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Fuming at Trudeau, Trump Trade Adviser Says 'There's a Special Place in Hell' for Those Who Dare to Cross the President


Fuming at Trudeau, Trump Trade Adviser Says 'There's a Special Place in Hell' for Those Who Dare to Cross the President

Common Dreams staff

After President Donald Trump drove the U.S. into an all-out trade war with Canada on Saturday with his Twitter outburst threatening to hit America's northern neighbor with even more punitive tariffs, Trump's top trade adviser Peter Navarro placed blame for soaring tensions entirely on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in an interview on Sunday and warned "there's a special place in hell" for those who cross the president.


If Trump isn’t there, it can’t really be Hell.


“A special place in Hell for those who dare to cross the trumpenfuhrer”??? WTF is this Navarro idiot blathering about!? If this nutter is trumps “chief trade adviser”, we are in for a very rough ride…

Instead of bashing others for our “trade policy” we should be ripping US corporations a new one for offshoring their profits, our frelling factories and jobs! Don’t blame others for your own stupidity and corruption!

Navarro is a good little trump regime neonazi, defending his prez right or wrong, but his weak jive defense of the spoiled tantrum-child trump is as misplaced as the Israelis blaming the slaughter of Gaza Palestinians by Israeli snipers on Hamas and anyone but their own racist depravity!

The trump regime depravity is taking so many forms and destroying so much it’s hard to keep track. All the diversions, the tweets madness, the pruitt & co criminal corruptions…the trump regime is truly the regime from Hell, not those who “dare to cross” the dunghead in chief!


Excellent analysis and post as usual, Emphyrio. Thank you. I only wish those who need to SEE (and act on?) what you wrote WOULD/COULD!


I think maybe Navarro should adjust his meds.


To review:
There’s a special place in hell for Trudeau, but Kim, Duterte, and Putin are righteous dudes.

Got it.


And most US-leftists consider Assad to be a rightous dude…Ortega too.


At least Hitler represented and was German. Trump is second generation German Nazi with his Great-uncle part of Hitler. Trump himself is in massive debt to dictators like Putin after the US banks kicked him out for not paying his bills. But let us pretend this noble creature has total control of us all. In that case get out of the US as fast as possible because we know what happens when those Trump admires take everything of value and ignore their carnage on all life forms if it adds to their personal fat.


Ummmm.Putin is NOT a dictator. He was elected. Just like Dumbf.


I don’t have cable so I missed the 2nd asshole on the CNN video above. I get Fox News for an hour on Sunday morning and watched Navarro spew venom and bile essentially calling Trudeau a pussy. Damn! No wonder the rest of the world thinks the US is run by a bunch of assholes, because they are. The US government’s leadership makes me ashamed to call myself an American; because all these reprehensible actions go against the very things I hate. I hate bullies. I abhor racists even more and the Sunday display today had extra helpings of both. The Korean talks dominated. With Bolton going on the trip I expect Kim Jong-un to get fed up with these harsh imbeciles and try to get back to negotiation with Moon Jae-in directly. This would be ideal because everything the US govt does turns to shit. It won’t happen that way but should. That’s the trouble with a bully such as the US; they’ve got a whole city’s worth of backers to force compliance. Sorta like when the Godfather says, “make 'um an offer he can’t refuse”. You all knows what happens next.{for those that don’t the poor guy ends up with his prized horse’s head in bed next to him in the morning} Bullies do that sort of thing and the US is the biggest bully by far. Oh if we could get the psychopaths to go away and die things might actually improve. But for now hang on it’s going to get interesting, to say the least.


You mean the Austrian Hitler? The one that became the leader of the Nazis and Germany, that one wasn’t a German.


To review:
There’s a special place in hell for Trudeau, but Kim, Duterte, and Putin are righteous dudes.
Got it.

Reality check – there was no double-cross or knife in the back by Trudeau.
Donnie self-sabotaged the G-7 pact.

Tossing hand grenades in our international trade agreements and peace accords is Trump’s idea of "winning”.


The mandarins who spew the self-serving american exceptionalism are, as American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr called them and their ilk, the “bland fanatics of Western civilization” “who regard the highly contingent achievements of our culture as the final form and norm of human existence


Yeah, and who knows–maybe Trump will also have people arrested for the crime of running against him for president.


Hopefully, everything the asshole does will be turned back after the 2020 prez takes office. (I’m trying some positive-thinking amongst all the insanity around us. Sometimes it even works.)


Time to drag out that old VHS copy of Michael Moore’s comedy “Canadian Bacon”. Satirical fiction and reality are converging fast…


Trump is a disaster for the US but if foreign policy is a zero sum game as some believe there is a big winner, Vladimir Putin (and Trump’s foreign policy is also a gain for China).


Getting elected and respecting basic human rights and freedoms are two entirely different things. Even the Nazis came to power through elections. So yes, dictators can be elected.


Putin was elected but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a dictator. Saddam Hussein was also elected (after taking power in a coup) as are many dictators. It depends on the fairness of elections. Government control of the press, throwing political opponents in jail, etc can pretty much assure the outcome of elections.


Irony, right? (I think others may have missed it…)