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Fundamental Health Reform Like ‘Medicare for All’ Would Help the Labor Market

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/05/fundamental-health-reform-medicare-all-would-help-labor-market

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M4A will also help the labor market because it will encourage more Murkins to start small businesses and take over existing small businesses, making small businesses more competitive with big corporations.

Having to each have their own medical insurance programs is a huge cost for small businesses, hence the US is one of the least enterpreneurial of all nations.


Josh Bivens, wow excellent propaganda and right out of the Rand research, correct me if I’m wrong.

One question though, who exactly are those 28 million without insurance? A full analysis would be great.

Thank you in advance.

Not entirely, did you read the part for policy issues relating to costs?

Small price to pay for privatizing Medicare, eh?

Expect SS to follow, if by some small miracle, Biden gets elected/appointed.

You make a wonderful point, however one of the biggest complaints of the opposition is the cost. With a concise answer to claim that cost will be prohibitive the argument against M4all single payer, care over profit will not be won.

Josh Bivens is the Research and Policy Director at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI)

duh !

Cinder, he is much more than that, keep looking.


My point is why would I trust an economist to grade medicare for all/healthcare for people over profit. Yet when argument against those whose main focus is cost is made it must be factored in because that is the only thing that they focus on.

Thanks. My point is that M4A is based on the same research and is a cost containment bill. Read the bill not the selling points.

Ok, it is more than a cost containment bill but the rest is just procedure. And not a good bill at that. There is a much bigger picture here if you care to look.

The wheels of justice turn extremely slow. When the courts get around to hearing a lawsuit against all the voter suppression in each state it will be years down the road to the next election.