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Fundraising Arm for House Dems Hacked, Resembling DNC Attack


Fundraising Arm for House Dems Hacked, Resembling DNC Attack

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The FBI is reportedly investigating a cyberattack against the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the Democratic fundraising arm of the U.S House of Representatives, Reuters reports.


Pity we must rely on hackers and whistleblowers to bring transparency where transparency should be the norm. The DNC is still refusing to release the list of donors who funded the convention.

And you'd think that with the indomitable power of the NSA (!) and the countless billions poured into National Cybersecurity (read: spying on everyone) the US should be doing a better job on its own cybersecurity, instead of just detecting hacks and blaming Russia.


Unless it's all smoke and mirrors/wizard of oz type thing.


Does it really matter who hacked these emails? Point is that the DNC sabotaged Bernie's campaign so they are ultimately responsible if Trump wins the election.


Can we really trust anything that comes out of the DCCC or any other arm of Democratic leadership? This is just as likely an attempt at deflecting the emails that proved Democratic leadership undermined Sanders campaign, just like the claims earlier this week of Russian hackers are to blame for the leaked emails. Does Democratic leadership really think voters don't realize that the bigger issue is THEIR actions - e.g. corruption of a primary election? If they do, they are even more out-of-touch with rank and file than we thought ...


Even the FBI is investigating Russian links to DNC email Hacks - according to Fox News! But even they are ignoring the content! Fox news! Two party collusion in rampant fraud and corruption. Shouldn't the Donald be aggressively going after all of this?

Sure, let's elect a woman who was, according to the FIB, "recklessly careless" and "extremely negligent" as Secretary of State. Let's deflect all the email evidence of election FRAUD by blaming Russia. NOT!!!!
Jill not Hill


We can't.


"Fundraising Arm for House Dems Hacked, Resembling DNC Attack"

GOOD! Hopefully it exposes yet more of their criminal actions and something actually gets done about their crimes this time!


Comey: "Look over there! It's the Unibomber who we were watching but we didn't arrest, until we gave him explosives! He's loose at the same time as emailgate! Lock down the country! Shoot to kill men! (dead patsies can't testify.)


Snowden said the NSA would already know who did the hack. What a shitty thing to immediately blame the Russians and typical of HRC's confrontational attitude about Russia. Never let a crises go unexploited! The Clinton's have access to some very shrewd p.r. people. They can spin up a war if they want to and we know she does.
I'm with Trump, I say release the 30,000 missing emails.
Actually the donors would be interesting reading since we know Debbie darling threw off the law stopping foreign contributions to the DNC. Follow the money.
I'm looking forward to the Wikileaks release of the hacked information he says will surely get her indicted. I love Assange and Snowden. My heroes.


The cyber security apparatus is pointed at us. That's why they can't catch any terrorists or shooters with it. It's mainly for us.




No, they do not realize how transparent they are. Most are old and still use the ancient methods that worked 50 years ago of blaming the Russians. I think most of them are pretty stupid, really, not much of an i.q. Hillary is mentally unstable. You do not have to have a doctors degree to make that diagnosis. Her lies, her actions all point to an unstable woman, corrupt to the very core of her being. The entire media is focusing on who hacked instead of what was in the emails. I simply have a hard time expressing how revolting our media is in their support of the cabal for decades. Curse words are inadequate. I used to contemplate how the people of the Soviet Union felt about Pravda. It seemed so oppressive. Now we know, we see, we feel and I hate. Obama has become the most fake, two faced, phony President in history. Bush was evil but he could not hide it and Obama could for a few years but now we see he is so disgusting. My litmus test of an honorable politician or just an average citizen, is if they support Hillary Clinton. If they do, they lay open the emptiness of their mind and soul.


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