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Further Vindicating Righteousness of Snowden's Whistleblowing, NSA Bulk Spying Ruled Illegal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/further-vindicating-righteousness-snowdens-whistleblowing-nsa-bulk-spying-ruled

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Hopefully there will be a giant welcome home sign in Edwards future!


If there is, it will need to be under an entirely different system.


Just remember that Snowden revealed official governmental misconduct under the Obama/Biden administration, that not only criminally pursued him, but imprisoned and tortured Chelsea Manning for her whistleblowing, and harassed and criminally pursued Julian Assange, which has led to his current imprisonment, torture, and possible extradition to the U. S., facing life in prison for committing journalism. I would expect nothing different from a Bidden/Harris administration. In fact we could expect to see a continuing crackdown on whistleblowers, as well as continued attempts to overthrow governments we don’t like, and continue to lie about being dictatorships, like Venezuela, while we make nice with real ones, like Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Just another one of the many reasons I ain’t “Ridin’ With Biden”, and why progressives like you shouldn’t either. #NeverBiden.


Three weeks after a return to the USA , Assange will be found hung in some closet. The media and Police will claim it as suicide and that the guy just could not live with the fact that he was seen as a traitor.

Did you mean Snowden? If so, I agree. But I don’t think Snowden will fall for it. He is far safer if he can stay in Russia.

This is great news, but I would suggest, don’t let your guard down, this surveillance will not stop until the agencies are dismantled. They will just go back to the days before it was legalized, and do it any way. Just like the illegal way they funnel information to other agencies (think FBI and DEA) now.


Oops typo…yeah he safer in Russia and Assange is likely safer in the british torture chamber.

The first thing that needs to be dismantled/destroyed is the HUGE data storage facility in Utah…Just a thought…

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Assange is NOT safer in London. That bunch is part of the problem. They won’t let up until he is dead. The USA will drag out the whole extradition fiasco until the Brits get the job done.

Assanges lawyers are fighting extradition to the US for a reason.

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I understand that. The purpose is to win the case for Assange and to have him set free. Neither the Brits or the USA wants him to be free. So they are dragging out the process until he dies. It is amazing that Assange has remained in one piece, sort of, after all he has suffered for so many years. He is an amazing human being and he will be remembered kindly by the good people of the world.


Yes — We are caught between the current criminal regime as it seeks to retain power and the former criminal regime as it seeks to return to power.

David Graeber, dead at 59, cause of death ??

To expand and explain my above post, please watch the JD vid below interviewing NSA whistle-blower Bill Binney. He explains the resent court ruling, past court rulings on the subject, the programs he invented for the NSA, and how they removed the filters to protect innocent citizens he originally installed in the software. He also talks about how this started, going back to the 1980’s. Very good interview, 15 min. well spent.

“Breaking: Courts Vindicate EDWARD SNOWDEN! with NSA Whistle-blower BILL BINNEY”
Jimmy Dore Platform

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Still got his book, although the government took all the proceeds. NSA is collecting all electronic data on all Americans including all your browser histories before you can delete them. Welcome to Big Brother.

Oh no!

Maybe it’s time to welcome Snowden back home and throw Clapper, who lied live on TV to a Congressional Committee, in jail.

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Overnight, until the fuehrer’s pardon arrives.

I hope that I’m wrong, but the difference between the two administrations would be that the Biden/Harris admin., would be smiling at you while they stuck the knife in your back.

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