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Fund Endangered Species Act, It's Saved 99 Percent of Wildlife on the Brink

Fund Endangered Species Act, It's Saved 99 Percent of Wildlife on the Brink

Stephanie Kurose

The Endangered Species Act is widely recognized as one of the country’s most effective conservation laws. But despite saving thousands of plants and animals from extinction, Congress has consistently starved this landmark law of funding.

Now, thanks to legislation recently introduced by Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.), that chronic underfunding could end. As scientists warn of a growing global extinction crisis, Grijalva’s bill would offer a much-needed lifeline for America’s most endangered wildlife.

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Life is of no intrinsic value to capital and capital acts thusly. Until the economic system is rewritten to serve humans and life on earth in general we should expect nothing to change. I frequently worked among the alligators during my career and was happy that due to progressive policies that was possible. The regressive troglodytes that have been running the show for the past few decades must be made extinct. That would be Karma writ large.


We need to go WAY beyond the Endangered Species Act, to draft an Ecology Restoration Act.

We need to STOP most “economic activity,” and roll back much “development.” That’s NOT “unrealistic” or “crazy,” it’s ecologically necessary, and our lives depend on it.

What’s “unrealistic” and “crazy” is to think that this cascading accelerating ecological dis-integration and mass extinction will be stopped by narrowly targeted funding, or by technological development, or by corporations.

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Republicans are not conservatives.


The trump regime has been the most destructive and ignorant/contemptuous of environmental and animal protections likely in our history, serving corporate exploitation and pollution instead, especially by and for the fossil-fuel conglomerate!

Trump himself is the most un-educated, narrow-minded, malignant, scatter-brained idiot and narcissist, lacking any Moral Compass and empathy for other people, wildlife and a sustainable, healthy environment we have ever seen, IMO.

The crimes come daily and merit impeachment and prosecution for crimes against humanity and nature! Imprisonment for life!

The trump racist “border wall” is also an environmental/animal disaster for many species and migration routs, breeding needs for wild populations along the “border”.

“On any given day at the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas, visitors can to see more than 60 varieties of butterflies. In the spring and fall, monarchs and other species can blanket the center’s 100 acres of subtropical bushlands that extend from the visitor center to to the banks of the Rio Grande river, where their property, and US sovereignty, ends.”.

“It’s like something from Fantasia,” said the center’s director, Marianna Wright. “When you walk you have to cover your mouth so you don’t suck in a butterfly.”

The arrogant mentally-diseased mind of trump as well as about all his Cabinet and “advisers” is a threat to all life, human, animal, and Gaia - Mother Earth Herself!


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