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Further Debunking GOP Claims, Small Businesses Say Tax Bill Won't Bring Benefits to Workers


Further Debunking GOP Claims, Small Businesses Say Tax Bill Won't Bring Benefits to Workers

Julia Conley, staff writer

Just a few months after President Donald Trump's tax reform passed, small businesses are pushing back against Republican claims that the law will bolster their ability to hire new employees and give out raises to workers—as corporations reap the vast majority of the benefits of the legislation.


Nothing, but nothing is permanent in this world and what passed by and was done by a bunch of financial savages can be undone.


Sounds like the law is working just the way they wanted it to.


The gains have already disappeared due to inflation. They have already guaranteed a rise in med costs for those lucky enough to still have med coverage


I expect and hope you are correct with undoing this law, unfortunately, there’s no immediate way to recover from the damage these tax law changes have caused with the looting of the economy.

From the first day of this loonie bin administration, our country has been plundered and given away to the corporations and the super wealthy. How do you recover the transfer of wealth that has occurred from our pockets into their own hands? The 1% will get a perpetual tax cut, but much of that cut will be funded by everyone else. I think that’s one reason the tax reductions disappear to the lower income workers after a short period of time.


As a retired journalist I’m always interested to find new news sources and was hopeful this one would actually be “independent thinking” balanced, and a true objective observer. This article’s headline debunked that premise before even reading the article.

The general public is not better off by people who create “News Orgs” simply to create a megaphone for a specific political ideology. That’s not what journalism is, not the journalism I was taught and practiced for nearly 20 years.

The tax bill is far from perfect, but it will put more money in the pockets of Americans and that is never a bad thing. Whether it will negatively impact small businesses is yet to be seen. In the short term the answer is no. And a lot can change between now and 2025 and you can be sure it will.

Rather than looking to “debunk” anyone who’s political or social views oppose yours, dig up the facts, report them as such, leave out the attitude and emotions, and let your audience decide if the information your are reporting is good or bad for themselves.

That’s journalism.


I find it hard to feel sorry for these small business owners. Their support for the same congresscritters who continue to stab them in the back is astounding.
When are they going to wise up?


I realize this is a circling of wagons against the current administration, but I had to point out some of the fallacies of the post. It seems like a very small pool was used to create a very big, general hypothesis. I know for a fact that in the small 3 person compounding pharmacy I work at, the owner gave both employees Christmas bonuses for the first time, and raises after over 4 years.