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Funding Platform to Unseat Susan Collins in 2020 Crashes After Senator Announces 'Yes' Vote on Kavanaugh


Susan Collins is Aunt Lydia come to life.


While the final four were the most obvious of the people responsible for this incompetence do not forget the other forty nine who voted before the end and whose votes counted just as much. Collins is an old guard Republican and isn’t up to standing up for her constituents so she sits back and placates her high dollar donors. There are too many Democrats doin that as well.


Truth in that. The use of the word hate used to describe what others are thinking by people on both sides of the aisle is absurd. As solidly as I find Donald Trump dispicable I wouldn’t say that I hate him. I may revile him or find his words and acts disgusting and a national mortifying embarrassment. I likely feel him to be a canker on the ass of the American public with absolutely no redeeming characteristics, but I draw the line at hate. Plus it really can’t come close to my true regard for him. Words fail.


hey Collins. - you felt bullied by survivors of sexual assault, like myself,
…it has taken me 40 years not to blame myself for what happened to me
you feel “bullied” from people asking for justice??
not only for sexual abuse, but justice for the planet, wildlife, MEN,
as well as women of all races, especially the undeserved,
whose lives are certain to be destroyed by this man’s confirmation.
How dare you??
I just gave $20.20 to unseat you. Go retire: teach or have a ghost written
boring book resold in the dollar bin.


Really, I sure as hell do not see that. Trump hasn’t an honest bone in his body and Kavanaugh, his sexual proclivities aside, has no merit to take to this august post.


God is aware of everything, Micheal.


Why, yes We are.


Giving Susan Collins immediate defeat for her voting for anti-democracy Mr. K. would be reason enough!


It’s alarming and appalling to me that 2,400+ law professors (and millions of common citizens) HAVE NO INFLUENCE on Right-wing, Republican U.S. Senators.

“Our” elected “representatives” DO NOT REPRESENT the desires, needs, or even the demands of the U.S. common people majority!

Right-wing Republicans only care about – and do the bidding of – their super-rich 1% right-wing donors (bribers)!


Now it’s time to get similar fundraising for all senators who voted for Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Aim to replace them with Progressives! And Good Luck.


What good does voting these people out AFTER the fact do?

oh i forgot, it’s the answer to all our problems, every time. Vote.

Ah yes, I’m filled with such a sense of reliability.


Since most people know what a traitor Steve Bannon is, I wouldn’t put too much stock in anything he says!


That is true of only a small number of Republicans who have joined the large number of Democrats who ALSO accept lots of money from, and do the bidding of, the wealthiest people in the world, the Deep State globalists! Check out the bank accounts of the Democrats like Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Waters, Jackson Lee, Harris, Schiff and so many others who should be investigated as to how they acquired so much money and live in big mansions while working for the government. They are paid well by we the people, but not well enough to have become the multi-millionaires they are, and definitely not because they were born into wealthy families!


I hope that by ‘progressives’ you mean people like Bernie Sanders, and not deep state globalists! And as far as Kavanaugh is concerned, there was absolutely no evidence that any crime was committed or that he did anything wrong! But now, there is quite a bit of evidence that Dr. Ford was not being truthful, and her attorney was being paid by the democrats, and quite a few other things that have been exposed, but of course you will never hear any of that on mainstream media! However, if interested in the truth, you could probably learn some of that with a little research! Good luck.



That Democrats and Republicans are both doing the harmful (and even deadly!) bidding of their “big money” bribers and “donors” – I agree, and I just posted a similar comment about 20 minutes ago here at CD.

But I also said that the Republicans are much, much more harmful & deadly than the Democrats are.

Would you agree with that assertion?


This assertion is outrageously erroneous and untrue! Where have you been the last few weeks?

You need to post links and/or cite examples to support this highly dubious (and possibly libelous) claim!