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'Furious About Kavanaugh?' Here's the Detailed Plan to Fight Back and Defeat Trump's Nominee

'Furious About Kavanaugh?' Here's the Detailed Plan to Fight Back and Defeat Trump's Nominee

Julia Conley, staff writer

Outrage over Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination is growing this week with the FBI preparing to wrap up its investigation into sexual assault claims against him without interviewing Dr.

That’s the Best Plan …Action Groups can come up with… sending letters and making phone calls to corrupt Senators? Yep, that should do it…This lack of Direct confrontation is what put us here in the first place. We need to make a Stand against these sub humans right now even if we don’t have a real Leader!


We occupy the halls of congress, march in the streets and call, sign and scream. The only thing left outside of voting is to pick up a gun. Is that what you are suggesting?

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Stop having children. That’s the best thing anyone can do at this point. It solves several problems at one time.

I am going to a demonstration today; STOP KAVANAUGH
Oct 3rd, 6pm, MoveOn,
at Kings County Supreme Court
Adams St., Boro Hall,
Margaret Julie Finch


Picking up a gun won’t work. The US has the largest military in the world. They have bigger guns and more of them.

Stop having children. Tell others why. That’s the best response.

The endless problem of liberals is they assume they can appeal to the better nature of fascists and change things.

Trump and his ilk have NO BOTTOM. They are, in fact, just getting started down into the depths of what they will do.

Stop having children. Support Planned Parenthood. Stop buying products made by the people in power.

Aside from that, vote for people who support all of the above.

That’s the best voluntary thing you can do.


Please stop calling anyone other than Conservatives, liberals.

Many of us are simply open-minded people seeking sanity in our politics. We want equality for all, not just the top 1 percent.


Do you want equality for the people who want to destroy you based on your race, sexual orientation, etc.?

There lies the conundrum.

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By denying them “equality”, we BECOME them. We must DO BETTER than them. not to be just like them. Without equality for ALL, America is no longer America.

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You can all give up and go home, now. Mitch has declared that he will NOT be intimidated by the people of America and he will NOT pay attention to our desires, wants, or needs. We just don’t count. We are just “the” people.
Welcome people, to the Republican’s Amerika.
And, try not to be too ecstatic with all this winning. As Donnie John told us, we WILL get tired of all this winning. Are you there yet, my friends?

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They will rape your women, kill your gay and trans friends, murder anyone who is not white, starve other countries and imprison immigrants, destroy your habitat, and then blame you for not believing in their god.

All so they can have one more day of profits, one more day of shopping for stuff, which they will call traditional family values.

That being said, being better than them does not seem a very high wall to climb.

The question is, what does a global society do about such craven cruelty and greed? And how do we prevent one group from simply replacing the craven greed with a different brand of craven greed?


“America” was Turtle Island before the white man. “America” never was about equality certainly not for the indigenes and black folks.


And of course, there is no turtle and no island, and indigenous cultures murdered each other for power.

So now the question is, can humans get beyond this desire to breed and consume without considering habitat, and stop using cruelty for short term profits?


Linsy just joined the “I’m in love with Brett team”. Claims they both went to divinity school together and they were both in love with the same priest. Brett won. Probably because Lindsey is a Baptist.

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??? what?

You skipped over one thing. After they mess up so many of us, who is going to wash their car, work in their widget factory, or pay the taxes they live off of?

They are few.

We are many.

No conundrum.


Those in the halls of Congress are doing what we should all be doing.

Will try to find something tomorrow –

discover –

Trying to teach more Christofascist hatred for native people?

Everything makes clear that the natives on this land were a gentle people –
unfortunately they didn’t build a wall to keep “white” Europeans and Christianity out.

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