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'Fund Climate Solutions, Not Endless War': 22 Arrested Demanding US Build Windmills, Not Warships

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/23/fund-climate-solutions-not-endless-war-22-arrested-demanding-us-build-windmills-not


Making it illegal to protest a war machine or the making of war machinery is nothing new. During the 'Nam many fine protesters ended up in jail or worse, up to including death. This is a war nation. Our economy is built on war and has been since WW II. It’s high time to change before the positive feedback loops of the carbon cycle become untenable. War and the machinery of war accomplishes nothing to insure the survival of humanity. I wish I was able to protest again but I write instead because my lungs are shot. I’m watching to see if any real policy comes out of the growing concern expressed by various protests throughout the world. Because it’s high time for action, real action from political leaders.


Criminalizing dissent is a telltale sign of oppressive, authoritarian systems…



psychology –
- study of human mind and its functions
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US is a liberal nation in spirit and intent of its people on all issues – and something
which Elites really don’t want the common folk to know …

but it is undermined by right wing/Elite propaganda which continues to
brainwash the public in regard to Capitalism and MIC and that right wing
propaganda has for too long gone without sufficient response from the left –

and when we count the forces on the left we sadly too often include the Democratic
Party which has been used to betray the people’s government since Henry Wallace
was removed as VP and Truman substituted.
This also seems to be about the time that the second or was it the third coup on FDR
was being carried out – possibly in poisoning him.
FDR, himself, comments on this switch and reveals that “he was too weak to fight it.”

Clearly, FDR moved Capitalism aside and created some sanity in our economics when
he did so – REGULATING Capitalism almost did away with it and its insanities –
but not quite.

We need to be talking again of regulating Capitalism back to sanity – and that should
be the response to fear-mongering re socialism.

As amazing as FDR was, he didn’t get to work the New Deal without interference
from the right – or without deadly attempts against him in the Dupont Coup, for
instance, stopped by Brig. Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler.
At one point, he was threatening to enlarge the Supreme Court by adding new seats.

There were many worrisome things going on even before the end of WWII – and
many of them were unknown to the general public. What the press might have known
and not revealed is also a concern. Elites have always controlled our “free press.”
For one, by 1943, Elites understood it was likely that Hitler wouldn’t fully succeed and
higher up’s in Hitler’s military began visiting the Pentagon “to make deals.”
This seems to have included US “letting Hitler go, with the money” or a good deal of it.
Various documentaries and a new reports and books seem to confirm a good deal of
this unknown history.

See: “Grey Wolf” – authors Williams and Dunstan
"Hitler, Suicide or Survivor" – History Channel

Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler is a 2014 film directed and written by Gerrard Williams and produced by Magnus Peterson. The film is a drama documentary based on the book of the same name by Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan. The film and associated book were given extensive coverage in the British media. 1 Plot

Grey Wolf (film) - Wikipedia



A perfect way to change open dissent to ARMED dissent is to try to quash it.


You have FDR a bit backwards. What he did was save capitalism, primarily from itself, and in so doing he prevented socialism.
It was still the only real growth period the majority has known, but it was not close to what it could or should have been.


" It’s a revolution." Dr. Jill Stein.

She is correct! We need to put an end to this insane military budget to fund endless bogus wars and use the funds to go to war with climate solutions. A climate revolution, it seems to me, is needed OR future generations could look back and say: " WHY DID THE PREVIOUS GENERATION DO NOTHING WHEN THEY HAD THE CHANCE AND NOW IT IS TOO LATE!"


In addition to your comments that was FDR forced to move “Capitalism aside and created some sanity in our economics when
he did so – REGULATING Capitalism almost did away with it and its insanities –
but not quite.” This was the needed to build up our armed forces for the WWII fight that required a complete mobilization of industries which led to to their regulation.
His wife and partner Eleanor and the “Depression” was the force that led him to make social improvements of social security and the New Deal Public Works.

JFK and his brother needed to be educated by MLK and the civil rights movement in order for them to use government resources to improve civil rights for example desegregation. But since Ronnie the public has fallen for most of the political tripe and propaganda and here we are trying to mobilize against greed and it’s destructive forces after five decades. A long uphill battle is ahead.


Inertia in a system makes change difficult.

Big Capital like Monsanto Bill Gates likes technological fixes. Carbon capture plants instead of forests so the deforestation businesses can stay profitable. More nukes despite their endless costs to people and environment.

In recycling, corporations make the profits and the people do the work, so they can produce more plastic .

In energy, Big Nuke and Big Fossil make the profits and the people fund the cleanup and suffer the health consequences.

In endless war, the MIC makes the profits and the people pay the costs in lives and treasure.

In a “business/government partnership”, a neoliberal/conservative or bipartisan deal the people cover the costs and business reaps the profits.

“Capitalism unfettered leads to fascism”. RFK Jr.


We need their labs to be repurposed.

We don’t need funny-shaped stealth warships. If you need a funny-looking warship, hire that artist in the picture.

We need to restore the Arctic Ocean’s ice pack because it’s going to be gone in about two months–


– and then the earth’s atmosphere slowly goes to 1200 ppm of greenhouse gases without any further human intervention needed at all, and then your nation’s wheat belt turns to desert and your nation’s corn belt doesn’t work that well, and nobody else’s wheat belt works either, and then all of our children will get really thin, and then we’ll put up an imperishable monument to our military’s impeccable bravery but nobody will read it because now they’re dead. Too bad.

So, we need to restore the Arctic ice pack or die trying. What have you military folks got in you? Please suck in your guts and repurpose some labs. We need to invent, prototype and scale up production of a floating wind-powered pump that creates sea ice whenever the temperature is well below zero degrees Fahrenheit, which happens to be (by the original scientific definition) the temperature where seawater starts to freeze. Bath Iron Works probably should consider building many thousands of these floating devices and/or building the deployment ships for siting them in the Arctic Ocean off the North Slope of Alaska and/or elsewhere per treaty.

On land I recommend wind powered snowmaking machinery to coat the tundra in late spring and in early fall, restoring the tundra’s natural albedo. Build a prototype and prepare to deploy.

If you happen to have a better idea, run it by your CO and/or by me and then let’s build the first small prototype.


Thanks for the link. The movie ‘Grey Wolf’ is available on YouTube

If there is no climate revolution NOW, there won’t be many future generations to look back to even scold us for our inaction now.


Remember, too, that FDR’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, was the impetus behind many of the Progressive policies solely credited to FDR.


War is the fascist trump card. It makes the economy look good. Alas, it’s only an illusion.

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Like Eleanor there was a lady in FDR’s administration that hatched the idea of social security. A great leader is someone who can make great decisions. Nobody has all of the answers, but sound leadership is required for us to move successfully forward. And trump ain’t it.

Very good point!

Please see this reply to Minitrue –

'If This Is True, They Are Even Bigger Lunatics Than We Realized': UN Officials Reportedly Worried Trump Planning 'Massive' Bombing Campaign in Iran

At that time, the planet could have been saved from Elites’ suicidal greed – that’s true.
However, as I’m saying to minitrue, would it have been easier than it would be now to
actually move from Capitalism to a declared democratic socialist nation? I’m not sure
about that? Recall that FDR was already threatening to extend the members of the
Supreme Court due to their attempts to stop the New Deal.

And if you want to answer the question I’m asking of mini and others …
Would you settle now for re-regulation of Capitalism or insist only on total destruction of it?

Capitalism was invented by “Christianity” when Feudalism was no longer sufficient to run
the Papal States –
It’s a system invented to move the wealth and natural resources of nations from the many
to the few – and it has done that successfully all over the world.
As long as the US has been in business it’s been involved in wars to subject native people
and nation’s to death and theft of their land and natural resources.

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Shan –
It’s a weak response to your question …

but I think that certainly left/liberal propaganda of a benevolent US at the end of
WWII – and then the beginning of the dismantling of a Dem Party which under FDR
had been largely dedicated to the planet/people put the public to sleep –

And what took over under Truman/McCarthy Era with the removal of liberals/moderates
from all of government and its agencies –

The right wing propaganda was muted until Nixon (when they began to study the Nazi
propaganda of WWII and re-vitalize it for a new era) – but don’t ever let anyone tell you
that right wing propaganda doesn’t work.

There was another level of removal of what was left of liberals and moderates in Congress
during the 1970’s – after increasing attempts by the likes of Frank Church and others to
investigate the assassinations of the 1960’s. This seems to have been led by the CIA using
the NRA and the second amendment fakery to target those who would still have the power
to bring about new investigations of the right wing. And it worked.

PS: According to John Stockwell, long time CIA whistleblower, often featured on C-span …
the CIA is recognized and referred to within the CIA as “Catholics In Action” – and also by
those outside of the CIA.

Mary –
All of the economy was regulated – including regulations carried through
all of the government agencies. The interest in land preservation for the
public was also high.

Most of the recovery programs which offered employment at long last to
citizens were based in social needs – from dams to forestry – the ARTS.

Think of the astonishing “build up of our military forces” AFTER WWII –
and still on-going! Plus endless “intelligence” agencies added.
When IKE made his speech re the MIC … he had intended to include the
“intelligence” threat as well. He put it back into the speech 2-3 times and
it was repeatedly removed.

While I adore Eleanor – I very much think that FDR commented many times
on the “humanizing” effects of polio on his life and outlook.

FDR used his natural abilities in speaking with the public (and well-based in
common sense) for the good of the public –
Reagan used his abilities for the good of Elites/corporations.

As we can see by the fakery of insurrections all over the world – fake terrorism –
and the trio of attempts at “democracy/freedom” beginning with Egypt, then Lybia
and Syria … whether real or faked by our CIA, the result was death and destruction
for the people. Certainly we can see that soldiers are not the only victims of war –
entire families are involved and that has always been true.
Of course there must be CAUTION.

It works very well in slogans like: " THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE;" MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN;" “IF YOU CAN’T GET BEHIND THE TROOPS, YOU ARE WELCOME TO GET AHEAD OF THEM;” IF YOU DON’T VOTE…DON’T COMPLAIN and too many more to name here. Unfortunately, I have relatives that believe all the above propaganda.