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FULL TEXT: Read Attorney General Barr's Summary of the Mueller Report

FULL TEXT: Read Attorney General Barr's Summary of the Mueller Report

Common Dreams staff

U.S. Attorney General William Barr on Sunday afternoon sent congressional lawmakers a 4-page letter offering a summary of his initial review of the report submitted to the Justice Department by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Friday.

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Good. Can we go back to watching soap operas now?

Russiagate dead-enders look like the fools that they are: Hillary lost the old-fashioned way, by being a shit candidate.

Russiagate dead-enders will continue to lie to themselves: Because otherwise, they’d have to admit that the d-party delivered us unto Trump.

Russiagate dead-enders are the problem: Blindly invested in party rather than policy, they are the mirror image of the corporate boot-licking Repubs.

The intelligence community lie without apology. The media spreads their BS like fertilizer. Dems like Schiff are mere seekers of celebrity. Bernie gutlessly went along for the ride, shame on him.

But…But…Manafort and Flynn. Pathetic.


So now the NY beagles continue their work to flush the fox (es) and Citizens United beneficiaries continue to laugh all the way to their off shore snuggle spots.

As for the 2 points on Russian interference-
The Internet Research Agency (IRA) may have had links to Cambridge Analytica, which if so, would make it more a Steve Bannon effort than a Russian one:

The so-called ‘fact’ of Russian hacking of Clinton emails has been shown to be not possible based on internet speed download times. Most likely it was a leak, that was locally downloaded.

Two years and millions of dollars for this.


This isn’t going to be easy for some folks, like a teaspoon of cod-liver oil, but doctor Matt Taibbi thinks a good strong dose of reality-check might help. Now we can be certain Russiagate is another historical hook-line-and-sinker embarrassment for the MSM – even worse than the WMD hoax.

I fully expect Taibbi to be the next exceptional journalist character-assassinated by the usual suspects (the Times , the Post …) for daring to tell truths the manipulators prefer hidden, or forgotten. Look at what they’re doing to David Sirota right now, or what they did to Gary Webb years ago (when I consequently ruled out journalism as a profession). Look for Taibbi to be ostracized as beyond the pale for calling out malefactors by name.

The name Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News keeps coming up throughout the Russiagate pump-it-up saga. He’s practically as much a spook as the professional misinformers neck deep in pants-on-fire pandering on this, such as Clapper, Brennan, and Comey. Did this mendacious gang lead the MSM “by the nose”? It’s more like a revolving door, with spooks and reporters trading offices.

On the other side, skeptical of the spooks from day one (as in the WMD hoax, come to think of it) were a few lonely, largely ignored voices and outlets: Glenn Greenwald and Consortium News among them. God help us now. People who turn out to have been right all along are invariably singled out for lifelong ostracism from our media system. No cultural mechanism is more consistent and predictable.

Taibbi has written the definitive history of Russiagate, in a chapter of his serialized Hate Inc. For this crime he shall be punished.

The [New York Times] was signalling it understood there would now be questions about whether or not news outlets like themselves made a gallactic error by betting heavily on a new, politicized approach, trying to be true to “history’s judgement” on top of the hard-enough job of just being true. Worse, in a brutal irony everyone should have seen coming, the press has now handed Trump the mother of all campaign issues heading into 2020. Nothing Trump is accused of from now on by the press will be believed by huge chunks of the population, a group that (perhaps thanks to this story) is now larger than his original base.


Remember Russiagate professor Joseph Mifsud the Maltese scholar who supposedly had dirt, through his Russian contacts, on Hillary? This incident brought to mind another obsession involving Malta. In the following clip, substitute Rachel and the other Russiagaters at the collapse of their obsession.

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The Russiagate dead-enders are already attacking Mueller. A week ago, he was their hero.

The House Dems want to subpoena Mueller. Last week he was beyond reproach.

The dem establishment still has lots of policy stances in harmony with Trump: Israel, military spending, NSO surveillance, Wall St/Pharma/Fossil Fuel fealty, the list goes on…But they just lost a way of distracting from that. Time to shoot us messengers.


Just listening to establishment Democrats and Trump White has officials, its clear that Mueller’s report will embolden them.

Establishment Democrats continue claim that the Mueller report proves Russia/Putin ‘attacked US democracy’ and that, without Russia/Putin interference, Hillary Clinton would be President. I have little doubt that they will be more vigorous in their attacks against progressives and their insistence on center-right candidates and ‘lesser evil’ voting.

The White House is claiming that Mueller’s report proves that Trump did nothing wrong and that his critics are acting anti-democratically. I have little doubt that Trump will continue to use violent hate speech and, in addition to attacking Democrats, will continue to present socialism as the greatest evil in the history of the universe.

As a member of a grassroots community based group, I see the challenge as continuing to promote community organizing without the distraction of Democrat/Republican infighting.

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I guess I can’t agree with any one of those statements. But they are opinions after all, and we all have enough of those.

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It seems that some people are suggesting that it was the money driving money. Not money driving politics or politics driving money. I would suggest that where there’s smoke, (money), there is fire, (corruption).

In other words, do we really think all of the Russian contacts were just about money? I doubt that.

What are they hiding? If they are not hiding anything, why are they pretending they cannot unhide it?

Well, maybe to some degree. It’s refreshing to encounter some out here who grasp what a sucker’s game is DuopolyTM.

Somebody once said: “Honesty is the best policy.” The dead-enders you reference have been desperately grasping for fig-leaves to obscure the exposure of their intricately-coordinated, naked Russiagate deception, inquiring after the second-best policy.

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A lot of people spent a lot of time lying for something. I’m willing to accept it was because they were all criminals running their own criminal enterprises, but it’d be great to see the report. HRC’s email report was released, after all, and the evidence regarding Trump’s campaign predates the president’s time in office, obstruction of justice being the exception. We should all see the report, no excuses, like we saw on HRC.

I’m going to quote Josh Marshall at TPM because I think he spells things out pretty evocatively:

On the broader question of the 2016 election, we need to see the report. Based on the publicly available information, the President betrayed his country and serially lied about his involvement with Russia and his knowledge about the Russian interference campaign. We know that despite all denials, throughout the campaign the President was trying to land a multi-hundred million dollar real estate deal that required the assistance of the President of Russia, one that required the end of sanctions. We know his campaign manager was handing over campaign data to a man the FBI judged was a Russian intelligence asset. We know his campaign had a back channel to Wikileaks and appears to have coordinated the timing of the leaks. We know that his top campaign officials had numerous contacts with Russian officials and intermediaries offering campaign assistance and welcomed the assistance. Finally, we know the transition worked with Russia to undermine the sanctions intended to punish the intereference campaign.

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Thanks, Rachel.


Who is Rachel?

A lot of columns posted here on Common dreams claiming this collusion and a good number of us suggested that there little to the story and that it invented out of nothing. It was the DNC strategy to expalin away how they lost to the second worst Presidential Candidate ever and that was because they could never admit they put forward the worst candidate ever.


Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, Papadopolus, the Attorney General of the United States, and the president, all lied, multiple times, about multiple contacts with Russian interlocutors, among many others. The president himself lied continuously about his intent to pursue a multimillion dollar real estate transaction with the government of Russia during the campaign and after the campaign. Here’s a link to his letter of intent, disclosed publicly before his personal attorney admitted as much before Congress.

I’m glad there was an investigation, there needed to be, and I believe, like HRC’s email report, the public ought to see what led the Attorney General to his conclusions, especially with respect to obstruction. We can all agree now members of his campaign, while operating criminally (Flynn, Manafort, the President himself, an unindicted co-conspirator in another crime), did not work with the government of Russia to facilitate its hack-and-leak campaign. We can also agree the Seth Rich, DNC leaker conspiracy nonsense was just that, nonsense, right?

Contact with Russians has nothing to do with metting Russians to Rig elections. The DNC campaign had Contacts with Russians.


Back to nonsense I see. Seth Rich leaked too I guess, right?