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Fundamentalist Pandemics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/19/fundamentalist-pandemics


It is quite ironic that the pious cast scorn at scientists for what they perceive to be a “know-it-all” attitude, while the scientists are quite content to not know it all and content themselves to be exposed to the ever expanding horizons of knowledge.


" It tells you all you need to know that, by early May, more than 30 evangelical pastors had died of Covid-19 across the Bible Belt. "
While it’s sad that anyone would die when they aren’t ready to, the real tragedy would be if those 30 took a health-care worker with them - or even exposed them - or consumed resources that other patients may have needed.


I happen to live in a rural region where the local churches are part of a law suit against the governor, that required a stay by the state supreme court to maintain safe social guidelines.

If it were necessary to declare any ‘theism’ that I might adhere to, it would be Pantheism. Thank Mother Nature it isn’t.


When pastor Howard-Browne said that they “were raising up revivalists, not pansies” did he not remember the part in the bible where Jesus says “blessed are the Meek (pansies), for they shall inherit the world?”


Republicans might be scumbags, but don’t underestimate the power of a strong immune system.

Follow Dr Cole’s link and you’ll find that the 30 evangelical pastors who died of Covid19 were all black.

African Americans are succumbing at twice the rate of Caucasians in the north.


Which is why that cohort of 30 was doubly irresponsible.


Think of it as evolution in action

Religion is the cyanide of the masses


the appeal of evangelism is that it gives “christian cover” to some of humanities worst traits, especially greed. But it also has done a tap dance on the head of basic intelligence as well.

it’s a religion only the bottom half of the bell curve can love, because it excuses stupidity, exalts intellectual laziness to a high virtue, and largely claims that avarice is next to godliness.

it would’ve been a treat to see the Inquisition get their mitts on, say, John Hagee for the lulz.

These knuckleheads have been the biggest anchor around America’s ankles for years, but they’re going to turn out to be the reason that covid persists for some time into the future.

It’s pretty simple: it’s not a person’s fault they were born with cotton candy between the ears. But rabies isn’t a dog’s fault, either, and in both cases, society must protect itself from these conditions.

And we’re failing to mitigate the outsized effect America’s dumbest are having on its ability to be a decent country.


More like a lobotomy, IMO.


Religion has been the microbe of the masses, in pretty much every great plague you can point to, anywhere, anytime. Even in Africa, religiously observant funerals are fuel for Ebola’s ignition. Politicization of USA’s AIDS pandemic, largely due to Christian bigotry from the Reagan administration, gave the HIV microbe a big leg-up with years of delay. Church services to celebrate the decline of London’s 1665 plague provided the bounce for a second, worse surge (Yersinia pestis the beneficiary), in 1666. Then San Francisco churches repeated this pattern, for the nth time, in 1912.

Great plague microbes aren’t exactly natural. They’re another by-product of civilization like eutrophication of coastal seawater – an effect with a cause whether we know it or not. Such microbes can’t get anywhere without distinctly unnatural ingredients:

  1. Cities
  2. Churches
  3. Global commerce
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Great plague microbes are completely natural.

Yersinia pestis can thrive and travel quite well, no humans required.

Your tendency to place humans at the center of the natural world is sad.
You have more bacteria cells in your biome than your human cells.

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A helpful and timely primer for the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.
A pleasure reading this treatise.
The comparisons of fundamentalists Trump and Ali Khomeini are notable, as pointed out.
Perhaps their peculiar brands have a short shelf life.
May the dissipation of the pandemic also bring their dissipations.

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