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'Funny, But on Another Level, Oh So Disturbing': Watch Mike Pence's Horrifying, Sycophantic Water Bottle Moment


'Funny, But on Another Level, Oh So Disturbing': Watch Mike Pence's Horrifying, Sycophantic Water Bottle Moment

Jon Queally, staff writer

Vice President Mike Pence seeeth. Vice President Mike Pence doeth.

In a moment that quickly went viral and became the source of laughter (as well as concern), Pence was captured in an extreme sycophantic moment as he robotically removed a water bottle from a conference table after President Donald Trump—for no good reason that anyone on Earth has yet thought of—did so first.


In response, Twitter howled:


Pence isn’t funny. He’s a theocrat who wants an ancient book and an invisible sky father to rule America.
If Jesus Christ actually existed, he would condemn Mike Pence and all the other faux Christians.


Well, Puerto Rico is an island and Pence obviously isn’t comfortable around water… (sorry)


Despite Pence’s flock believing that he walks on water ?


Juvenile game-playing –

but intended to hide truth which they don’t want to express openly.


Wonder if it was because Trumps water bottle cap is blue, and all the others are white? He didn’t want anyone to know he’s drinking special water? Should I have put water in quotes?


Betcha they play hide the “salami” when they’re alone together.


I hope Pence isn’t waiting for a reach around. You can tell he really wants one, as Trumps little hand just might make his dick look bigger.

Thank you


Kinda reminds one of the antics played by the ruling class clowns in junior high school, doesn’t it? What a bunch of morons in the White House! Some days I wish I didn’t have the compulsion to read the news. Is being a news junkie listed as an addictive disease? Can I be helped?


Hilarious! Monkey vice-emperor-see,-monkey-vice-emperor-do! All hail the chief!


Didn’t see Pence move his eyes or head, robotic like action. Olhippy, saw your comments on WSWS. Or somebody took your name.


Follies of The Flag-Pinned Fascists.


“Get thee behind me Satan!” indeed.


Good observation skills! I really wonder what the whole show was about. Considering how much Dump loves drama and suspense, it could’ve been as simple as a decoy.


So much to report on. So little print space. I can’t imagine why this was worthy of print space.


Just very, very, very creepy. Have you noticed how the new Rethuglican party of today is getting so authoritarian, that they actually consider sycophancy and bootlicking an ADMIRABLE trait in their members? Whenever there is a strong Dear Leader type around, they fall to their knees to see who can beat their fellow GOP’er with sucking the Dear Leader’s dick first, and better. Look at Hannity. Dear Lord, he is actually proud of his growing fame as Trump’s biggest ass-kisser. Pence is scarily so. All of Trump’s inner circle, cabinet members, administration, and most of the Rethugs in Congress all line up to fondle his balls. And none of them have any shame about it whatsoever, it’s like they are vying with each other for his attention like little dogs begging for a pat on the head. It’s vile and disgusting. Then go talk to any MAGA dipshit and they also speak about Trump in the glowing, starry-eyed style of a cult follower that not only drank the Kool-Aid, but gave themselves a 50 minute enema with it with a power-sprayer.

Have the right-wingers always been this subservient and obsequious to Power, or did I miss it?


I listened very carefully and never heard the term “Simon says”. I guess Monkey do is the nonverbal equivalent.