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Further Isolating Trump, UN Watchdog Reaffirms Iran's Compliance With Nuke Deal

Further Isolating Trump, UN Watchdog Reaffirms Iran's Compliance With Nuke Deal

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

 "We should not allow the (nuclear deal), as an important achievement, to be undermined," says Iranian president

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano reiterated Sunday that Iran is implementing its nuclear-related commitments made the 2015 accord. (Photo: V. Alic/IAEA/flickr/cc)
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Iranians - 1
Trump - still a Zero


I think with this decision it would make any further action by the U.S. a rogue move. The U.S. is losing good will in the world.


One thing that really ticks me off is the terminology used. The agreement with Iran is always referred to as “the nuclear deal.” That was the result of a long process of negotiation and compromise by top ranked diplomats from many countries. It should have ended with a name such as, “The Iranian Treaty for the banning of nuclear weapons.” It should have been ratified by the participants. Then Trump would be bound by the treaty and this endless BS would be over.
*The Iran nuclear deal sounds like something hatched up in a back room at Louie’s. It’s not!
*Unfortunately for everyone, this country is now ruled by someone who probably got his first few million$ in shady deals made in the back room at Louie’s. He knows how to make 'em and he knows how to break 'em, so he looks on this particular treaty deal in the same light. If he doesn’t like it, he can call on da boys to rub 'em out.
*That is not how it is done in civilized society, herr dotard.

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Here is an interesting article to read.
It is becoming increasingly clear which is the tail and which is the dog.

There were very specific safeguards in the existing treaty to prevent terrorists from getting nuclear materials to build a nuclear bomb. Now we have nothing, thanks to our Trumpenstein monster in the White House. Trump seems to have wanted to undo Obama’s effort in creating that treaty, just has he has done with other Obama achievements. Which is the knee jerk reaction of a slob racist toward the first Black president of the United States. Trump and his Trumpbots need a huge national backlash in the 2018 and 2020 elections. Everyone needs to show up at the ballot boxes to vote.