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Further Escalating Tensions, Trump Administration Seizes Alleged Iranian Fuel Bound for Venezeula

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/14/further-escalating-tensions-trump-administration-seizes-alleged-iranian-fuel-bound


Simple piracy. Under what aegis does the USA sanction er war with countries because It decides to. No wonder America hides from the ICC decisions.


Working on that “October Surprise” maybe??

Theft, pure and simple and what this nation was founded on with the theft of the lives and land of the First Nations, the lives of the Africans.


Pure and simple utter piracy. Another day, another outrage from the rogue failing state with its insane president.

US related tankers had better shy away from the Gulf of Homuz, tit for tat two can play that game.


Trump believes starting another war (we can’t win) will help him win reelection.
That goddamned old fool won’t be happy until he’s murdered millions of us.


Yes it is. There’s no legal way I can see that the US can claim jurisdiction in international waters and unilaterally seize petrol from one country it is sanctioning going to another country it is sanctioning. Just one more insane action from an insane administration that thinks it should be able to have total control over everything that goes on internationally.

It’s frustrating our country is seen as the world’s bully and makes us hated by people elsewhere. I hope people can see that our leaders’ actions here don’t reflect the values of all the people in this country - just the small-minded ones.


No, from my perspective that is exactly what Trump and his war mongering fascists want is to provoke an excuse to attack Iran. What could be better for an October surprise?


Drumpf’s m.o. when in trouble has always been to stir up trouble and chaos to distract. This is one delinquent punk that really needs to get his ass kicked. Then watch him go running home calling for his mommy.


Exactly! When Somalis do it, it’s called piracy. So why not when the US does it? In the US it’s called foreign policy. Maybe the hybrid is foreign piracy.


I wonder what the position of Biden, the DNC, the NeverTrumpers, the Obamas, the Clintons and the Pelosi resisters is on this? Don’t expect anything. Certainly, nothing humane.


The pic of the ship shows it riding high in the water. Not sure what to believe these days, except one thing for sure, lots of dog wagging and Trump is dangerous, to the max.


You can expect their policy to be " the slightly less worse of two lousy establishment positions "; which unsurprisingly, will keep getting worse as time goes on.
The Empire’s default positions are always bad.
Biden/Harris are only slightly better than Trump/Pence on Venezuelan matters. Same old, same old…


Sounds like a perfect opportunity for either:
(1) A terrorist to blow up these ships in the Houston harbor OR
(2) A false flag operation where the US blows up the ships in the Houston harbor.
Either way, Trump would get his October surprise war started.


Trump, like his violent predecessors, wants an excuse to seize Iran’s oil for a handful of America oil companies. In any functioning democracy, Trump would have been immediately removed from office and perhaps spent his remaining days in a prison. However the U.S. is a rogue country that has no respect for international law. A pliant, cheerleading media ensures that many Americans will actually support these illegal actions and never truly grasp the consequences of these acts of aggression.
Though I’m not sure if the U.S. will descend into a full scale civil war led by the racist minions of corporate America, but I do expect the situation to get a lot worse before it gets better.


Hard for me to believe that Trump/Pence or Biden/Harris are anything more than stooges for whatever power is behind the throne.

The last President with his own mind was John.

I’m going out to do some practice climbing - nice Porcupine Hills sandstone nearby - it centers me.

Shaka Michael



The picture is almost guaranteed to be a file picture taken long before the illegal assault by the U.S. military.


Much of the killing over oil began with “The Bay of Pigs.” G H W Bush was instrumental in murder, theft, and assassination. And here we are. It must be normal to do these things.
Easier today with drones and better spying abilities.

So trump would take a chance on having Iran dump scuds on Haifa.
So----------------------------------------------------------------------------Chicago, LA, or Washington. Whoopee, we’re all gonna die.

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Have a great climb.
Do you happen to know Peter and Nona from Vancouver. Old friends and life long climbers and hikers.

Perhaps the only chance Trump has, to win the election, is to make war with Iran and Venezuela. The Democrat power structure has shown itself to quite blood thirsty with respect to Iran and Venezuela. If he makes a war, the press, and many Dems, will rally around him.


Reminds me of the quote by Paul Craig Roberts: "Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on it’s actions. In it’s claims Washington surpasses that of (MY CAPS) THE THIRD REICH.

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