is the sheeple of the U.S. we are talking about.