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Fuming With Rising Irritation: A Beautiful Scene


Fuming With Rising Irritation: A Beautiful Scene

One of the most gratifying elements of Manafort Monday, along with the indictments and frantic throwing of accomplices under the bus, was an emerging resplendent portrait - thanks to multiple leaks - of a freaked out Drumpf "seething" and screaming at his tee vee for hours as he realized, "The walls are closing in." From a still-unknown outcome, our one devout wish: A sliver of sweet, sweet justice.


An excellent article, thank you so much.

I have a hard time remembering all the misdeeds and heinous crimes that never see the light of justice. I remember Paul Manafort being associated with some of these from the “list” and it more than past time for his accountability.


Check out that caption. Somebody please explain to me what Trump is doing sitting at the head of a National Security meeting in March of 2016? Maybe March 2017? Or following the election in late 2016?

May the lies take them down one by one, pardoned or not. Their lying makes it so much worse. They don’t even have the balls to stand by what they did on some kind of pseudo-ethical grounds. They are just nasty little boys. In no way can their actions be described as those of real grown-up men, those who possess character, backbone, and a code of honor. Makes me wonder when was the last time we had a real grown-up man for president?

Really looking forward to the first woman president not named Clinton.

I am doing my best to not find joy in this whole thing. If blanket pardons ensue, it is the end of the rule of law in the US. This is indeed a game changer, but are We the People prepared to assume our full responsibilities as sovereigns of this nation when the shit hits the fan? Or will most of us abandon our own power to the fascists waiting in the wings? Peeps, we gotta get organized fast!


Great piece…but keep in mind, Pence is a bigger snake.