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Further 'Exposing Cruelty of Trump,' ICE Ends Policy Limiting Detention of Pregnant Women


Further 'Exposing Cruelty of Trump,' ICE Ends Policy Limiting Detention of Pregnant Women

Julia Conley, staff writer

Immigration officials will abandon efforts to spare most pregnant women from detention, according to new guidance issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Thomas Homan.

The announcement, made in a memo written by Homan last December but not revealed until Thursday, was condemned by immigrant rights advocates.


ICE is active in and around the area where I live. I am never surprised by reports of mistreatment of immigrant men, women, children, at the hands of ICE. The behavior that I have seen, indicates that many ICE agents have so deeply dehumanized undocumented immigrants that they have no qualms about inflicting any human rights abuse upon these folk.


There’s no Humanity in anything Trump does.

He’s the Antichrist.


When laws are passed that makes providing water to people in the desert illegal, we have become a very sick country. ICE agents are an extension of this sickness.


Detention Center is Orwellian for Concentration Camps.


More cruel, more determined to punish poor people of color, more determined to create and then punish refugees from war, climate catastrophe and US corporate depredations, more determined to create opportunity for profit for corporations by dissolving the local, state and federal governments of the US.

Anyone who doesn’t see the increasingly disturbing parallels to the last part of the takeover of Germany by the Nazis has to read some history. Or at least read Naomi Wolf’s The End of America.