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Furthering a Failed Strategy, Obama To Send More Ground Troops to Iraq


Furthering a Failed Strategy, Obama To Send More Ground Troops to Iraq

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a move anti-war critics and foreign policy experts are certain to call simply an extension of a policy that has proved a failure, the New York Times reports the Obama administration is planning to build a new military base in the western part of Iraq and send additional ground troops in an attempt to turn the tide against Islamic State (ISIS) forces who have continued to take and hold ground on sides of the Syrian border in recent weeks.


This isn’t ‘failure.’ More taxpayer revenue flows into the Pentagon’s coffers; more Arabs/Muslims are slaughtered, immiserated, and pushed further into chaos; the U.S. public either eats it up or turns a blind eye as the whole juggernaut bleeds further into the domestic sphere.
This is a smashing success for elites who want to tighten their suicidal grip on the reins of global control.


“The new troops are being labeled “trainers,” but are likely to be among those that Pentagon officials are openly talking about “embedding” on the front lines, meaning they’d be sent into direct combat.”

Trainers. Isn’t that what we called the first U.S. troops in Vietnam?

Of course, when the trainers get killed, as they must, then we’ll need to send in actual ‘soldiers’.

And when those soldiers get killed, as they must, then we’ll need to send in even more soldiers.

And when those soldiers get killed, as they must, then we’ll need to send in even more soldiers.

And when those soldiers get killed, as they must, then we’ll need to send in even more soldiers.


The ISIS dividends are starting to kick in.


Shoulder pads make that guy in the lead photo look really tough.


His eyes show the toasted crust covering his soul from embodying all the frenzied corruptions of history’s most evil imperial overstretch.


The dirty protesters in the streets by the millions against this war were right, the government’s intelligence/experts ( 0xymoron ) were wrong. Maybe that is why democracy is important.


Don’t be fooled. The administration final objective is still attacking Iran. These troops will be put in place to achieve that final goal… Just in case your not paying attention. O’Bomber just sold tens of billions
to Israel and the Gulf States for missiles and other weapons that will be directed at Iran. Listen to what author James Petra said.

Peace Negotiations: the New Face of Empire-building

Throughout the world, Washington is engaged in some sort of direct or indirect ‘peace negotiations’ even as it expands and intensifies its military operations.

US and Iran: Unilateral Disarmament and Military Encirclement

The mass media and official Washington spokespersons would have us believe that the US and Iran are within reach of a ‘peace accord’, contingent on Teheran surrendering its nuclear capability (repeatedly proven to be non-military in nature) and the US lifting its ‘economic sanctions’. The media’s ‘narrow focus approach’ to the Persian Gulf conveniently ignores contradictory regional developments.

"First, the US has embarked on devastating wars against key Iranian regional allies: The US funds and supplies arms to terrorists who have invaded and bombed Syria and Yemen. Washington is expanding military bases surrounding Iran while increasing its naval presence in the Persian Gulf. President Obama has expanded military agreements with the Gulf monarchies. Congress is increasing the flow of offensive arms to Israel as it openly threatens to attack Iran. In reality, while engaged in ‘peace negotiations’ with Teheran, Washington is waging war with Iran’s allies and threatens its security.

Equally important, the US has vetoed numerous attempts to finally rid the Middle East of nuclear arms. This veto safeguards the far-right, militarist Israeli regime’s enormous offensive nuclear stockpile, while outlawing any possibility of an Iranian deterrent."



This is why I am supporting Senator Sanders for President. Obama lied and lied and Hilary lies and lies. Enough already.
My brother in law died for a lie in Vietnam. We know all about war at this household.


no mention of " military contractors " where are they fitting in ?


Sanders has been awfully silent on the genocide in Palestine by Israel. The Neo-cons push for war with Russia. And on many other issues relating to the military industrial complex gone wild.


They are spending lives and money pretending to try defeat an enemy they allowed to grow.One they knew about as early as 2012 and could have done something to put an end to it there, but decided at the time they could use it in their words, as " a strategic asset", to remove Assad from power by creating a caliphate in eastern Syria. They used the word “facilitate” to describe how they would assist ISIS’s rise.


My fear is that this president may start a world war before his presidency is through. I really hope that I’m wrong.


The only that is surprising about any of this is that it comes as a surprise to anyone. The succession of events, falling into place like the metaphorical dominoes that are always used to justify them, were obviously programmed to happen the moment the Establishment took note of Barack Obama and said “There’s a guy who can look like he’s leading the way that the self-described progressives won’t dare say or even think anything against.”

Our publicly sentimentalized men and women in uniform will soon be again dying in droves and the nukes, germs, and chemicals may soon be flying willy nilly because “the big fools” (thanks for that, Spirit of Pete Seegar) believe that no harm can possibly come to them personally and are again saying "push on.’


The failure of success is something warned about in the Tao te Ching with caveats about focus in governance and the consequences of failing to recognize the elemental basics of life.

At some point the virus infection of mendacity will exhaust what it depends on. This is proven in the inability to be honest about the nature of predatory capitalism. There will always be trading with elements of attention to costs. Its called conscience and being conscientious.
As this abomination of a system collapses, witnessed in the primacy of ‘privilege’ torqued into an excuse for false mandate, the systemic appetite for intensification of the vision starved for want of equilibrium is increasingly bilious in its toxicity.
Love of and practice of simplicity, unity in diversity and respect among groupings of peoples of conscience endowed with the heart of true stewardship will rise, and there will be no stopping it.
The world has had mere decades of shared corrections of false ‘histories’ and they lay bare the dysfunctionality of the current imperial parasitic models and the fools greased by their own delusions. That grease inevitably drips away in the heat of sunlight and the friction generated reduces them to cinders. More sunlight, more conversation in long walks with tens of thousands of others. Nature’s principles in human activity can be dang good narrative poetics. The greater the breadth the healthier the active balances.


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So, who’s gonna dare fight us? The only real “world war” is being fought in boardrooms across the world, and the fact is, they’re all friends at The Club.


This is without a doubt, the worst president we have ever had.

A mindless, CIA puppet.


Somebody must be trying to drive up their tax-dollar derived profit margins again.


This is the time in administrations when cans are kicked down the road. The leading lights in the DC/NYC axis expect Obama to kick the can into Hillary’s court, and so it goes.