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FULL TEXT: Read Attorney General Barr's Summary of the Mueller Report

Here it is from a top Google official himself. Russia spent a whopping $4700 on the internet.


Read the GRU indictments. If you believe what the AG said in his letter, you believe they hacked the DNC and ran multiple disinformation campaigns. The Trump team did not, apparently, cooperate with them in doing so though. That’s what what was found, after all.

Back to nonsense? Your partisanship is so blatant you should be embarrassed. John Podesta worked for the Clinton Campaign . His firm was also involved in the Ukranian mess Manafort was involved in.

This is a pro democrat site that points this out.

Podesta did the same thing Manafort did, failing to register as a foreign agent.

Added to that the firm that hire Steele to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign was paid for by the DNC.

Now here is the thing. The Mueller investigation was not formed to look for persons evading taxes or for persons who were lobbying on the behalf of foreign firms. What they did was much like whaty the Fedral Government did when they got Al Capone. They could not get him for the many crimes he committed so got him for tax evasion.

Your Podesta and DNC were not being questioned so they never perjured themselves as Manafort did.

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That has nothing to do with your nonsense, Trumpian assertion about the HRC campaign and Russia. None. Here’s the GRU indictments. Read them and educate yourself. If you believe Barr’s summary, the GRU hacked the DNC, but the Trump campaign did not play a (criminal) part in the hack-and-leak itself. That means the Seth Rich-VIPs memo blabber was garbage too, as were other popular conspiracies peddled about here in comments, all fairly obvious from the get-go.

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No surprise here. Mueller has always been a company man dating back to his youth as a Marine who never questioned the Viet Nam war. In his post-911 tenure as FBI director, he oversaw the entrapment of an assortment of Muslim low life’s in FBI-created “terrorism” plots and then bragging to the world about what a great job the Feebies were doing to keep us all safe. The fact that he was maligned by Trump for two years only puts him in the same company with Jeff Sessions.

It has everything to do with it. Your defense of the sleazeball Clinton clan grows tiresome. Your GRU indictments went nowhere. The listing of 13 Russians was a political stunt nothing more much like your Government likes to indict people in Iran and Venezeula for crimes KNOWING they can never come to trial.

When one of the firms listed indicated they would appear to defend themselves Mueller sought a delay.

Concords legal team has asked for the EVIDENCE that Mueller has that led to those Indictments you list AS IS their legal right and Mueller refuses to turn it over claiming it a “National Security issue”. This right out of Kafka. Mueller in essence is saying “we have evidence of what we indicted these people with but no one is allowed to see it. Just trust me” This the same POS that claimed Saddam Hussein had WMDS and was a threat to employ terrorists to attack the USA post 9/11.

In other words the indictments mean NOTHING.


Here’s my big take away from all this.

How do you know if the Clinton clan and their operatives have done something shady or criminal or unethical?

You know they did that if they accuse someone else of doing it.


So actual evidence via indictments is nothing but conspiracies wound from Clinton hate are something. Got it.


I actually feel sorry for you. Someone trying to defend the Clinton Gang from charges of corruption has an impossible task.

Am I defending the Clintons? The only place I mentioned them was my last comment, which was summarizing your “argument.”

Oh you have been one of the most vocal suppoters of Hilary Clinton since you started positing here.

Not buying baloney isn’t supporting Clinton.

This leaves me with two issues:

  1. Release the full report to the public;

  2. It underlines the terrible leadership of Democratic Party elites like Nancy Pelosi in obstructing efforts to call for impeachment and resignation. For it is not surprising to me that it wound up this way. And Pelosi’s excuse in not forcing resignation was that they were waiting for Mueller - and they anticipated something much more than what has now been delivered. To me, this always seemed like we were being strung along by MSM for an ultimate let-down - and meanwhile, so much else has been going to the wayside. Now it seems even harder to push for a resignation or impeachment as a result of what Nancy Pelosi wanted everyone to do, and instead.

I was opposed to her being Speaker - and Trump himself endorsed her as Speaker - and her dumb shepple followers fanatically pushed for this position while their proclaimed ardent enemy - i.e. Russia-collaborating Trump - apparently agreed with them. Strategists pointed out that he wanted her as Speaker at least in part because she would oppose and block impeachment. Now they’re devastated by what’s happening?

This, too, is while Hillary Clinton and the DNC with MSM made Trump the GOP nominee. And - they made him the GOP hominee while Clinton supposedly knew about his compromising Putin ties.This has been absurd. He’s so treacherous in that respect to the interests of his nation - yet their adored leader Hillary Clinton herself put him one step from the Presidency of the United States? Does this make sense?

Ever since, they’ve been covering their behinds by blaming Bernie and his supporters for something their strategists did - not the Berniecrats. And, while they’ve been involved in intensive neo-McCarthyite andd poisonous red-baiting. Disgusting.

I’m all for seeing the full report - and continuing to push for resignation and impeachment on all the other issues they should have been bringing him down for - from the beginning.

As for who’s right or wrong - Glenn Greenwald or the most rabid Russia-Russia fanatics in all of this - who knows.

In one sense, Trump is correct. He was exonerated even though they said he wasn’t. Because you’re innocent until proven guilty. They didn’t, did they. Ridiculous, in a way - but very disturbing too. Because Trump is certainly an international gangster and should not be in the White House - and our election system is a mess. We need publicly hand-counted paper ballots providing a full audit of national elections at the time of the count.

We’ve been through all of this - and these idiots in Congress still aren’t calling for clean elections. Why? Because both parties cheat and scam with these machines and more. Neither side wants to give it up. That’s my bet.


Once again the elites protect their power grid with another distraction. The conclusions are like a Comey/Clinton redux. It’s class over party, over country. I guess it’s up to the SDNY. Certainly makes the case for impeachment more difficult.

Now get ready for some big time gloatweets.

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Well selling baloney certainly is and you are trying to do a whole lot of that of late.

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Indictments aren’t evidence. They are accusations.

Supposedly the accusation means there will be a trial and them the Prosecution is supposed to provide evidence.

If in a trial the prosecution in their opening argument said, “We will present no evidence because the indictment itself is the evidence the accused is guilty, therefore we rest our case,” the defense would call for summarily dismissal and the judge would grant it.

In these indictments of Russian for hacking and trolling it was never expected to go to trial. When some of the accused actually tried to get discovery of the evidence, a standard operating procedure in the trial process, Mueller went into shock that this happened and got a judge to shut it all down.

This is a scam. It was easy to do fake accusations against Russians that Mueller expected to ignore it all. He couldn’t do that with any US citizens he indicted, he knew that would go to trial and have to be proven. That’s why he didn’t indict anyone on collusion or obstruction, because he didn’t have any evidence of it.

He also has no evidence of what he indicted Russians for, as VIPS has proven. I know, I know, You read an article were some stooges for the CIA or the DNC waved their hands around saying the VIPS conclusions can’t be true. Oh well. But I read that article to and it seemed to me to be nothing but some people waving their hands and spouting nonsense with complex terminology. Ray McGovern and William Binney, however, are not only credible but they make sense and they explain in vivid detail why the whole things is blatantly false.

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I read the indictments themselves. So can you. They are far more descriptive and detailed than that embarrassing, internally by-VIPS-members disputed VIPS memo that you still think is sacrosanct for some reason. (The indictments confirm exactly what the Nation’s independent auditor that looked at the VIPS memo said. Click the link, we discussed this before and I walked you through it.) And I won’t say anything about the deplorable Seth Rich stuff folks peddled. If we are going to take Barr at his word that members of the Trump campaign didn’t participate in the Russian government’s hack-and-leak efforts (I won’t parse the specific phrase “Russian government” he refers to in his letter), why shouldn’t we take him at his word that Russia did hack-and-leak? That’s taken as a given in his letter, after all.

After calling BS on this DNC driven narrative for years, I’m both gratified by this report and disgusted by liberals who’ve been stubbornly demonizing Putin, Assange and anyone who dares challenge this nonsense. They will continue to expand the conspiracy garbage and to demonize Russia and progressives and Sanders while pushing for endless war. They will continue to focus on Trumps personality and distemper but not on the corrupt, pro-corporate policies they secretly support. I’m particularly disgusted by all the wailing over this but can find some satisfaction in it as well as heads explode and false narratives are again exposed.


FULL text of a SUMMARY - which could also mean that a load of incriminating evidence wasn`t exposed in the letter .

Perhaps you might avail yourself of the tiny little book, What the Anti-Federalists Were For, the brilliant summary of those founding generation thinkers who opposed ratification of the US Constitution. The book is a brilliant brief of the major contested political issues and theories of the second half of the 18th century US Colonies- evolving into the USA. The writer was an astonishing political theory genius who collected all the available writings of those thinkers into seven volumes and organized them for readers. The summary essay helps us grasp that we are still today arguing over things that not only our founding generation argued over; we are also arguing over things that have been argued over for thousands of years.

We should be thankful that so many students of our history of political thinking have been keeping such collections.

We also must profusely thank Common Dreams for publishing the silly “summary” by the trumpitty AG Barr.

And we must be thankful that we can now speak with and listen to every one who is willing to discuss such things with us.

Pretending that the history of anything began a few years ago is almost as silly as is Barr, Trump, et. al. Though not quite. They pretend to thoroughly re-invent history with their every utterance.

Our primary task is forcing the D Party to become democratic.

We may all have to vote Green again to do this. If they nominate someone as stupid as Biden or Beto, oh, well. They deserve, yet again, to lose to another, even more monstrous loser.