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Further Evidence of 'Felony Campaign Finance Violation' as Cohen Releases Trump Tape


Further Evidence of 'Felony Campaign Finance Violation' as Cohen Releases Trump Tape

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Further bolstering allegations that Donald Trump violated campaign finance laws by paying hush money to Karen McDougal—a former Playboy model who alleges she had an affair with Trump—the president's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen released a recording of a conversation between himself and then-candidate Trump discussing payments aimed at keeping McDougal from going public before the 2016 election.


Now don’t you get worried about dear leader going anywhere soon. His supreme court pick with he keep safe from any harm. The level of the Potomac River isn’t gonna drop real fast like, congress will keep dumping crap into the swamp forevermore.


So was it about the election or to protect his marriage? This will likely be the PR media battle. Which way will public opinion swing? Anyway, I sure hope they impeach Trump so we can have…Mike Pence? Maybe Bezos could just appoint Clinton and restore faith in the corporatocracy?

This country is deep in it.


Who freaking cares? Oh wait, CD does. About says it all.

I missed your article where Vladimir Putin made a bombshell claim during Monday’s joint press conference with President Trump in Helsinki, Finland, when the Russian President said some $400 million in illegally earned profits was funneled to the Clinton campaign by associates of American-born British financier Bill Browder.

Funny dat.


Guess trump is testing to see if the GOP in Congress has any limits to their hypocracy and what they are willing to turn a blind eye to as long as it benefits them. The GOP will have one hell of a time recovering its soiled reputation from having trump as their president as they’re revealing their true nature as individuals and as an organization…they’d better hope that there’s no Hell in the hereafter, cause they are definitely selling their souls for trump.


And, of course, none of that is true, but we need to jump to defend a fossil fuel oligarch and a president that has done zero to warrant defending him.


Who is defending whom? Pray tell?


No need. I get a lot of folks around here think a viscious fossil fuel oligarch and an in-your-face corrupt US President are peace pursuers of the utmost. It’s all a MIC conspiracy.

The good president by was trying to “protect” his marriage.


Judge Judy would have wrapped up this Sh!t show a long time ago and Trump and Thugs would be rotting in their cells where they belong.


But what is true is that President Trump was colluding with Putin to…ahhh, what again? What was he doing? Because Hillary pre Nov 8 was rated a 95%+ to win.

So what was Putin doing? Oh yeah, he’s such a Brainiac that he was working with candidate Trump to overcome the 95% chance Hillary was given to win.

And then now President Trump, to show his concern for Vlad’s economic problems, gets together with the Saudis to increase their oil production.

yeah makes perfect sense(to a REgressive)

Dude, take a step back and see how ridiculous that is.


Trying to spin some “logic” from poll numbers that have nothing to do with what actually makes sense? Nice.


I am wondering if both McConnell who supported Muller as investigator and Muller himself are not so much as defending their disreputable party but hoping to simply replace Trump with someone else in 2020 rather than impeach him? Now we have the DNC “leadership” scrambling to capture Republicans into their net. What this means to my mind is that we must double our efforts to fight both of them.


Slow day in the “newsroom (stenographer-room)”


It seems you have difficulty with multiple–parallel–lines of reasoning. I understand that it’s easier when everything is black or white. Or, maybe you’re just ‘helping’ others to achieve binary amnesia.


Right on target, that! You can see the slew of partisan reptiles trying to take advantage of each other to gain control of the swamp. It is important not to fall into the swamp with them.


Not only has trump violated almost everything that can be by a sitting prez and candidate, including campaign-finance laws and the Emoluments Clause, he is also so malignant and childishly vindictive in his mental illness - an “Angry Baby” - that he has his own Nixonian “enemies list” that he has acted-on in many ways to “get-even” with, or silence vocal political critics! The difference is Nixon had half a brain…

A malignant narcissist that is unfit to hold any public office, and criminally contemptuous of the law he views himself as above!.



Truth is stranger than fiction.


You make light of those polls but across the board, from every conceivable source, candidate Trump was given absolutely no chance. None. Nada.

But old Vlad had the inside track right? Lord

Yet here you are, trying to spin some BS otherwise so you can cling to your latest silver bullet that will take the President down.

Keep plucking that chicken bub.


Hyperbole or a deliberate false statement? Read the 2016 polls…your analysis is as flawed as your right-wing views and BS propaganda.


Oh my, a nit picker.

So please, pray tell, I’m looking for the legions of people that doubted, even a teensy teensy little bit that Hillary would win.

Fact is, there were NONE.

Well wait…there was one who had the biggest crystal ball in the UNIVERSE!!! Of course Putin knew, bet your last donut was certain!!! That’s why he “colluded” with Trump.

And then that bastard President turns around and kills off ISIS, pulls out of the Iran joke, and floods the oil market.

yeah, that makes sense.

Good grief.